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XOP upgrades ChatGPT “OpsAI” for businesses with GPT-4o

Cross Operation Group Co., Ltd.
XOP upgrades ChatGPT “OpsAI” for businesses with GPT-4o
Cross Operation Group Co., Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Ryodai Tanaka, hereinafter referred to as XOP), which specializes in integrating cutting-edge technology into operations (Ops) and supports business improvement using generative AI, develops in-house. We would like to inform you that we have upgraded the platform of ChatGPT “Ops AI” for corporations to GPT-4o, the latest generation AI model.
“Ops AI” is a model specialized for business use. There are many functions that are not included in standard ChatGPT, and OpsAI has a service design that has a price advantage when used by multiple people. OpsAI promotes DX promotion and operational improvement for companies that introduce it. *Ops=Operations / Abbreviation for operations
ChatGPT “OpsAI” service site for corporations
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Enhanced performance of “OpsAI” by installing GPT-4o
GPT-4o is the latest generative AI platform model launched by OpenAI, the American company that develops ChatGPT. Up until now, Ops AI has been developed and operated based on GPT-4Turbo provided by the company, but we have now switched to GPT-4o and upgraded it. Equipped with GPT-4o, the dialogue speed is faster than the previous model, and it is now possible to provide highly accurate answers. When user companies build their own GPTs or use various GPTs built by us, the ease of use will further promote business utilization.
OpsAI user companies can utilize the GPT-4o model without any additional application or switchover work, and without any additional fees.
GPT-4o installation background and future development plans
“GPT-4o” is the latest generative AI model announced by OpenAI on May 14, 2024. We decided that quickly incorporating this latest model into OpsAI would increase convenience for user companies, and decided to introduce it.
The OpsAI developed by our company XOP is currently based on the GPT model developed by OpenAI, but in the future it will be developed using various LLMs (Large Scale Models) such as Google’s “Gemini” and Anthropic’s “Claude3”. language model), and we are preparing to enable user companies to instantly switch to the desired platform model. About ChatGPT “Ops AI” for corporations
OpsAI was developed for the purpose of corporate use and business improvement of ChatGPT. We have cleared all of the following three issues regarding corporate use of ChatGTP.
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In addition, OpsAI has implemented features that are not included in standard ChatGPT, provided full support, and provided it at a low unit price.
[Image 3:×481.png ]
Since it is operated under separate management from OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT, there is no risk of information being sent to outside parties or diverted as learning data. Furthermore, we create individual tenants for each user company at the time of application and ensure thorough information management. In addition to obtaining the P mark, our company XOP has obtained ISO/IEC 27001 certification, which is an international standard for ISMS (Information Security Management System), and has built a management system that can be introduced with confidence. doing.
■Basic performance
In this version, the underlying LLM (Large-Scale Language Model) has been unified to GPT-4o. Therefore, there is no difference in basic performance from standard ChatGPT.
■OpsAI unique feature “Ops Chat”
Our company, which makes a living by improving business operations and building operations using generative AI, has designed the prompts and comes standard with dedicated chats for each business theme. We have Ops chats that can be used immediately in your work on themes such as sales, CS/customer support, marketing, human resources, management, DX promotion, business etiquette, business planning, and corporate planning. Each Ops chat is interactive, so anyone can use it easily, regardless of the user’s prompt knowledge or skills.
■Easily create your own GPT
The MyGPTs function in ChatGPT has also been implemented to be even simpler so that anyone can create one at first glance. User companies can instantly create their own custom chucks by uploading their own data (sales materials, internal regulations, etc.).
■Usage fee
The standard ChatGPT team plan costs $30 a month (approximately 4,500 yen at an exchange rate of 150 yen to the dollar). On the other hand, OpsAI has three types of plans instead of account billing. “Trial plan: 9,900 yen per month”, “Basic plan: 29,000 yen per month”, “Business plan: 49,000 yen per month”, and you can freely issue or delete the number of accounts granted within the plan. When converted to an account, it starts at 980 yen per month, so if you use ChatGPT for 3 or more accounts in your company, OpsAI is definitely cheaper. ■Visualize usage status within the company
Although not implemented in standard ChatGPT, OpsAI allows
administrator accounts to understand the usage frequency and content of member accounts.
■OpsAI demonstration
I think it would be difficult to understand if the explanation is only text, so I will explain the functions by actually comparing the OpsAI and ChatGPT screens.
[Image 4:×811.png ]
If you would like a demo of OpsAI, please apply below. If you submit the document download form, we will share detailed documents and demo videos.
About us
xOperation Group, Inc.
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Location: 4th floor, Nippon Television Yotsuya Building, 5-2-23 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Representative Director Ryodai Tanaka
Established month: September 2016
Business start: October 2022 (SaaS business sold in September 2022, changed to current company name and started current business the following month)
Business content: Advanced technology operations (Ops) integration support [AI solution] Planning and operation of ChatGPT business utilization courses, development and operation of ChatGPT “Ops AI” for
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