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Ome City Marriage life gift money

Ome City
Marriage life gift money
Introducing the second part of the support system for newlyweds – Ome City’s efforts to promote migration and settlement –
Ome City has been running the “Ome City Marriage New Life Startup Support Project” since FY2020 as the first support system for newlyweds in its efforts to promote migration and settlement. The first phase utilizes the national system, which has the advantage of generous support for each couple, but there are requirements on household income and age, which limits the number of eligible couples. There were disadvantages.
“We want Ome City to support a wide range of newlywed couples,” and with that in mind, Ome City has launched its second initiative to support newlyweds, the “Marriage Life Celebration Money.”
[Image:×2340.jpg] [System name]
Marriage life gift money
This is a system in which couples who apply to become “Marriage Ambassadors”, which works together with the city to promote the appeal of life in Ome, will be paid a support fee after three years have passed since they settled in Ome.
[Flow to apply for gift money]
Marriage registration was submitted after April 1, 2020, and the couple started living together in a house in Ome City within 6 months from the marriage date (couples who were already living together at the time of marriage registration) includes.)
Couples must apply to become Marriage Ambassadors (registration application) within 6 months from the later of the marriage
registration submission date and the couple’s cohabitation date (hereinafter referred to as the “base date”).
Use the hashtag “#MarriageOmeLife” on your own SNS to share
information about the charms of living in Ome City. It can be anything from a scenery that lets you feel the seasons, your favorite restaurant, or delicious food!
When three years have passed from the reference date, you will apply for the issuance of the “Marriage Congratulation Money”.
*Couples whose reference date is before March 31, Reiwa 6 will be eligible if they apply by September 30, 2020.
[Subsidy amount]
Basic amount 2.2 million yen + additional = maximum 22.2 million yen (fufu two)
[Table 2: ]
[Application reception]
We have started accepting applications from April 1, 2020.
*Details of the system are posted on the city website
( Please contact the City Promotion Department for details.
Ome City Regional Economy Department City Promotion Division City Promotion Section
Phone number: 0428-22-1111 (extension 2309)
(8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
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