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Home » JOYCHOU INDUSTRIAL HONG KONG CO., LIMITED Father’s Day Special Campaign! The surprise appearance of Henirah mobile battery

JOYCHOU INDUSTRIAL HONG KONG CO., LIMITED Father’s Day Special Campaign! The surprise appearance of Henirah mobile battery

Father’s Day special campaign! The surprise appearance of Henirah mobile battery Portable and highly efficient, give love and power on Father’s Day! ……
As Father’s Day approaches, are you having trouble finding a unique and practical gift?
Don’t worry, Henirah has the best options for you!
The Henirah brand mobile battery is an innovative product that can be charged simply by plugging it in without the need for a cable, and has become a hot topic on social media.
[Image 1:×600.jpg] Traditional power banks tend to suffer from problems such as forgetting the data cable and cumbersome charging, but Henirah’s iPhone power bank has a built-in connector that allows you to easily plug it in and charge it directly. The clever foldable Lightning head design is not only small and portable, but also protects the charging connector and won’t damage other devices in your bag. It can be used even with the smartphone case attached.
[Image 2:×1500.jpg ]
Synonymous with lightness and portability, this battery is made from cosmic nanomaterials and measures just 7.6 x 2.6 x 3.6 centimeters. Weighing only 95 grams, it is 50% smaller in volume and 40% lighter than regular mobile batteries.
A perfect travel partner. The exterior design is unique, combining the glossy surface and granular sandpaper texture, making it
scratch-resistant, and the ergonomic design perfectly fits the skeletal structure of the hand. You can easily hold it with one hand, and you can take photos, watch videos, and freely operate your smartphone while charging. The LED display shows the remaining power with 100% accuracy, and you can easily check the remaining power with a simple press of the power button.
[Image 3:×741.jpg]

Charging is fast and efficient. Although the mobile battery has a small volume, the maximum output current is 2.4A, which is faster than conventional mobile batteries, and the charging efficiency has improved to 90%. The charging speed of smartphones is about 1 times faster than conventional products, and the time to fully charge can be reduced by more than 30 minutes. This will save you at least 30 minutes of time every day. Save your household electricity bill and reduce energy waste. You can also charge your smartphone or other devices while charging your mobile battery.

Extremely safe and comfortable charging experience!
The Henirah battery uses the same safe and high-quality “21700” battery used in the Tesla factory and the latest smart ATL chip. It further enhances the noise suppression ability and automatically stops after charging is completed to prevent battery overcharging. Adopting reliable circuit design, it has “overcharge, overdischarge,
overvoltage, overcurrent protection and short circuit protection” functions.
It meets certification standards such as Japan’s Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act (PSE), UL, RoHS, METI, and CE, making it safe and reliable. It has passed official MFi certification and has a certified IC chip, so it can be charged normally after iOS update. Uncertified power banks will not only display error messages such as “This accessory cannot be used,” but may also damage your iOS device. Choose an MFi power bank that meets Apple’s performance standards.
[Image 4:×453.jpg] special offer
The Henirah mobile battery, which normally costs 9,999 yen, can be purchased for only 2,899 yen during the Father’s Day special campaign! Contact information
Purchase ring: Co., Ltd.: JOYCHOU
Person in charge: Yonnie
Email address:
Don’t miss this precious opportunity to gift your father a Henirah mobile battery. Always be full of power in his life and make him feel your love and care! Act fast!
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