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Home » 613 local governments nationwide cooperate in publishing The latest information related to migration, which is of interest to approximately 60,000 people considering migration, is published.

613 local governments nationwide cooperate in publishing The latest information related to migration, which is of interest to approximately 60,000 people considering migration, is published.

Rebirth Co., Ltd.
[613 local governments nationwide cooperate in publishing] The latest information related to migration, which is of interest to
approximately 60,000 people considering migration, is published. To commemorate the 2nd anniversary, “Warp City”, which supports local migration, will release the usage status!
Rebirth Co., Ltd. ( operates the portal site “Warp City (,” which matches people who wish to move to rural areas with local governments. I’m here. Warp City has celebrated its second anniversary since its release. We would like to share with you the efforts we have accumulated over the past two years to promote rural migration.
■About “Warp City”
Warp City ( believes that providing a smooth bridge to migration destinations, increasing the number of migrants and connecting them to permanent settlement will lead to the
revitalization of the region.
Warp City started its service in February 2022, and as of June 2024, it is cooperating with 613 local governments. The number of PVs in the most recent month was approximately 100,000 PVs, the number of new users was just under 10,000 per month, and the number of followers on X (former Twitter) exceeded 13,000, maintaining a monthly growth of 120% since its release We are increasing the number of accesses.
[Image 1:×528.png ]
■Warp City’s 2nd anniversary in numbers
[Image 2:×406.png ]
We have released an infographic on the results of Warp City’s two-year efforts to promote rural migration, released on February 8, 2022. In this release, we will introduce some of them.
Celebrating Warp City’s 2nd anniversary, local migration seen through data
Ranking of what users want to know about immigration
[Image 3:×710.png ]
The graph above shows the percentage of information that people considering immigration want to know. The data shows that financial support is of high interest when considering migration.
1st Place: Subsidies It is clear that many people are interested in receiving financial support such as moving cost subsidies and housing purchase/renovation subsidies in order to reduce the costs associated with migration.
2nd place: About housing
We want to eliminate the gap between before and after moving by emphasizing points of contact with the community, such as housing costs, living environment, quality of housing, whether to buy or rent, security, need for renovations, and local government support systems. You can see that.
3rd place: About work
Many people wanted to obtain information about employment
opportunities and working environments in their new destinations in order to secure a stable source of income and find jobs that would allow them to utilize their expertise and skills.
Local government support system “Category ratio by region”
[Image 4:×832.png ]
This is the percentage of support systems listed on Warp City and their distribution by region.
Regarding the category ratio, housing support had the highest percentage at 24.3%, followed by childcare support at 19.1% and migration support at 16%.
The category ratio by region shows the extent to which support systems for housing, childcare, migration, work, medical care, and education are provided in each region from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
It can be seen that the priority of support differs depending on the region, with Hokkaido receiving relatively more medical support and Kyushu region receiving more childcare support. Please use this as a reference when choosing a place to move to!
■About Rebirth Co., Ltd.
Aiming to expand the “circle of sustainable practices” with local communities.
[Image 5:×688.png ]
Mr. Funakata, the representative director of Rebirth Co., Ltd., started the “Warp City” business by leveraging his previous experience in the hometown tax donation business.
Through the experience of visiting 700 local governments from 2018 to 2021, I faced the potential and challenges of local regions. While the region’s resources and natural environment have the potential to foster a variety of industries, we have witnessed the decline and problems of the region due to population decline.
The biggest challenge in rural areas is “the lack of people in the area.” Depopulation leads to the decline of local resources and difficulties in business succession, leading to problems such as vacant houses and abandoned areas.
In order to revitalize a region, it is essential for people to gather and live in the region. By promoting rural migration, it is possible to revitalize the local economy and improve people’s lives.
We launched “Warp City” because we believe that promoting migration and settlement is the most important thing for medium- to long-term sustainability and development. Warp City has introduced a new feature that allows prefectures and local governments to freely log in to the site for free and disseminate local information and attractions. This function is a step toward solving Japan’s problems, and we hope that many prefectures and local governments will use it. It is also important to take advantage of the local natural environment, culture, and climate and widely communicate the charm of the area.
In addition to operating Warp City, Rebirth Co., Ltd. provides consulting services for local companies with the aim of expanding the “circle of sustainable practices” through food with consumers, producers, and local communities.・We are also involved in branding and manufacturing/retail business, and are working to develop the potential of local areas and expand recognition.
We will promote regional migration through “Warp City” and realize the prosperity of Japanese regions and the happiness of people.
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