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Home » Free extras ◆ “Welfare club for prospective employees” that is reliable for small and medium-sized busines ses starts accepting applications for 2024 ~ Generous follow-up and recruitment backup for prospective employees Relo C lub

Free extras ◆ “Welfare club for prospective employees” that is reliable for small and medium-sized busines ses starts accepting applications for 2024 ~ Generous follow-up and recruitment backup for prospective employees Relo C lub

Relo Club Co., Ltd.
Free extras ◆ “Welfare club for prospective employees” that is reliable for small and medium-sized businesses starts accepting applications for 2024 ~ Generous follow-up and recruitment backup for prospective employees [Relo Club]
Usage starts from August!
Relo Club Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Makoto Okamoto is a member of the Relo Group – TSE Prime Market 8876- and a top company in welfare
outsourcing services. The “Welfare Club”, which operates the company, has started accepting applications for the “Prospective Employee Welfare Club 2024” for prospective members from companies that have accepted offers.
If your company is a member of the Welfare Club, you can use various services that are effective for following up prospective employees for free.
We will use the free time until the official offer ceremony in October to enrich the student life of those who have been offered the offer by using the special benefits of the “Welfare Club for Offered Students” that will be available from August.
[Image 1:×360.jpg] “Employee Welfare Club” is reliable for small and medium-sized businesses. For small and medium-sized enterprises that find it difficult to cover all follow-up for prospective employees in-house, the “Provided Employee Welfare Club” is a reliable follow-up measure.
Nowadays, many students are checking to see if their welfare system is complete, and the “Prospective Employee Welfare Club” is an attractive benefit for students, allowing them to enjoy welfare benefits comparable to those of major companies starting in August, when summer vacation begins. .
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Additionally, the “Employee Welfare Club” comes with video-based e-learning on business etiquette and Office basics, all of which are available for free, even though they would otherwise be time-consuming and expensive to do on your own. *1
The “Notice of Prospective Employees”, which will be sent every month starting in November, aims to give the people surrounding the prospective employee a sense of trust in the company they have been offered the job at, and can also be sent to the prospective employee’s home.

How e-learning can help students change their mindset toward working adults In a survey conducted by Relo Club in July 2023 for general affairs and human resources personnel, more than 80% of general affairs and human resources personnel responded that they would like prospective employees to learn business etiquette.
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A DISCO survey also found that students also said, “Through challenges such as business etiquette and e-learning, students can change their mindset as members of society.”
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The e-learning provided by the “Employee Welfare Club” has a lot of content necessary to change the mindset of working adults, such as business etiquette, information security courses, and office basics that can accommodate such requests.
The course is taught through videos*1 that are easy to increase learning motivation and understanding among Generation Z, and there are quizzes that allow self-assessment of learning comprehension.You can study the videos and tests as many times as you like. You can check your learning progress and quiz score trends at a glance. -Outline of the welfare club for prospective employees-
◆Increase your sense of belonging to the company you have been offered a job at with the many services provided by the “Welfare Club for Offered Employees!”
The “Employee Welfare Club,” which is available to member companies at no additional charge, comes with “eFreshers”*2 free of charge, as well as the benefits of the regular “Welfare Club” with a monthly membership fee of 0 yen. We provide life services and resort services to prospective applicants from August to the end of March of the following year. One of the attractions is that the Welfare Club’s point service “Club Gift” is given to those who have been offered a job, depending on their usage.
We offer a wide range of services that prospective employees can take advantage of at great deals, such as self-development in preparation for joining the company, purchasing suits, moving, purchasing home appliances, and discounts on family trips and graduation trips that are essential for making memories. You can experience “welfare benefits” for yourself.
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Additionally, the Welfare Club will send out an information magazine called “Notice for Prospective Employees” five times starting in November, which corresponds to the task of “sending company newsletters and company information,” which is said to be the most time-consuming task for recruiters. *3 will be sent every month.By delivering it to your home, you will create an opportunity for your relatives to see the company’s approach to caring for prospective employees, and give them a sense of security about the company. Through these welfare services, students can easily increase their sense of belonging to the company they are offered a job at, and it is also an ideal tool to activate communication with hiring managers. ◆E-Freshers makes it easy to conduct job offer surveys, which are essential as feedback for next year’s recruitment plans!
For those in charge of recruitment, interviews and questionnaires with potential candidates, which were previously conducted by phone or email, can be distributed all at once on eFreshers, and the list can be checked. This saves the hassle of aggregation, which significantly reduces the workload. will be done.
The survey function makes it easy to remind those who have not responded, and since it is conducted on “eFreshers”, it is convenient because it eliminates problems such as emails not being delivered to prospective candidates. Survey results can be downloaded as CSV, making it easier to understand issues.
[Image 6:×577.png ]
◆Make full use of the “concern function” to follow up on concerns of prospective employees!
This is a function that calls out to prospective candidates and supports them in resolving their concerns by showing concern for the other party’s condition. Caring for each individual supports the growth of each individual. By expressing your concern with simple words such as “How are you doing today?” and “Is there anything that concerns you?” and letting the prospective offeree’s voice be heard, you can create an opportunity to relieve anxiety. can. It can also be used as a tool to relieve anxiety by sending a message*4 using the “concern function.”
In addition, you can receive supplements (short content) for growth that are linked to the messages of the “concern function”, and you can also be guided to e-learning from tips for growth.
[Outline of the Employee Welfare Club]
Name: Employee Welfare Club
Cost: Admission fee and membership fee are both free (no fees apply) Eligible participants: Those who are scheduled to join the Welfare Club member corporation (organization) in April 2025.
Service usage period: 8 months from August 1, 2024 to March 31, 2025 Items to be distributed when joining: 1. Membership card 2. Holiday handbook Special offer: Provision of “Notice for prospective employees” Starting from November, we will mail the information once a month to the home of the prospective applicant*3 (total of 5 times)
Members-only site: Available services include “members-only site” and “members-only mobile site”, all of which can be searched.
*Also compatible with Lilo Club app
[Image 7:×565.png ]
◆Service details◆
-Resort service-
Domestic accommodation, overseas accommodation, package tours (domestic and overseas), air tickets, travel support, etc.
-Good Life Service-
Self-development, leisure, business support, life planning, sports, eating and drinking, housework/lifestyle, shopping, health,
entertainment, car service, childcare/nursing care, housing/moving, etc.
★All resort and Goodlife services are available!
-e Freshers-
◆Questionnaire function
◆SNS centered on “concern function”
Number of courses: 31 courses in total (as of August 1, 2023) *Scheduled to increase in 2024
–Course content–
·business manner
・Basic skills for working adults
・Business skills basics
・Business skills Office basics
(Word, Excel, PowerPoint basic course)
・Information security
◆Groupware (notices, bulletin boards, schedules, etc.)
Highlight the level of welfare benefits on the recruitment page
[Image 8:×669.png ]
The Welfare Club provides a free “Recruiter Page” for member companies, where they can promote the enhancement of their company’s welfare system.
The URL provided by the Welfare Club can include your company’s name in the subdirectory, and can be displayed by simply linking that URL to your company’s recruitment page. You can also display your company name (organization name) at the top of the displayed site.
Even for companies that find it difficult to prepare their own website to promote their welfare programs, Welfare Club can prepare one for free and display it easily.
This service has been well-received by people in charge of general affairs and human resources, who say, “Now we can proactively promote our welfare system when hiring.”
In addition to recruiting and following up on prospective employees, the Welfare Club also offers a variety of HR services that allow general affairs and human resources personnel to focus on their core business. Services that are difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to develop on their own are provided free of charge. The Welfare Club not only helps employees achieve well-being, but also helps reduce workload and improves the engagement of general affairs and human resources personnel.
Welfare Club ▶▶▶ Thanks to you, “Welfare Club” is celebrating its 30th anniversary.
[Image 9:×728.png ]
Since starting its “Welfare Club” service in 1993, Relo Club has enriched the lives of working people around the world with welfare services, with the motto “Providing small and medium-sized enterprises with the same welfare benefits as large companies!” I’ve been here. Regardless of the size of the company, we provide a variety of highly cost-effective services to 19,200 companies and 7.1 million members across the country, regardless of region, and are a top brand of welfare services with a high level of employee satisfaction. ※Five In order to respond to the increasing attention to welfare systems due to work style reform, we will enhance childcare and nursing care systems, strengthen the femtech field, provide a “Female Employee Welfare Club” that is useful for recruiting prospective employees, and retain excellent human resources. We are focusing on support for (preventing job turnover).
In addition, we offer services that can meet the needs of various times, such as healthcare support and increased access to sports gyms, as well as support for health management*6 and the promotion of women’s empowerment. We aim to reduce the workload of human resources, general affairs and labor personnel, and provide solutions that improve employee engagement.
★Click here to request information or consult with Welfare Club ▶▶▶
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【company overview】
■Reloclub Co., Ltd. Address: -Head Office- 4-2-18 Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022 TEL: 03-3226-0244 FAX: 03-3226-0280 / □Establishment: August 17, 2001 (Business start: September 1993) □Capital: 150 million yen (100% owned by Relo Group Co., Ltd.) □Business details: – Welfare agency service Business ・Various benefits and privilege agency services for members ・Life support services for seniors □Representative: Sei Okamoto, President and Representative Director
▼Reloclub Company Profile [Video] 04’00”
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▼RELO General Affairs and Human Resources Times Comprehensive information for general affairs, human resources, and managers who pursue employee satisfaction through welfare benefits, work style reform, health management, and human resources and organizational development. Media: Practical seminars for general affairs and human resources are also held every month.
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▼Welfare Club (Relo Club) Instagram
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Media that allows you to live a good life with benefits \Media that people say they are glad to have seen/
■ Save money with welfare benefits and live a slightly cheaper life ■Up to 95% off on hotels and leisure facilities
■Let’s learn about the welfare benefits that you’ll be missing out on if you don’t know about them.
▼News release [PDF] ≪Inquiries regarding this matter≫ ■Inquiries regarding news releases Relo Club Co., Ltd. Public Relations Officer: Tsushima TEL:
03-3225-1730 Email: ≪Inquiries regarding Welfare Club≫ ・Regarding Welfare Club membership, etc. Inquiries: 03-3225-1730 ・Inquiries from existing affiliated facilities TEL: 03-3225-1896 (or 0120-982291) ▶▶▶