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Home » Web3 security company KEKKAI establishes a new brand “KEKKAI LABS”. Providing security services such as code audits for businesses

Web3 security company KEKKAI establishes a new brand “KEKKAI LABS”. Providing security services such as code audits for businesses

Web3 security company KEKKAI establishes a new brand “KEKKAI LABS”. Providing security services such as code audits for businesses ……
KEKKAI Co., Ltd. (Representative: Du Ma), which specializes in Web3 security, is pleased to announce the establishment of a new brand, “KEKKAI LABS,” which will provide security solutions to Web3 operators in Japan and overseas.
KEKKAI LABS uses “KEKKAI Audit,” which allows white hackers to investigate and analyze the presence of vulnerabilities in product code, and “KEKKAI Audit,” which has already been introduced by a major wallet development company and allows you to implement wallet security functions with just a few lines of code. API/SDK” and contribute to improving the security of the Web3 industry as a whole.
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Background of the establishment of KEKKAI LABS
Up until now, KEKKAI has provided security solutions for Web3 users through the browser extension “KEKKAI Plugin” and smartphone app “KEKKAI Mobile.” Through this process, I realized once again the importance of security in Web3, and became convinced that it is essential to improve security not only on the user side but also on the service provider side. In 2023, a total of approximately 280 billion yen (1.8 billion US dollars) in security damage occurred, most of which was caused by vulnerabilities in the systems and products of business operators. We also recognized the demand for product security solutions through interviews with business operators and developers. On the other hand, since the field of Web3 security is highly specialized, there are not many companies in Japan that specialize in this field. Therefore, based on the knowledge gained through KEKKAI’s service operations and daily research and development, we have started a full-fledged ToB security service, and along with this we have established a new brand called “KEKKAI LABS”. .
In the future, we will utilize our expertise in Web3 security, which is our strength, to provide security solutions for businesses, in order to realize KEKKAI’s vision of “Web3.0 where everyone can feel safe.” We will continue to expand.
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Service contents
KEKKAI Audit reviews applications (Dapps) and smart contracts built on blockchain for vulnerabilities such as hacking risks before
deployment, and summarizes vulnerability check results and security scores. This is a service that creates reports.
Pre-deployment code auditing is very important for Web3 projects. Once deployed on a blockchain, it is difficult to modify the content, and once it is hacked, the damage can be enormous. According to a report by Certik, in 2023 there will be 197 cases of fund theft caused by code vulnerabilities, leading to damages of approximately $300 million (approximately 45 billion yen).
At KEKKAI, we provide this service to businesses as Web3 security experts based on the know-how gained through the operation of KEKKAI Plugin and KEKKAI Mobile and the knowledge gained from on-chain analysis conducted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Another strength is our support in the marketing field.
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We are developing an SDK/API service that packages the three risk detection functions of KEKKAI Mobile and Plugin (see the figure below) and allows you to incorporate security functions into applications at low cost with just a few lines of code.
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Real-time risk detection prevents personal assets from being leaked via the wallet of the implementing company and reduces the risk of end users’ personal assets being leaked, which not only improves the security experience but also reduces reputational risk due to leaks.
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KEKKAI Co., Ltd. Company Profile
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KEKKAI Co., Ltd. is a Web3 security company established in 2023. Currently, we are operating “KEKKAI Plugin”, a PC-specific Web3 security tool that allows users to detect risks through simulation analysis of transactions, and “KEKKAI Mobile”, a browser app equipped with security functions.
We provide “KEKKAI Audit”, which checks the security vulnerabilities of Dapps for business operators, and “KEKKAI API/SDK”, which is a package of risk detection functions installed in Plugin and Mobile. In the future, by utilizing the latest technologies such as AI, we would like to release services to improve services and improve user security from various angles, and contribute to improving the environment of the industry as a whole.
Company name: KEKKAI Co., Ltd. (CEO: Danny Du Ma)
Establishment date: January 2023
Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo
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