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Mori Kosan receives business model patent for credit scoring of foreigners

Mori Kosan receives business model patent for credit scoring of foreigners
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Press release: June 6, 2024
Mori Kosan receives business model patent for credit scoring of foreigners *Complementing the creditworthiness of foreigners such as
international students and improving their living environment in Japan*
Mori Kosan Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo-ku, Osaka, Representative director: Mori Hayato (hereinafter referred to as “Mori Kosan”) has acquired a business model patent (hereinafter referred to as “Mori Kosan”) regarding credit scoring for foreigners with the aim of supplementing the creditworthiness of foreigners such as international students and supporting them in studying, living, and working in Japan. Patent No. 7450961) was obtained on March 8, 2024.

* 1. Background of business model patent acquisition *

In recent years, the number of foreigners residing in Japan for the purpose of studying or working has been increasing. Until now, Mori Kosan’s main businesses have been the career support and education business for foreigners and the recruitment and retention consulting business for foreigners, and we have provided support to many foreign students, workers, their spouses, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “international students, etc.”). I have come into contact with you. During this time, I have come face to face with the various
inconveniences faced by international students and others when living in Japan.

For example, when signing a contract for a mobile phone or smartphone, which is essential for daily life, the mobile phone company requires the presentation of a bank account or credit card. You will be asked to provide. Additionally, with the shift to cashless payments, even if you try to get a credit card, the screening process tends to be stricter for international students.

One of the reasons behind this is that international students who have decided to live in Japan have a “lack of credibility” when receiving all kinds of services in Japanese society. In order for society as a whole to accept international students, etc. and to live without inconveniencing each other, it is necessary to eliminate the above-mentioned situations and build up trust and trust. There is a need to improve the attractiveness of life in Japan by bridging the gap in daily life services.

Therefore, Mori Kosan has acquired a business model patent related to credit scoring for international students, with the aim of making the “trust” of international students visible and making it possible to utilize that “trust” in various services. I did. In the future, we will collaborate with all organizations that serve foreigners as customers, and utilize this patent to enhance and develop services and products for international students.

* 2. Regarding business model patent acquisition *
* (1) Overview*
Information on the activity results of international students, etc. is obtained from multiple different related organizations and a credit score is calculated.
Based on the calculated credit score, we will decide whether to apply preferential services to international students, etc.

Patent registration: March 8, 2024
Patent number: Patent No. 7450961
Patentee: Mori Kosan Co., Ltd. (inventors: Hayato Mori, Aso Shimizu) Title of invention: Credit score management method, management device, and program

* (2) Details*
Credit score management is performed in the following three steps (*).

1. Achievement information acquisition step: Obtaining information on the achievements of international students, etc. from multiple different related institutions.
2. Credit score calculation step: Calculate the credit score for international students, etc. based on information regarding
3. Judgment step for applying preferential treatment: Determine whether to apply preferential treatment based on credit score *Details of the 3 steps are as follows.

1. Actual information acquisition step
We obtain information from related organizations regarding the various activities of international students who have decided to reside in Japan. In order to appropriately reflect third-party evaluations, information on performance is obtained from multiple different related organizations.
For example, we obtain activity records from educational institutions such as Japanese language schools where international students attend, and from companies where they work part-time.

[Related organizations and activity examples]
・Educational institutions: academic records, attendance records, awards, teacher evaluations, tuition payment status, etc.
・Company: Business performance and attendance records from internships and part-time jobs, job titles or roles, evaluations from workplaces, evaluations from business partners, evaluations from customers, etc. ・Financial institutions: Payment of rent, payment of utility bills, payment of charges to telecommunications carriers, repayment of loans, payment or settlement by credit card, repayment of scholarships, type of scholarships used , payment status of tuition fees, payment status of living expenses, etc.
・Administrative agencies: notification status to administrative agencies, social insurance participation status, legal compliance status, etc.
・Other organizations: number of qualifications acquired, degree of difficulty of acquired qualifications, degree of interest and understanding of Japan, language ability, status of payment of study abroad expenses, participation in volunteer activities, award history, etc.

2. Credit score calculation step
Credit score calculations are based on information about your track record obtained from relevant institutions. Credit scores can be calculated based on a predetermined score table, but various other known methods for scoring people can also be used.
Based on performance information, you can also score traits such as persistence, conscientiousness, proactivity, compassion, flexibility, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.
3. Preferential treatment application determination step
We will decide whether or not to apply preferential services to international students based on their credit score.

[Related organizations and preferential service examples]
・Financial institutions: Opening financial institution accounts, issuing credit cards, financing, etc.
・Real estate agent: Conclusion of housing rental contracts, etc. ・Mobile phone company: Conclusion of contracts for smartphones, etc. with mobile phone companies, etc.

By applying preferential services to international students based on the performance of various activities at related institutions, the environment surrounding international students who come to live in Japan will dramatically improve.

In addition, as credit scores improve, the level of preferential services will further improve, the environment will improve, and it is expected that this will lead to the development of new services and products together with providers.

* 3. Regarding implementation of business patent content *
Mori Kosan has launched the 28 – Twenty eight – series, an app that calculates part-time work hours and salaries for foreign students residing in Japan and manages their residence., hereinafter referred to as “28”. “28”
Based on the premise of “creating a society in which Japanese and foreigners can coexist properly and legally,” both foreigners and Japanese people are required to comply with laws and regulations with the aim of realizing DX (digital transformation) in the employment and management of foreigners. This is an application that supports each individual’s success by complying with the above and creating an appropriate working environment.

Some of the functions of “28” include the mechanism of this business patent. For example, you can use “28” to score “continuity,” which is one of the characteristics of a credit score, by inputting work shifts and clocking in and out of work.
“28” app nature score screen image
Mori Kosan, including the acquisition of this business model patent, will continue to provide information and activities necessary for international students, regardless of their nationality or race, to support them in their daily lives, student life, employment support in Japan, and retention after employment. In doing so, we aim to become an “infrastructure that connects international students with Japan, local communities, companies, and schools.”

* -Company Profile-*
・Company name: Morikosan Co., Ltd. (URL: ・Representative: Hayato Mori, Representative Director
・Established: April 28, 1987
・Location: 4th floor, Mori Building, 1-4-11 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka

・Main business:
Foreign talent recruitment and retention consulting business (Paid employment placement business license number: 27-U-301934, registered support organization (registration number
23-008612)), a multilingual media used by approximately 17,000 foreigners from 114 countries, “WA. SA. Bi. (Wasabi)” (URL:
), career support and education training business for foreigners, foreign student part-time recruitment and management system, event planning and management business for foreigners, overseas marketing business, multilingual design and advertising business, business Japanese proficiency test ( BJT)
Authorized sales agent (21 countries), interpretation/translation business, etc.

・Participating organizations, etc.:
Kansai Economic Federation (Asian Business Creation Platform Human Resource Development and Utilization Subcommittee Secretariat), Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Higashiosaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Osaka Industrial Bureau Foreign Human Resources Recruitment Support Center (specialized organization), Osaka Tourism Bureau International Student Support Consortium Osaka (specialized member), etc.

・Awards, etc.: Selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a “Company Driving the Regional Future”

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