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Home » MIXI Co., Ltd. “Monster Strike Shitamachi Hello World” is a warm and gentle slow life comedy created by Mo nster Strike characters.

MIXI Co., Ltd. “Monster Strike Shitamachi Hello World” is a warm and gentle slow life comedy created by Mo nster Strike characters.

MIXI Co., Ltd.
“Monster Strike Shitamachi Hello World” is a warm and gentle slow life comedy created by Monster Strike characters.
Serialization will start on Thursday, June 6, 2024 on the Akita Shoten web manga site “Champion Cross”!
MIXI Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, President, Senior Executive Officer and CEO: Hiroki Kimura) has announced the serialization of the manga series “Monster Strike Shitamachi Hello World” (hereinafter referred to as “Shitamachi”) in the smartphone app “Monster Strike” (hereinafter referred to as “Monster Strike”), a popular hunting RPG. Hello World) will be serialized on the Akita Shoten web manga site “Champion Cross” on June 6th (Thursday).
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“Monster Strike Shitamachi Hello World”
“Shitamachi Hello World” is a slow-life comedy set in Kinshicho, Tokyo, depicting Monster Strike characters living together. Please look forward to future developments and the appeal of Monster Strike characters, which will be expanded through the unique worldview and story of manga, which is different from smartphone games.
Information on “Shitamachi Hello World” will be announced on Official X (@ms_shitamachi) from time to time.
“Shitamachi Hello World” Official X: ■Comments from related parties
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“Champion Cross” Editor-in-Chief Yoshihiro Koyama Comments
We bring you a comic version of the popular smartphone game “Monster Strike” with illustrations by Ichi Yamura, the creator of “The girl who can’t speak thinks she’s too kind!”
Those who are excited to see what kind of facial expressions Neo and other charming characters, created with the gentle lines of Mr. Yamura, who is also a big Monster Strike fan, will show when they jump out of the game world. I’m sure there are many.
For both Monster Strike fans and those who are about to start liking it, Please look forward to “Monster Strike Shitamachi Hello World”!
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Comment from teacher “Ichi Yamura”
I will be serializing a spin-off of Monster Strike, which I have been playing since I was a student! I’m happy to be able to draw such attractive characters.
We will do our best to make sure you enjoy it, so thank you for your support! ■“Monster Strike Shitamachi Hello World”
Set in Kinshicho, Tokyo, Neo, Solomon, Lucifer, Pandora, and Jack the Ripper live together!?Eating, shopping, doing laundry… Even in ordinary life, if you are together with everyone, anything can happen. Premonition! I wonder how Neo and his friends will spend their days in this world, in this city. A slow life comedy about friends in a gentle world.
■Monster Strike < >
This is an exhilarating action RPG that anyone can easily enjoy, taking advantage of the characteristics of smartphones. It’s a turn-based game where you pull your own monster with your finger and bounce it, hitting the enemy’s monster to defeat it. By making good use of bounces and collisions with walls and monsters, you can complete quests. Masu. It features cooperative play (multiplayer) that allows up to 4 friends to play together at the same time. Since its launch in October 2013, it has been used by many users, and as of March 2024, the cumulative number of users worldwide has exceeded 62 million.
■App overview
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Game name Monster Strike
Category Game (Action RPG)
Play fee: Free (some charges/item charges apply)
Compatible models (OS) [iOS] iOS12.0 or later
[Android(TM)] Android 5.0 or later (Android 5.0 or lower cannot operate) How to use ・Search for “Monster Strike” in each store
[Android] [Amazon]
■MIXI Co., Ltd. < >
Based on the purpose of “expanding rich communication and wrapping the world in happy surprises,” MIXI has released songs such as “mixi,” “Monster Strike,” “Family Album Look,” and “TIPSTAR.” We provide communication services for friends and family to enjoy together. Based on the spirit of “User Surprise First,” which we value, our mission is to create places and opportunities that do not just connect, but also “connect emotionally,” creating deeper, richer communication. By continuing to do this, we will contribute to the realization of a society that is rich in emotion and people can communicate with each other.
*MIXI and Monster Strike names, and related trademarks and logos are trademarks and registered trademarks of MIXI Corporation.
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