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Home » Invested in CoNCa Co., Ltd., an online recovery and body makeup service for postpartum women.

Invested in CoNCa Co., Ltd., an online recovery and body makeup service for postpartum women.

Invested in CoNCa Co., Ltd., an online recovery and body makeup service for postpartum women.

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Press release: June 4, 2024
Invested in CoNCa Co., Ltd., an online recovery and body makeup service for postpartum women.
*~6th spin-off from the visiting entrepreneur system~*
GOB Incubation invests in entrepreneurs’ worldviews
Partners Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Yasuhito Takaoka, hereinafter referred to as “GOB”) is CoNCa Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hiroyuki Ito, hereinafter referred to as “GOB”), which was founded on June 3, 2024. We made a founding investment in CoNCa. CoNCa provides online recovery and body shaping services such as “SOCO” for postpartum women.

Service page:
*“SOCO”, a service for postpartum women developed by CoNCa*
“SOCO”, developed by CoNCa, is an online service aimed at postpartum recovery and body shaping for women.

Pregnancy and childbirth cause various types of damage to the body. It can affect every aspect of your life, such as having difficulty getting up when you wake up, lower back pain even when sitting, leaking urine, and not being able to recover your physical strength. If you try to go on an unreasonable diet or improve your body shape without recovering from this postpartum damage, you may end up making the damage worse.

At SOCO, our motto is “become the person you like even more than before you gave birth,” and we support you until you reach your goals, starting with an individual body analysis that incorporates a medical perspective, and providing postpartum-specific exercise and
nutritional guidance tailored to each individual. A dedicated team will be assigned to each user to accompany them to the goal.

Service page:
*Background of the founding investment in CoNCa*
Mr. Hiroyuki Ito, CEO of CoNCa, has been promoting the launch of SOCO as an in-house business of GOB since 2023, using the “Visiting Entrepreneur System” adopted by our company GOB.

A guest entrepreneur system is a system in which a company welcomes entrepreneurs into the company for a certain period of time and has them launch a business as an in-house business. Entrepreneurs receive investment from companies and can focus on launching their businesses while having a stable livelihood. GOB has adopted this system in earnest since 2019, and has worked with many entrepreneurs to launch businesses.

Mr. Ito, who recently founded CoNCa, will also utilize this system from July 2022 to verify the value of his business, and will officially release SOCO in September 2023. And on June 3, 2024, we founded CoNCa.

There are various issues in the prenatal and postnatal areas in which CoNCa works, and it is difficult to say that women receive sufficient support and care. We believe that the postnatal care provided by CoNCa is effective against this current situation.

For more information on CoNCa’s founding background, please also see the press release below from the company.
– Announcement of establishment of “CoNCa Co., Ltd.” to support the mind and body of women before and after childbirth
– “I’m a single man. I don’t have any children, so why?” Why I, who used to work at an advertising agency, started a postpartum recovery service for women: The story of the founding of CoNCa Co., Ltd.
*Comments on founding CoNCa*
*CoNCa Representative Director Mr. Hiroshi Ito*
Our mission is to “support each and every person so that everyone can thrive.” The changes that occur in your life come in all sizes, but you may find yourself thinking, “It’s my life, so I have to overcome it on my own” when faced with an unfamiliar and uneven road. Changes that are supposed to bring about a positive change in the future can gradually become painful if faced alone. We founded CoNCa with the desire to help people navigate these life changes in a positive manner, so that they can enjoy themselves in their own way.

Our goal is a world where no one feels alone and can believe in their own potential. If we can accept others and accept ourselves, if we can shine beautifully as we are, each day will be more enjoyable. And the world will be a better place. First, we will start with support for women before and after childbirth.
Born in Kyoto. Engaged in a wide range of activities from marketing strategy planning to promotion work at the advertising agency Dentsu Adgear. Then GOB Incubation
Participated in Partners. A friend of mine was suffering from depression, and since exercise was effective in improving his condition, he decided to explore a business in the fitness field. As they continued to investigate, they noticed that prenatal and postnatal support was lacking, and launched SOCO, which provides online recovery and body shaping services with individual support for postpartum women. Founded CoNCa Co., Ltd. in June 2024.
* GOB Incubation Partners Representative Director, President and CEO Yasuhito Takaoka*
At our company, which operates with the mission of “investing in worldviews” and delivering new options to society, we have worked together with Mr. Ito from the stage of creating new concepts. Postpartum women’s physical discomfort is a universal and highly complex problem that involves multiple industries. In response to this problem, SOCO has a challenging theme that aims to solve multiple problems at the same time from the perspective of fitness.

After going through various prototypes, Mr. Ito arrived at his current business theme, launched a service called SOCO, and now founded CoNCa. Even as we experience repeated changes, we continue to refine our worldview by connecting our own interests, those of our customers, and those of society. We would like to continue to be passionate about CoNCa until its worldview is implemented in society and has an impact. -profile-
At his previous job, he worked on creating new businesses for his company, supporting new business development for companies, business strategy, organizational development, etc., and joined GOB by leveraging that experience. Since 2019, he has been participating in GOB, and is involved in new business development, new business strategies, and organization building, including systems, with the aim of producing businesses that balance social and economic value. Currently, he is particularly interested in local business creation, working alongside the challenges of entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises that envision a world view that society has yet to discover, and also assisting in the management of several companies as a director.

■* About GOB Incubation Partners Co., Ltd.*
GOB Incubation
Partners is a company that invests in entrepreneurs’ worldviews. Through our business, we will spread the value of a worldview that is often overlooked because it deviates from common sense and is economically irrational. To this end, GOB has adopted a “Visiting Entrepreneur System” that welcomes entrepreneurs into the company and helps them launch their businesses. This allows us to launch a business with a worldview first, without being under the pressure of pursuing short-term profits.
In addition, we provide the business startup know-how we have accumulated through accompanying entrepreneurs through the Visiting Entrepreneurship Program for business development at companies and local governments.

Address: 201 Kida Building, 2-14-9 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yasuhito Takaoka, Representative Director, President and CEO Established: August 19, 2014
Business content: Entrepreneurship support (business creation, education), startup investment, support for companies and local governments (development and management of acceleration programs, consulting, workshops, etc.)
Capital: 10 million yen

■About CoNCa Co., Ltd.
Address: Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan 6F, 2-10-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006 Representative: Representative Director Hiroyuki Ito
Established: June 3, 2024
Business details: Online recovery and body shaping services for postpartum women Management of SOCO, management of postpartum recovery guide
certification courses, provision of return-to-work programs for companies, provision of programs for pregnant women, planning and production of marketing and promotions.
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