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Yokosuka City Aim for the standard Yokosuka souvenir! “Yokosuka Souvenir Idea Contest” winning work

Yokosuka City
Aim for the classic Yokosuka souvenir! “Yokosuka Souvenir Idea Contest” winning work
Perfect for coffee! “Yokosuka Chocolate Mocha Sandwich” sales start ……
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The Yokosuka City Tourism Association and Yokosuka City will work together with related organizations such as the Shonan Shinkin Bank and the Yokosuka Chamber of Commerce and Industry to develop new and attractive Yokosuka souvenirs in FY2021. The Yokosuka Souvenir Idea Contest was held for two years in fiscal 2018. FARO TOKYO Co., Ltd.’s “Yokosuka Chocolate Mocha Sandwich”, which won the special award from the Judging Committee of the “Yokosuka Souvenir Idea Contest 2021”, has started selling at Yokosuka Port Market stores after pre-sale at Yokohama Takashimaya stores. . Please try the “Yokosuka Chocolate Mocha Sandwich” which was very popular at the Yokohama Takashimaya store.
About sales
1. Sales information Now on sale (for the time being, 20 pieces are sold per day on weekends only) 2. Location FARO Yokosuka Port Market store (6 Shinminato-cho, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture) Concept and theme of “Yokosuka Chocolate Mocha Sandwich”
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A cream sandwich with chocolate mocha cream made with homemade espresso and couverture sandwiched between fluffy dough mixed with dark cocoa. The concept is to create something that is loved by everyone, catchy, impactful, and Instagrammable, something Yokosuka citizens can be proud of. We proceeded with development based on the theme of “a one-of-a-kind milk bread with a black ship motif.”

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The Yokosuka Port Market store will open in 2022, following the Yoyogi main store and Yokohama Takashimaya store. Based on the concept of a cafe that fits your lifestyle, we also sell carefully selected coffee, sandwiches, and stylish goods. The sandwich is characterized by its thick slices and beautiful cross-sections. At the Yokosuka store, the coffee is served using a Marzocco Linea triple coffee machine, one of only a few in Japan. The coffee brewed by our baristas is exceptional.
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About “Yokosuka Souvenir Idea Contest”
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[Reference] “Yokosuka Souvenir Idea Contest” dedicated website You can check the award details here.
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