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Japan EC Service Co., Ltd. Held on 6/13 (Thursday) A must-see for Rakuten shop operators! A thorough explanation of Rakuten shop strategies to survive the price increase rush!

[Japan EC Service Co., Ltd.] [Held on 6/13 (Thursday)] A must-see for Rakuten shop operators! A thorough explanation of Rakuten shop strategies to survive the price increase rush!

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Press release: June 5, 2024
[Held on Thursday, June 13th] A must-see for Rakuten shop operators! A thorough explanation of Rakuten shop strategies to survive the price increase rush!
Japan EC Service Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Shimizu) operates the EC Masters Club with approximately 2,500 members.
Shohei) will be holding a free online seminar titled “How to use LINE and coupons to conquer RPP?”
Rakuten Shop Strategy to Double ROAS and Repeat Customers” will be held from 14:00 on Thursday, June 13, 2024.
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Rakuten Shop continues to see a rush to raise prices, with coupons starting to charge 50 yen per coupon from April of this year, and store opening fees increasing by 30% from June.

For example, if a shop distributes 4,000 coupons, each coupon will be charged at 50 yen, resulting in a cost of 200,000 yen. Additionally, if the shop uses the standard plan, the store opening fee will increase from the current 50,000 yen to 65,000 yen, and this alone will result in a large charge of 265,000 yen. .

Additionally, those using RPP (Paid Search Advertising) need to consider whether they can continue with their current operations. If you continue to use RPP with a monthly budget of 400,000 yen, and currently the sales through RPP are 2 million yen and the ROAS is 500%, there is a possibility that you will not be able to secure profits if this continues, and many people may be worried about this. Is it?
However, if ROAS reaches 1,000%, sales will be 4 million yen, which will cover the increase in coupon usage fees and store opening fees.

In this seminar, we will specifically explain how to use RPP and LINE coupons to Rakuten shops who are having such troubles. In addition, we will publish and thoroughly explain successful examples of increasing reviews and repeat customers, which are practiced by one in three Rakuten Shop of the Year award-winning shops.

* ■Seminar content*
・RPP and LINE that can aim for ROAS 1,000% ・How to use coupons ・What is the review countermeasure used by one in three Rakuten Shop of the Year winners?
* ■Event overview*
Date and time: May 13, 2024 (Thursday) 14:00-15:00
Location: Online
Capacity: 80 people
Cost: Free
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・This program will be implemented using a dedicated web system. There is no need to attend the seminar venue.
・You can participate from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. ・Participants’ faces and screens will not be displayed.

* ■Lecturer*
* Representative Director of Japan EC Service Co., Ltd.*
*Representative Director, Japan E-Commerce Consultant Association* *Shohei Shimizu*
Born in Osaka and raised in Kyoto. After graduating from Kansai University, he worked for Mitsubishi Electric provider DTI.
Oversees technical support and has been ranked No. 1 in support satisfaction by four major specialized magazines. After living overseas for a year, he worked at a Sumitomo Corporation group company to promote the use of CATV Internet, and then joined Rakuten, Inc. in 2003. During his two years as an EC consultant, he was in charge of up to 600 shops and received numerous awards including MVP.
He is involved in a number of businesses, including store security, bundling functions, APIization of ordering and card payments, affiliate promotion, and management of employee cafeterias.
Since 2007, he has been working in the president’s office of Freebit Co., Ltd., where he was involved in the acquisition of DTI and oversaw all sales operations. After becoming independent in 2010, served as an EC advisor for GMO Group for one and a half years,
Established Japan EC Service Co., Ltd. The EC Masters Club, which started in 2014, has become one of the largest in Japan with over 2,500 shops nationwide. Established ECX Group Co., Ltd. in 2023, and together with Greenwich Co., Ltd., supports over 5,000 shops. One in three Rakuten Shop of the Year award-winning shops utilizes the service. He also serves as the representative director of the EC Skill Certification Association (JECSA).

* Sales Manager, Greenwich Co., Ltd. Sales Department*
* Shozo Toyama *
Experienced in operating an EC site as a sole proprietor. After that, we proposed solutions for over 100 major IT companies as SEO measures. Currently, we identify current issues through site analysis and propose solutions to those issues through collaboration between Greenwich Service and sales partner companies. My specialty is how to utilize product reviews, how to collect reviews, and support for acquiring repeat customers for e-commerce malls. IT Coordinator, Advanced Web Analyst, 1st Grade Retail Marketing.

* ■About EC Masters Club*
This is a membership support service for those who operate online shops on Rakuten Market, Yahoo! Shopping, and Amazon.
It is one of the largest subscription-based online salons in Japan, used by more than 2,500 of the 57,000 shops on Rakuten Market (1 in 22).
Consulting services that would normally cost over 100,000 yen are available for as little as 15,000 yen per month, and we offer a variety of services centered on the following four services. – Forum (bulletin board) with unlimited questions and answers within 24 hours – Support letter (e-mail newsletter) that delivers the latest information and know-how every day
– Live streaming at least twice a week with viewership rating of 15% or more , Weekly summary “EC Masters LIVE”, “Public consulting” where you can ask questions on the spot, more than 30 useful tools such as time saving and efficiency improvement
▼Click here for details on EC Masters Club
▼ Click here for information on seminars where you can consult about online shop management
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

* ■About Japan EC Service Co., Ltd.*
Founded by former Rakuten EC Consultant CEO Shimizu, EC Masters Club has been running EC Masters Club as a membership support service since 2014 to support troubled online shops across Japan, replacing the services provided by consulting services for 20 companies. I am. Currently a platinum partner of Next Engine, Yahoo
We are also certified as a JAPAN Commerce Partner.
In November 2023, we established “ECX Group Co., Ltd.” with Greenwich Co., Ltd. and transitioned to the group management structure “ECX”. By transferring Japan EC Service Co., Ltd.’s LINE distribution service business “LSEG” to Greenwich Co., Ltd., and clearly dividing the SaaS business into business areas such as “EC Masters Club” member support business and “Rakura Coupon”. , aiming to maximize synergies.

▼Videos useful for Rakuten shop operators are also available on Youtube!
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