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Ocean and Japan Project Public Relations Office We held a prefecture-wide cleanup during Marine Litter Zero Week 2024 Spring!

Sea and Japan Project Public Relations Office
Marine Litter Zero Week 2024 Spring cleanup was held in the prefecture! Saturday, June 1, 2024 Venue: Koriyama City, Iwaki City
The Fukushima Sea and Green Project, a general incorporated
association, held the “Marine Litter Zero Week 2024 Spring Prefectural Cleanup Activities” at two locations in the prefecture on Saturday, June 1, 2024.
This event will be held as part of the marine litter countermeasure project “Ocean and Japan Project – CHANGE FOR THE BLUE” promoted by the Nippon Foundation.
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Event overview
・Event overview: In line with “Spring Marine Litter Zero Week,” a prefecture-wide cleanup campaign will be held in Koriyama and Iwaki. In addition to the companies and organizations that have participated in previous years, for the first time we are recruiting participants from the general public. Also, at the Iwaki venue, there was a live broadcast from the “Cosplay de Marine Litter Zero Campaign” held in Fukuoka, and participants wearing the “Blue” or “Cosplay” dress code enlivened the venue.
・Date: Saturday, June 1, 2024
・Venue: 1. Koriyama area/around Koriyama Station West Exit 2. Iwaki area/around Nakoko Beach
・Number of participants: 400 people
・Cooperating organizations: Dai-ichi Life Insurance, Best Gakuin, Dynam, Ninotech, Daiwa House Fukushima Branch, Ricoh Japan, Koriyama De Playtai, Ensu Form Up LLC, Suzuki Sales Fukushima, Asaka Kaisei High School, Asaka Reimei High School, Sukagawa Kiriyo High School, Shirakawa Second Junior High School, Koriyama City, Fukushima Daihatsu Sales, Iwaki City Waste Association Council, Furukawa Battery, DMC Shirakawa, DMC Iwaki, Iwaki Yumoto High School, Onahama Kaisei High school, Iwaki City
Approximately one-third of the participants in the Koriyama area are junior high and high school students! Raise awareness among young people about reducing marine litter!
This is the 7th time that the “Prefecture Cleanup” has been held in conjunction with “Marine Litter Zero Week” in the spring and fall of 2021. This time, in addition to the companies and organizations that have participated in previous years, the event was open to the general public, and a total of 400 people participated at two locations in the Koriyama and Iwaki areas. In addition, many of the participants were young people such as local junior high school and high school students, and in the Koriyama area, about one-third of the
participants were junior high and high school students. It was very impressive to see the young people thinking about the garbage problem as their own and taking action, saying things like, “I want the city to be clean and full of smiles.”
[Image 2: &3=77920-2642-2642-9EA71E3A5F9D11D11D11 584fda9-3018×1125.jpg] The Iwaki area will participate in the first national live broadcast! Sharing the passion of the participants both domestically and internationally!
The Iwaki area, which had the largest number of participants in this cleanup campaign, participated for the first time in a national live broadcast in conjunction with the nationwide cleanup campaign. Each participant wore an item in blue, the color of the ocean, and the 239 participants were able to widely convey their passion to people both in Japan and abroad.
In the subsequent cleanup activities, we picked up trash mainly at Nakoko Beach, which is the largest beach in Fukushima Prefecture. Nakoko Beach is a shallow beach with beautiful white sand, and is famous as a very popular spot that attracts many swimmers from inside and outside the prefecture in the summer. It is a place loved by local surfers, and local volunteers regularly pick up trash, so the beautiful sandy beach is maintained, but the surrounding roads are one step away from the beach. , littered cigarettes and plastic waste, which is one of the major causes of ocean pollution, were found here and there, and after about an hour of cleaning, the amount of trash collected was 71 bags of combustible garbage and 34 bags of
non-burnable garbage. did.
After completing the cleanup, participants said things like, “I wish more people would know about this kind of activity and get more participants.”
[Image 3:×298.jpg] Feedback from participating children and parents
In a survey conducted among participants on the day, 62 out of 124 respondents answered that it was their first time participating. Among them, 61 people answered that their awareness and interest in marine debris had changed, accounting for 98.3% of the total (all of the people who responded to the survey said they would like to participate again next time). Answer).
In addition, out of a total of 400 participants, 72 high school students participated, showing that we have been able to strengthen collaboration with educational institutions through the CFB project to date, and the participating students said, “Participating in garbage pickup.” “By doing so, my awareness of garbage has changed,” and “Events like this that everyone can participate in are great opportunities to communicate with other participants and come to love the city!” has been received.
-Organization overview-
Organization name: General Incorporated Association Fukushima Sea and Green Project
Activity details: Initiatives aimed at raising awareness and reducing marine litter issues
[Image 4:×260.png] CHANGE FOR THE BLUE
As part of the Nippon Foundation’s “Ocean and Japan Project,” the 2018 This is a project that has been underway since November. We will work with stakeholders from industry, government, academia, and the public to create a marine litter reduction model and disseminate it domestically and internationally.
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Nippon Foundation “Ocean and Japan Project”
The sea supports Japanese people’s lives in various ways, sometimes giving them peace of mind, excitement, and inspiration. This is an all-Japan project that aims to encourage people across the country, including children, to view the ongoing environmental deterioration of the oceans as their own, and to expand the circle of action to preserve the oceans for future generations. is.

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