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NEXCO West Japan Umerukam to Minabe Town A short detour campaign to Minabe Town will be held

NEXCO West Japan
Umerukam to Minabe Town A short detour campaign to Minabe Town will be held ……
Minabe Town, Hidaka District, Wakayama Prefecture (Mayor: Yoshimasa Kotani) and NEXCO West Japan Kansai Branch (Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture, Branch Manager: Masato Adachi) will sell the best variety of plums, “Nanko Ume,” and other varieties to those using
expressways. We will be running a campaign from July to August where customers can enjoy great deals.
Last year’s PR event “Nanko Umeboshi Flavor Comparison” where you can enjoy Minabe Town’s “Nanko Umeboshi” was very popular. “Tabi” is a ticket vending machine where you can try your luck with coupons for travel destinations. The ‘Cha’ event will return to the E26 Hanwa Expressway Kishiwada Service Area (SA) outbound line this summer. And for Obon, a “Baseboshi Umeboshi Shop” will open at E1A Shin-Meishin Expressway Takarazuka Kita SA! Why not give the finest umeboshi as a souvenir to your grandparents at home?
NEXCO West Japan will help you enjoy car travel even more with playful projects and contribute to promoting the appeal of the region. 1. Project overview
Campaign name: Umerukam to Minabe Town, a short detour to Minabe Town campaign Event period: July 6th (Saturday), 13th (Saturday), 14th (Sunday), 20th (Saturday), 27th (Saturday), August 3rd (Saturday), 10th (Saturday), 2020 ), 11th (Sunday), 12th (Monday), 13th (Tuesday), 17th (Saturday), 24th (Saturday) Total of 12 days Location: E26 Hanwa Expressway Kishiwada SA (outbound line) Campaign details: (1) Nanko Umeboshi Taste Comparison (2) Minabe Tabitcha (3) By using ETC advantageous coupon
Date: Saturday, August 10, 2020 Location: E1A Shin-Meishin Expressway Takarazuka Kita SA Campaign details: Visiting plum pick shop (distribution of Nanko Umeboshi (individually wrapped), sale of Nanko Umeboshi, etc.)
In addition to the details below, we will introduce details of the project on a special website that will be set up around the beginning of June.
2. Planning details
[Event 1] Nanko Umeboshi Flavor Comparison Overview: This year marks the 20th anniversary since Minabe Town was established as a town. In this milestone year, the staff of the Ume Division will
We will hold a PR event. This event will feature the “Nanko Umeboshi” from Minabe Town, which boasts the highest production volume in Japan.
Among the 10 kinds of Minamitaka Umeboshi pickled with honey, toom, oranges, etc., so that you can experience the charm.
You can sample your favorite flavor.
[Image 1:×241.png ]
Event period: 1. Project overview As stated in the event period Time: 8:00 to 15:00 (common for each day) *Ends as soon as there are no more pickled plums to distribute
Become. Location: E26 Hanwa Expressway Kishiwada SA (down line) Outdoor event space * In the case of rainy weather, scheduled to be carried out indoors: Distribution of sightseeing pamphlets in Minabe -cho, distribution of Minami -Koumeboshi (individual packaging), etc. [Event 2] Minabe Travel
What is “Tabicha”? Tabitcha is a “test your luck” ticket that includes discounted tickets to travel destinations, with the aim of creating a sense of contingency and experientiality during car trips. It’s a vending machine. If you put money into the small ticket vending machine, turn the handle, and purchase a capsule, you will receive more tickets than the purchase price.
Contains. How good a ticket you win depends on your luck!
Overview: “Tabitcha Capsule” is sold at small ticket vending machines installed in the service area (500 yen per ticket). “Ume Lucham to Minabe Town Coupo” can be used for using restaurants in Minabe town, souvenir purchase, etc.
Contains a ticket. *1st prize: 3,000 yen, 2nd prize: 2,000 yen, 3rd prize (final): 1,000 yen, total 3,000 coupons *The expiration date for coupons is Monday, September 30, 2020. * Also included is a great discount coupon that can be used on the Kishiwada service area outbound line on the day of the event.
[Image 2:×247.png ]
Sales period: 1. Project overview Sales hours as stated in the event period: 8:00 to 15:00 (same for each day) *The sale will end as soon as the Tabitcha capsules run out. Location: E26 Hanwa Expressway Kishiwada SA (outbound line) Outdoor event space *In case of rain, the event will be held indoors Note: Tabitcha capsules can only be sold once per person.
[Event 3] Outline of advantageous coupons for using ETC: Minabe Town is available for those who use the E42 Hanwa Expressway Minabe IC exit on the E42 Hanwa Expressway via ETC wireless on the event date. You will receive a “Umerukam to Minabe Town Coupon” (worth 1,000 yen) that can be used at souvenir shops in . stomach
       Limited to the first 20 people on each event date. Coupons can be received at “Roadside Station Ume Shinkokan”.
vinegar.        *The expiration date for coupons is until September 30, 2020 (Monday). Event date: 1. Project overview How to use as described in the event period:
[Image 3:×139.png ]
*1 Please come to the roadside station Ume Shinkokan during business hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). *2 To determine the conditions, please check the travel history of the target person recorded on the ETC card at the roadside station Ume Shinkokan.
I’ll enjoy having this. *3: Only one coupon per person can be received during the gift period. *4 Coupons can only be handed out on the day of the event. In addition, it will only be distributed on the day you drive through the Minabe IC exit.
Access to Ume Shinkokan Roadside Station: Approximately 5 minutes by car from E42 Hanwa Expressway Minabe IC
[Image 4:×729.png ]
[Special Event] Overview of the visiting Umeboshi shop: To make your time back home even more enjoyable, you can purchase the highest quality Nanko Umeboshi as souvenirs. sale
At the booth, there will also be a corner where you can create a “letter set from your grandchildren.” Grandpa with a wonderful message Let’s make grandma smile.
[Image 5:×163.png ]
Event period: Saturday, August 10, 2020 Time: 8:00 to 15:00 *The event will end as soon as all sales items run out. Location: E1A
Shin-Meishin Expressway Takarazuka Kita SA Outdoor event
Space *In case of rain, the event will be held indoors. Contents: Distribution of Nanko Umeboshi (individually wrapped) Sale of Nanko Umeboshi, etc.
3. Other information ~ Make your trip more affordable and fun! ~ You can save even more money by using the “Kansai Area Tour Drive Pass” NEXCO West offers a round trip discount plan “Kansai Area Tour Drive Pass” exclusively for ETC vehicles that allows unlimited rides on NEXCO West Japan’s expressways within the target area for a fixed price. ” and “Touring Plan” (limited to ETC motorcycles) are now on sale. We are also accepting applications for the “Motorcycle Fixed Rate Discount” (applicable only to ETC motorcycles, limited to Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and applicable when the distance traveled on eligible roads exceeds 80 km). For details on the plan and to apply, please visit NEXCO West Japan’s website “Michi Tabi” and other sites.
  “Kansai Area Tour Drive Pass”
“Touring Plan” ▶ “Motorcycle fixed rate discount” (NEXCO Central Japan “Sokutabi”)   ▶
*The exclusion periods for the Kansai Area Tour Drive Pass during the event period are as follows. Obon period: August 9, 2020 (Friday) to August 18, 2020 (Sunday) *The “Motorcycle Fixed Rate Discount” is a discount only available on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. “Minabe Stamp Rally with Kokotabi Minabe” is being held. Stamps where you can win wonderful gifts by lottery according to the number of stamps you collect by visiting tourist facilities and hot springs in Minabe town, buying souvenirs, and eating out. A rally is in progress. (Holding period: August to September 2020, January to February 2020) For detailed information on the stamp rally, please check the website “” .
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