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Toyo Technica Latest model “HS-3240” of packet flow switch “Velocity Automation Switch” to automate labs will be on sale from July 1st

[Toyo Technica] Packet flow switch that automates the lab “Velocity Automation” “Switch” latest model “HS-3240” will be on sale from July 1st
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Press release: June 7, 2024
Packet flow switch that automates labs “Velocity Automation Switch” latest model “HS-3240” goes on sale from July 1st
*Supports up to 400GbE, enabling wider bandwidth transfer*
Toyo Technica Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Toshiya Kono, hereinafter referred to as Toyo Technica) is a U.S. Spirent company.
Communications’ packet flow switch “Velocity Automation Switch” We will start selling the latest model “HS-3240” of “Switch)” on July 1, 2024 (Monday).
This product is an optical layer 1 switch that supports 400GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) and is equipped with up to 32 ports. It is capable of wider band communication from 1 to 400GbE, and can mutually convert between multimode and single mode, realizing flexible and efficient operation according to the application and purpose. This will contribute to the development of AI infrastructure, such as
strengthening remote work support and improving the stability of network infrastructure.
“HS-3240″ Product image
* [Background/Summary]*
Global Internet traffic (communication volume) is expected to continue to increase due to diverse communications due to DX (digital transformation), high-speed mobile communications of 5G, etc. In the core networks of Japanese service providers, designs centered around 100GbE lines are reaching their capacity limits and incurring additional costs for bundling lines, so 400GbE lines, which can handle large amounts of traffic at lower costs, are becoming more popular. Masu.
Spirent Communications’ Velocity Automation
“Velocity Switch” is a LaaS (Lab as a Service) solution that allows you to remotely switch connections without human intervention. When combined with “Core”, it automatically changes topology and configures testbeds to support efficient operation of the lab environment. The latest model “HS-3240” supports up to 400GbE, which complies with the standards defined by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), making it possible to switch
communications over a wider band. It also supports wiring options such as multimode, singlemode, AOC, and DAC, all in one device for seamless integration into your test environment.
“Interop Tokyo” will be held at Makuhari Messe for 3 days from Wednesday, June 12, 2024.
We plan to exhibit this product in action at the project “ShowNet” in “2024”. Remotely configure and change the cable connections between the ports of each network device that makes up the venue and the ports of each tester that evaluates performance, achieving different link speeds and media conversions.
*“Velocity Automation Switch” will be released by Spirent from the US company NETSCOUT in November 2023.
The business was transferred to Communications.

* [Main features] *
●Physical layer (L1) connections can be controlled from a PC and can be responded to immediately.
●Improved work efficiency by reducing the frequency of wiring errors and cable/connector damage
●Supporting remote work by remotely changing the connection
configuration “without human intervention”
●Supports conversion from single mode to multimode (multimode to single mode) at the same communication speed
●Possible to perform disconnection and reconnection switching tests

* [Product data] *
・Product name: Velocity Automation Switch HS-3240
・Sales start date: July 1, 2024 (Monday)
・Product site:

* -About Toyo Technica Co., Ltd.-*
Since its establishment in 1953, Toyo Technica has contributed to technological innovation as a leading company in cutting-edge “measurement” technology. Our business fields are diverse, including information and communications, automobiles, energy, EMC
(electromagnetic compatibility), marine, software development, life science, and security. In addition to providing the latest technology in trending fields such as the spread of 5G communications, clean energy, and the development of self-driving cars, we are also focusing on developing our own products that utilize our unique measurement technology, and expanding our business both domestically and internationally. By providing the latest solutions, we will contribute to the creation of a safe and environmentally friendly society and the development of industry.
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