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Cyber ​​Traffic Supporting demonstration operation of demand transportation in Hiranai Town, Aomori Prefec ture

Cyber ​​traffic
Supporting demonstration operation of demand transportation in Hiranai Town, Aomori Prefecture
~ Cooperating with the construction of new public transportation in areas with declining birthrates and aging populations ~
Dennou Kotsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dennou Kotsu”) is supporting the demonstration operation of demand transportation (reservation-based shared taxi) that started on January 15, 2024 in Hiranai Town, Aomori Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as “Hiranai Town”). Hiranai Town has begun trial operation of demand
transportation with the aim of improving the convenience of
transportation for residents. Cyber ​​Traffic will support this new type of transportation from a system perspective and contribute to improving the convenience of transportation in the area.
[Image 1:×577.png ]
Hiranai Town has supported the transportation of its residents by operating community buses and school buses depending on their purpose. However, it is difficult to precisely cover the entire town with buses alone, and people who use buses without driver’s licenses, such as children and the elderly, complain that there are no buses available at the time they want to use, and that there are no bus stops. Opinions such as “It’s far from the destination” were received. Under these circumstances, in order to make it possible to move around the town and further meet the transportation needs of users, the town, with the cooperation of local taxi operator Hokusei Kotsu Co., Ltd. We have embarked on the establishment of a new “Demand Transportation” system. Demand transportation is expected to improve the convenience of transportation, as it allows users to get on and off at the time and location they specify. For this demonstration operation of “Hiranai Town Demand Transportation,” Hokusei Kotsu will not only provide operating vehicles and drivers, but will also be in charge of accepting demand transportation reservation calls. Cyber ​​Traffic provides DS, a cloud-based taxi dispatch system that enables appropriate reservation management and route creation by inputting user information and destinations. This demonstration operation began on January 15, 2024, in an area that includes the entire Hiranai Town area, as well as the area in front of Asamushi Onsen Station and Noheji Hospital, which are popular areas.
Details of demonstration operation of Hiranai Town Demand Transportation Hiranaicho Demand Kotsu is a reservation-based shared taxi operated by Hokusei Kotsu.
The details of the operation are as follows.
●Service area: All of Hiranai Town, Asamushi Onsen Station (Aomori City), Noheji Hospital (Noheji Town)
●Operating days: Every day (closed during the year-end and New Year holidays) ●Operating hours: 9:00 to 17:00
●Target users: Anyone can use it, including residents outside Hiranai Town. ●Fare: 500 yen (400 yen with shared discount)
●Reservation method:
Make a reservation by phone from one week before the usage date to one hour before the usage date *
Reservation reception phone number: 050-3097-2071
*Telephone reservations are accepted from 8:30 to 17:00.
[Image 2:×535.jpg] Operating vehicle image
[Image 3:×529.jpg] operating vehicle stickers
Role of each person
The main roles of each person are as follows.
[Table 2: ]
the next deployment
Hiranai Town, Hokusei Kotsu, and Dennou Kotsu will continue to improve demand taxis based on user feedback. Cyber ​​Traffic will continue to work on solving problems faced by local public transportation. Overview of the “demand traffic management” function of the
cloud-based taxi dispatch system “DS”
[Image 4:×185.png ]
The cloud-based taxi dispatch system “DS” is a dispatch system that includes a screen for the dispatch operator and an in-vehicle tablet for the driver.
The “Demand Traffic Management” function, which is an optional function of “DS”, is
・You can set up shared taxi dispatch on the same screen as regular taxi dispatch.
・Simple specification where the route is sent to the driver by simply setting the customer’s boarding position and boarding order
・Mistakes are less likely to occur by conveying user information in writing. It has these characteristics and is used by taxi companies operating demand transportation all over Japan.
More details about this release: