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Voicy Co., Ltd. Voicy has started distributing two new voice dramas produced in collaboration with the publisher Fan Guild!

[Voicy Co., Ltd.] Voicy has started distributing two new voice dramas produced in collaboration with the publisher Fan Guild!

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Press release: June 6, 2024
Voicy has started distributing two new voice dramas produced in collaboration with the publisher Fan Guild!
Voicy, an audio platform operated by Voicy Co., Ltd., will begin distributing two new voice dramas produced in collaboration with the publisher “Fan Guild.” Voicy will continue to deliver the experience of enjoying audio to more people through new audio content.
*Introducing the works that will be distributed on Voicy*
The voice dramas that will be distributed this time are the mangas published by Fan Guild, “I’m having an affair while being embraced by my husband” and “Dame’s marriage – Is this marriage out? ~” These are two works.
* “I will have an affair while being held by my husband” *
The popular comic with over 100 million views has been made into a voice drama! “Am I just a sex tool for you?” A husband who only sees his wife as a sex tool.
A woman grows more and more afraid of the sexual desire of a man who seeks her body almost every night… A couple who are in conflict with each other.
On the other hand, there are couples who are feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of having children. A husband and wife suffer from friction with their mother-in-law.
Gradually, the wife begins to behave erratically, and the husband becomes exhausted…
Amidst these misunderstandings, she and him meet fatefully! The two suddenly become attracted to each other as if quenching each other’s thirst. Exhausted and with nowhere to go, she and he finally… 《Appearance》
・Hiroko Ohira (Miwa Muto)
・Roku Hasegawa (role of Toru Kuga)
” original work ”
“I have an affair while being held by my husband” (Author: Ichijo Saki Rui) Publisher: Fan Guild
Label: Cherish
* “Damens Marriage – Is this marriage out?” ~”*
Nozomi Ikezaki and Shintaro Akishima are famous dogs and monkeys within the company. However, what the people around them didn’t know was that the two were actually “lovers” who had been dating for a year! That’s not surprising, because the company they work for prohibits romance within the company, so they have to thoroughly hide the fact that they are lovers. Hope worries about her secret love every day, but she has another problem. It’s about “marriage.” She wants to consider marrying Shintaro because of his age, but Shintaro, who is perfect in appearance and work, has a serious secret (flaw)… As long as there is love, “flaws” don’t matter!? A secret pre-marital (?) office LOVE where you pursue your ideal marriage with a flawed boy!
・Marina Yabuuchi (Nozomi Ikezaki)
– Masato Toyoshima (as Shintaro Akishima)
” original work ”
“Dame’s marriage – Is this marriage out?” (Author: Touma Fuji) Publisher: Fan Guild
Label: Peace!
*About Fan Guild Co., Ltd.*
Fan Guild is a publishing company with the mission of “Bringing FUN into your life through the power of stories.” We edit and publish original comics and novels that touch the hearts of readers, with a focus on girls, women, youth, and vertical scrolling comics. The works are also distributed on various electronic comic sites in Japan and overseas.
* “Coin” campaign limited to first-time purchasers currently underway* To listen to paid voice dramas, you need to purchase content using “coins”. We are currently running a coin first purchase campaign. For those who purchase coins on Voicy for the first time, you will receive 600 coins when you purchase 2,000 coins. There is no expiration date for the coins presented in this campaign.
-This campaign may end or change without notice.
・This campaign can only be applied once per person.
・Please note that if you purchase anything other than 2,000 coins for the first time, you will not be eligible for the campaign.
・Click here for details on available payment methods.

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About the voice platform Voicy
Voicy, which has 2 million registered members, is a comprehensive audio platform that allows you to listen while listening to carefully selected content. More than 2,000 channels are centered on the voices of personalities who have been screened with an application success rate of around 5%, as well as “media broadcasts” where you can listen to the news aloud, and “owned media” where you can even hear the personality of the company. We have created an environment where we can come into contact with people and information in our daily lives, and encounter voices that enrich our daily lives. The average listening retention rate is approximately 80%, and a culture has been created in which many people enjoy broadcasts that average
approximately 15 minutes until the end. The recording method is simpler than any other type of communication, and because the voice is not edited, it creates content that conveys the individual’s personality and feelings. Additionally, as the creator economy gains increasing attention, 60% of channels have achieved monetization. ●Web:
About Voicy Co., Ltd.
Voicy Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the voice market and voice tech industry. Focusing on the development and operation of audio platforms, we also provide brand solutions that use audio to solve corporate communication issues, as well as the planning and production of audio content and the planning and operation of audio events. With the mission of “Creating an exciting society through voice and technology,” we are creating a future that enriches people’s lives by changing the way people and information exist through voice and technology.
Company name: Voicy Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kentaro Ogata, Representative Director and CEO Established: February 2016
Head office location: 2-17 Nanpeidaicho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
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