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Home » “Home Trattoria” “Italian Gourmet Special” will be held at Meal Kit in conjunction with the G7 Summit!

“Home Trattoria” “Italian Gourmet Special” will be held at Meal Kit in conjunction with the G7 Summit!

Yoshikei Development Co., Ltd.
“Home Trattoria” “Italian Gourmet Special” will be held at Meal Kit in conjunction with the G7 Summit!
A smile from the person who makes it. Yoshikei Group (Headquarters: Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture / Representative Director: Yuichi Inoguchi), which provides a meal kit delivery service nationwide with the theme, has released a menu book “Smile Gohan” 6/7 in conjunction with the G7 summit meeting to be held in Italy. Issue 17 will feature an “Italian Gourmet Special”.
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■Italian Gourmet Italian Gourmet is ranked 2nd in the list of “World Cuisine You’ll Want to Make and Eat”, after Korean food. Recently, due to rising prices, people are becoming more frugal, and 77.3%*1 of people answered that they will eat out less frequently. In response to the G7 summit being held in Italy in June, Yoshikei will be holding a special feature on Italian gourmet cuisine titled “Tonight at Home Trattoria.” With meal kits, you can easily enjoy homemade Italian gourmet food at home. *1 From Recruit Co., Ltd. “Survey on the growing tendency to save money due to rising prices and saving behavior when eating out”
[Image 2:×938.jpg] ◀Petit Mama Course 6/18 (Tuesday) “Milan-style chicken cutlet” Milan-style cutlet is an Italian dish that is made by pounding and stretching veal, coating it with cheese and frying it. This time I used chicken and arranged it with panko grilled mix – cheese & herbs.

[Image 3:×938.jpg] ◀Cut Meal Course 6/19 (Wednesday) “☆ Rich and delicious Aqua Pazza with delicious salt pot sauce” Aqua Pazza is a local dish from the Naples region of southern Italy. It’s easy to make, using pre-cut fish and cut vegetables, and leaving the seasoning to a single-use sachet seasoning.

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From left: Balance 400 course 6/17 (Monday) “Colorful chicken piccata”, Standard course 6/20 (Thursday) “Italian style tomato stew with cod”, Food course 6/22 (Saturday) “Pork and eggplant involuti” *Order deadline: June 12th (Wednesday) 17:00 (The deadline for ordering online may vary) *Items may not be available depending on your area. ■Yoshikei Yoshikei Group, a pioneer in meal kit delivery services, has continued to develop menus that respond to changing lifestyles and support Japanese dining for nearly 50 years. In 2019, our zero redelivery initiative won the Minister of the Environment Award, the highest award at the COOL CHOICE LEADERS AWARD 2018. In the February 29, 2024 issue of the “Food Delivery Sales Ranking” published by Japan Ryutsu Sangyo Shimbun, we ranked first, and have dominated the top spot for 15 consecutive years. Additionally, in September 2023, the company won the 32nd Food Safety and Environmental Contribution Award sponsored by Japan Shokuhin Shimbun, in recognition of its convenient use of its own flights and its environmentally friendly service. In November 2023, we received the “Mothers Selection Grand Prize 2023” sponsored by the Japan Mothers
Association as a convenient and useful service selected by families raising children. We will continue to work together as a group to deliver safe, secure, and delicious food in order to create “fun dining tables and bright homes.” [Yoshikei Group Headquarters Company Profile] Company name: Yoshikei Development Co., Ltd. Head office location: 1-8-30 Kuniyoshida, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Prefecture Representative director: Yuichi Inoguchi URL:● Instagram:●Twitter:●Facebook:

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