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Home » AtoJ Cloud EC construction platform “Mercato” renews its service with the aim of becoming a platform that accelerates business automation

AtoJ Cloud EC construction platform “Mercato” renews its service with the aim of becoming a platform that accelerates business automation

[AtoJ] Cloud EC construction platform “Mercato” renews its service with the aim of becoming a platform that accelerates business automation

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Press release: June 5, 2024
Cloud EC construction platform “Mercato” renews its service with the aim of becoming a platform that accelerates business automation *~Starts providing API as a pioneer of automation~*
* ATOJ Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and President: Iizawa
Maniku (hereinafter referred to as ATOJ) aims to be a platform that supports the further growth of e-commerce businesses by providing cloud e-commerce site construction platform “Mercato” that automates e-commerce operations and enables simple utilization of advanced technology. We would like to inform you that we have renewed our services. *

Mercato service site
* ■Renewal background*
After the coronavirus pandemic, EC consumption behavior has become established, and the size of the BtoC-EC (consumer electronic commerce) market in Japan in 2024 is 22.7 trillion yen (20.7 trillion yen the previous year, 19.3 trillion yen two years ago, the previous year) The e-commerce market continues to grow, with the launch of e-commerce accelerating and reaching an increase of 9.91% compared to the previous year. (※1)
On the other hand, in the field of e-commerce, the number of functions related to e-commerce carts has increased due to the segmentation of customer needs, and marketing measures have become more
sophisticated.As a result, many tasks have become difficult and burdensome, leading to a serious shortage of digital human resources. Masu.

Against this background, in a market environment where it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to procure e-commerce and digital human resources, it is important for e-commerce platforms to not only automate e-commerce operations but also be able to easily implement advanced marketing measures. I think it’s a role.

Until now, Mercato launched the “Connect” project in March 2022, with the vision of connecting people, things, and things, and has aimed to provide services that can continue to connect with businesses and even consumers beyond that. I did. As part of this project, in July 2023, we completely renovated the platform to a modern architecture with the aim of dramatically increasing the speed of functional evolution based on user needs and contributing to users’ business growth.

Going forward, Mercato will maintain the concept of “minimizing work, maximizing sales” and will renew its services to maximize the value of the revamped platform and make a leap forward into a service that can continue to support the growth of more e-commerce businesses. It has come to this.

(*1) Market survey results regarding e-commerce Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

* ■Renewed brand colors to match the concept*
Mercato’s old brand color was pale pink, which is easy to get to know, and we have a generous support menu. As a result of our efforts to create a service that can be used with peace of mind even by those who are setting up an e-commerce site for the first time, we have received very high praise.

On the other hand, with recent changes in the market, there has been an increasing demand for more in-depth solutions to issues in the e-commerce business. We aim to provide a service that can solve the issues of sophistication of marketing, increase in operational load, and slowdown in growth due to these issues, and grow the existing brand.
We have updated our brand color based on the keywords “automation, simple, advanced, and reliable.”

* ■Started providing API as a pioneer of automation*
Based on the concept of “minimizing work and maximizing sales,” Mercato will begin providing APIs with the aim of streamlining EC operations. By utilizing the API, businesses using Mercato will be able to seamlessly link with various platforms related to e-commerce operations, achieving all kinds of operational efficiency such as automating shipping operations, automatic inventory synchronization, and speeding up marketing measures. You can expect to gain a lot of energy and focus your resources on EC strategies and measures.

In the future, Mercato plans to develop functions such as automation of routine tasks, a no-code CMS that allows you to create pages and e-mail newsletters without coding, and event notifications that allow you to quickly notice all kinds of consumer behavior. Continuing to evolve to achieve automation.

○API to start providing
・Product reference API
・Inventory reference, registration, update API
・Order reference, registration, update API
・Member reference, registration, update API
・Member point reference, registration, update API

* ■Mercato service overview*
Mercato is a cloud e-commerce site construction platform with integrated sales promotion and CRM functions, created by ecbeing, the No. 1 company in Japan for e-commerce site construction. Through our diverse functionality, easy-to-use UI, thorough security, automatic system updates, and a specialized team that supports everything from customer acquisition to CRM, we can help you solve a variety of issues with your e-commerce site and increase sales.
In addition, we can respond flexibly to the scale of your e-commerce business, such as by allowing you to migrate to the packaged version of ecbeing at low cost and in a short period of time.
Contact Mercato
* ■ATOJ Co., Ltd. Company Profile*
Trade name: ATOJ Co., Ltd.
Representative: Mitsuru Iizawa, Representative Director and President Address: 8F Minami Aoyama DF Building, 2-2-8 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Established: March 2007
Business content: EC site construction and introduction support Content marketing support
Owned media introduction support
Capital: 132,375 thousand yen (including capital reserves) *As of April 1, 2022 URL:

* ■Contact information for inquiries from customers regarding this service* ATOJ Co., Ltd. Mercato Bureau
TEL: 03-4363-8720
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