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Home » Eatas Co., Ltd. Eatas Co., Ltd., a personal dietary guidance service, begins joint research with Uria Co., Ltd., which develops an instant urine testing service.

Eatas Co., Ltd. Eatas Co., Ltd., a personal dietary guidance service, begins joint research with Uria Co., Ltd., which develops an instant urine testing service.

eatas Co., Ltd.
Eatas Co., Ltd., a personal dietary guidance service, begins joint research with Uria Co., Ltd., which develops an instant urine testing service.
We provide solutions to health issues through visualization of nutritional status and professional guidance from registered dietitians. We will carry out a release commemorative campaign. ……
eatas Co., Ltd. (Head office: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Eitsuko Teshima, hereinafter referred to as Eatas) announced a business alliance with Uria Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Representative Director: Shogo Mizuno) in June 2024. Masu. Through this partnership, the two companies will begin joint research aimed at understanding nutritional status and solving health conditions. By combining the instant urine testing service developed by Uriah with the knowledge of the registered dietitian community and personal dietary guidance operated by Aetas, we will begin joint research with the aim of developing an integrated service from testing to dietary guidance. Through cooperation between the two companies, we will develop the service into a service that can easily provide correct nutritional management to more people.
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Purpose of business alliance
Etas has a vision of becoming healthy through “enjoyable and delicious eating,” and has supported the health of many people. In addition, we have been operating a registered dietitian community since April 2023, and currently have over 100 registered dietitians. By combining Uria’s instant urine testing technology with the knowledge and know-how of personal dietary guidance provided by our registered dietitians, we aim to provide services that comprehensively solve users’ health issues. We will proceed with full-scale joint research from June 2024.
Overview of joint research
Utilizing Uria’s urine test kit, create logic for improvement measures from the test
Quantify nutrition with professional guidance from a registered dietitian belonging to the Aetas community
Creating logic that leads to further nutritional improvement and solving health issues
Comments from each representative
Yuria Co., Ltd. Representative Director Shogo Mizuno
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We have received a great deal of cooperation from our representative, Mr. Teshima, from the product development stage, including service supervision. I am very happy to be able to work with you again on the business side. We believe that by collaborating with Aetas we can solve the problem of testing, such as not knowing what to do after the test. We are confident that by collaborating with the registered dietitian community and the Aetas community, we will be able to expand the value proposition of the new test kit.
eatas Co., Ltd. Representative Director Eitsuko Teshima
[Image 3:×2465.jpg] I have known Mr. Mizuno, the representative, since we were both developing products, and I am very happy to be able to work with him in this way. We are excited to be able to propose a new form of health management through this joint research and business alliance. We are confident that by combining Uria’s advanced technological capabilities with our strengths in personal dietary guidance and registered dietitian network, we will be able to contribute to maintaining and improving the health of even more people.
About Uriah Co., Ltd.
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We are a healthcare startup launched in 2021 through joint research with the University of Tokyo, with the vision of “making things easier to understand,” and aiming to instantly analyze the state of the body from urine. We have developed analysis and measurement technology through research into unique biomarkers, developed a smartphone app that allows you to easily monitor detected data, and used body conditions analyzed from urine to improve daily performance. We are conducting research and development on performance improvement support, etc.
Yuurea Co., Ltd. URL:http//
About eatas Co., Ltd.
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Our vision is to make it commonplace to be healthy by having fun and delicious eating, and we support the diet of people who want to change their bodies, whether it’s to become healthy, lose weight, look beautiful, or improve their performance. I am. We have developed eat+ (Etas), a personal dietary guidance app that helps you build your ideal body, and are distributing it to businesses that provide dietary guidance. We also provide personal dietary guidance services provided by registered dietitians, supporting eating habits that will help you achieve your ideal body by becoming healthy. We aim to create a world where it is commonplace to “eat deliciously and enjoyably and become healthy” without having to hold back on food.
Corporate services
We have developed a personal dietary guidance app “eat+” that utilizes data, and provide dietary guidance by registered dietitians for gyms and beauty clinics. We have turned the nutritional management method of “type-specific coaching” developed by Aetas into a communication tool, and are providing effective dietary guidance online.
Personal Services We provide personal training services for meals by registered dietitians. Using the personal eating guidance app “eat+”, we provide a program with a registered dietitian who will help you build the foundation of your eating habits in one month, begin to notice changes in your weight and sensation in two months, and produce results in three months. I am.
\ We will carry out a campaign targeting people who are concerned about their uric acid and cholesterol levels./
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To commemorate the joint research, we will be running a campaign where those who apply for personal services until July 2024 will be able to experience “personalized dietary guidance x urine testing.”
During the 3-month program period, you will complete a set of 3 urine tests to see how changes in your diet affect the nutritional status of your body, and provide more appropriate dietary support.
To apply, please use the application form or register on your LINE official account.
Click here for the application form ↓
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eatas Co., Ltd.
Company name: eatas Inc.
Address: 2-6-11 Daimyo, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka Growth Next
Representative Director: Eitsuko Teshima
Established: March 2021
Business details: Development of apps and systems for personal dietary guidance, provision of personal dietary guidance services by registered dietitians, supervision and consulting regarding food and nutrition.
Achievements: [Partnership results] Nissin Pharma Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Corporation Kyushu Co., Ltd., Sonamira Co., Ltd., etc. [Funding record] Yazawa Ventures [Awards, etc.] Received the Japan Sports Agency Regional SOIP Judges Special Award (March 2024)
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