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Home » ACROVE Co., Ltd. Real Korean app experience! Hair care brand Agetuya x photoism will collaborate from June 3, 2024 (Monday)!

ACROVE Co., Ltd. Real Korean app experience! Hair care brand Agetuya x photoism will collaborate from June 3, 2024 (Monday)!

[ACROVE Co., Ltd.] [Real Korean app experience! ] Hair care brand Agetuya x photoism will collaborate from June 3, 2024 (Monday)!
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Press release: June 4, 2024
[Real Korean Puri experience! ] Hair care brand Agetuya x photoism will collaborate from June 3, 2024 (Monday)!
*Limited to the rainy season when hair sets tend to fall apart! You can try Agetuya’s straight iron and curl iron for touch-ups before taking a purikura photo shoot. *
* overview*

Rhone Japan Co., Ltd., which operates the hair care brand “Agetuya,” is the same company as Photoism Co., Ltd., which operates the largest Korean hair care brand, photoism.
In collaboration with Japan, we will start a campaign from June 3, 2024 (Monday) that will allow you to use straight irons and curling irons from the 2,760,000 Agetuya products shipped in total for touch-ups before the Korean pre-shoot.
*Manufacturer shipment results from June 18, 2010 to April 23, 2024 ▼Introducing stores and products
6/3 (Monday) ~: photoism Shibuya Center Street store: Cordless mini iron 2 6/4 (Tue) ~: photoism Harajuku Takeshita Street store: Agetsuya Pro, curl hair iron 2 (38mm)
▼Background to the collaboration
We came up with this collaboration because we want everyone to be able to spend their time in their ideal style even during the rainy season, and we want to contribute to creating fun memories.
* ■List of Agetuya hair irons that can create the popular “Korean style”* Agetuya cordless mini hair iron (8,980 yen including tax)
It has been upgraded from the previous model and can now be carried on board so that it can be used for everyday outings and travel. It also takes about 60 seconds to start up, which is one-third of the time required for conventional products, so you can use it right away. This product is perfect for touching up bangs and back hair.
Agetuya professional straight hair iron (4,378 yen including tax) This hair straightener uses titanium plates that minimize damage to your hair, and smooths out curls and frizz to make your hair smooth. The temperature can be adjusted from 80℃ to 220℃, allowing you to enjoy styling according to your hair type. It is also equipped with a ceramic heater and can go into standby in about 30 seconds.
Agetuya curl hair iron 2/38mm (4,378 yen including tax)
This is a 38mm curling iron that allows you to create Korean style loose three-dimensional curls.
The temperature can be adjusted in 5 levels from 140℃ to 220℃, and it warms your hair from the core, so you can maintain firm curls even on rainy days without losing moisture.

▼Korean hair done with 38mm Agetuya curling iron 2

▼Agetuya official website

▼Agetuya official Rakuten market store

■Collaboration with “hot Korean app” photoism
“Photoism” is a print photo based on the concept of the latest Korean self-photo studio. Unlike the existing photo booths that were popular in Japan, the key point is that you can take beautiful, high-quality photos of your true self.
By installing Agetuya products that can create Korean-style loose curls for touch-ups before photo shoots, you can experience even more reproducible “Korean curls.”

What is “Agetuya” developed by Rhone Japan?
It is a hair care brand with a cumulative sales record of 2,760,000 bottles in the series (June 18, 2010 to April 23, 2024, shipments from manufacturers). We sell products that have many repeat customers, mainly among people in their 20s, because of their wide product lineup, abundant color variations, and the fact that they can easily solve hair problems.
Official URL:

*Agetuya’s representative products:*
Agetuya mini pop
[Ultra lightweight & compact model] Compact and lightweight model that fits in the palm of your hand. 5 rich color variations! [Small but authentic specifications] Small but MAX200℃! It can be styled well. [Commitment to the plate] Tourmaline painted plate specification with good heat conduction. You can style your hair in a short time, reducing the stress on your hair.
Agetuya portable mini brush iron
A mini brush iron with a small size of 18.8cm that fits women’s hands. You can easily style your hair by simply combing it with a brush. You can achieve both silky straight hair and curls with this one hair. The maximum temperature is 210℃, and it rises to 120℃ in about 50 seconds, making it stress-free even on busy mornings. Suitable for overseas use and comes with its own pouch. It is also convenient to carry. Agetuya Cordless Mini Hair Iron II
It uses a removable lithium-ion battery and is designed to be carried on board. It uses a plate with high thermal conductivity that allows for quick and beautiful results, and has a 2-way design that allows you to create both straight and curly hair.
It is a plastic bottle-sized model with a length of about 20cm and a weight of about 185g, which is about the same as a smartphone, making it a model specifically designed for mobile use.
*Seller: Rone Japan Co., Ltd.*
(Address: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO: Masaki Nakajima) Rone Japan was founded in 1984 and sells “Agetuya”, which sells hair care products, and “SHAPEDAYS”, a line of functional innerwear that focuses on comfort. Many of our products have achieved first place or high rankings on EC malls. In 2023, due to EC roll-up, we became a group company of ACROVE Co., Ltd.
* ◆Operated by: ACROVE Co., Ltd. Overview*
With the mission of “Creating a social orchard,” we are developing two businesses: sales support and M&A in order to pass on as many wonderful businesses, products, and ideas as possible to the next generation. Our Commerce Transformation Business (CX Business) is an all-in-one sales support service that utilizes our own big data to maximize e-commerce sales, as well as M&A and business succession M&A aimed at cultivating brands and businesses. We are simultaneously developing two businesses, the “EC roll-up business” to achieve this goal. ACROVE’s strength lies in the synergistic effects of the two businesses through a unique business model unlike any other in the world. Forbes
Representative Director/President Executive Officer and CEO Toshiaki Arai was selected as 30 Under 30 Asia 2024.
Company name: ACROVE Co., Ltd. (

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