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Home » Brocade Co., Ltd. “Butaya Toriyama” has opened a new store in Shinbashi with the concept of “extremely t hick pork shoulder loin set meal no matter how much rice you have.” Mallory Pork Steak’s new business format is “a gi gantic pork steak that loo

Brocade Co., Ltd. “Butaya Toriyama” has opened a new store in Shinbashi with the concept of “extremely t hick pork shoulder loin set meal no matter how much rice you have.” Mallory Pork Steak’s new business format is “a gi gantic pork steak that loo

Brocade Co., Ltd.
“Butaya Toriyama” has opened a new store in Shinbashi with the concept of “extremely thick pork shoulder loin set meal, no matter how much rice you have.” Mallory Pork Steak’s new business format is “a gigantic pork steak that looks like a cartoon.” A new style of layering thick pieces of pork.
On Monday, June 10, 2024, we will open a new business format, Butaya Toriyama, on the 1st floor of Shinbashi Daiichi Building. We propose a new style of pork steak based on the concept of “extra-thick pork shoulder loin set meal, no matter how much rice you have.”
Brocade Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative: Kenji Konno) will open “Butaya Toriyama” on the 1st floor of Shinbashi Daiichi Building on June 10, 2024. The operator is behind the “Mallory Pork Steak,” which uses low-temperature vacuum cooking to provide chunks of meat that are thick yet moist and tender, and this time they will be opening a restaurant based on the concept of an extra-thick pork shoulder loin set meal.
Brocade Co., Ltd. (Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Representative: Kenji Konno) is opening a new business in the Shinbashi Ekimae Building 1, a new business format affiliated with “Mallory Pork Steak,” which is a gigantic chunk of pork that looks like a manga and has become a hot topic on SNS and various media. We have decided to open a new business, Butaya Toriyama, on the same floor.
Brocade Co., Ltd. is a group company that operates Mallory Pork Steak along with 57 Co., Ltd.
Born from the food of Mallory Pork
The origin of this idea was born from everyday meals. Mallory pork steak is served with pork every day. No matter how delicious the pork steak is, you’ll get tired of cooking the same thing every day. So, after devising various ideas such as ginger-grilled, tonteki, and miso-yaki, we were able to create a dish so delicious that we ran out of rice. “Butaya Toriyama” was born with the desire to “provide this deliciousness to our customers” through deep research into sauces.
The pork shoulder loin at Butaya Toriyama is prepared using a low-temperature vacuum cooking technique inherited from Mallory Pork Steak, making it tender and juicy. We were working on developing standard sauces such as ginger-grilled and tonteki to create a different flavor for Mallory pork steak by making use of the pork. What we ended up with was to grill the pork with plenty of meat juices and sauce together before serving. This causes a Maillard reaction, resulting in a fragrant finish.
Maillard reaction: A reaction in which melanoidin, a brown substance, is formed between sugar and amino acids when heated.
In order to realize this provision method, it was necessary to open a new type of store.
[Image 1:×954.png ]
Mallory pork steak served with thick pork steak
Layered style different from the original
[Image 2:×1200.jpg] The look of 5 or more is amazing
At the original Mallory Pork Steak, when changing the amount, the size of the meat itself was increased, but at Butaya Toriyama, the meat is layered on top of each other. If you want to eat a lot, you can stack them on top of each other.
Each piece weighs approximately 150g of meat, making it easier for those who feel that one piece is not enough to adjust the amount. We want you to focus on eating your meal, so we have pre-cut the meat for you. Furthermore, you can choose from 3 different flavors, and you can also order as many as 2 or more pieces.
The name comes from the fact that “combat power” increases depending on the number of pork pieces.
[Image 3:×2481.jpg] ◆Super 1 (1 piece) 890 yen
Extra-thick pork shoulder loin. By cooking the lump meat at a low temperature, its fighting power will be greatly increased. It is characterized by its crispy exterior and juicy interior.
◆Super 2 (2 pieces) 1,390 yen
A superior form of extra-thick pork shoulder loin. It is possible to have not only one flavor but also a combination of flavors, which greatly increases the fighting power.
◆Super 3 (3 pieces) 1,890 yen
It is a higher form of 2 pieces, and you can mix up to 3 different flavors, and its strength is 4 times that of 2 pieces. It is the strongest and final form, weighing over one pound.
◆God (4 pieces) 2,440 yen
The form of a god that appears in mythology. The nature of ki is the domain of gods such as the God of Destruction, and ordinary people cannot sense it.
◆Blue (5 pieces) 2,990 yen
When he transforms into a Super Saiyan while in God form, he turns blue. I want you to eat a lot of rice, so I don’t mind getting refills for free from this size.
◆The Secret of Gluttony Kizashi (6 pieces) 3,540 yen
It is a foreshadowing of the realm of God.
◆The Secret of Gluttony (Kiwami) (7 pieces) 4,090 yen The ultimate combat technique in which every part of the body automatically makes judgments and performs evasions and attacks.
It’s a set meal, so of course everything comes with rice and miso soup. It’s delicious because it’s thick
We are also particular about the thickness. The meat is 2 to 3 centimeters thick. This exquisite thickness brings out the maximum sense of unity between the meat and sauce. If the meat is thin, you won’t get the full benefit of low-temperature cooking. On the other hand, if it is too thick, it will lose its sense of unity with the sauce. That’s how we arrived at this thickness.
While you can feel the juiciness of the meat, you can also taste the rich sauce. This is the origin of the saying, “No matter how much rice you have, it’s not enough.”
[Image 4:×2021.jpg] Approximately 1 pound for 3 pieces. Be sure to have it with a large bowl of rice.
Ginger grilled
Based on carefully selected soy sauce and grated onions, we added the flavorful aroma and richness of ginger. The refined sweetness of mirin and the spiciness of grated ginger create a refreshing sweet and spicy taste that goes well with rice.
[Image 5:×2262.jpg] Ginger grilled
With Worcestershire sauce as the base, grated and roasted, and chunky garlic, it has three kinds of impactful flavors that really hit the spot. The mellow sourness brings out the flavor of the pork, making the rice irresistible.
[Image 6:×2600.jpg] Tonteki
Miso grilled
Based on rich red miso, it has an elegant sweetness. It goes well with the crispy grilled pork and goes great with the fatty meat. Before you know it, the rice in your bowl will disappear.
[Image 7:×2265.jpg] Miso grilled
Special ingredients
Uses Hitomebore from Yamagata Prefecture, carefully selected by a five-star rice master.
We use barley-finished Sangen pork from Canada, which was awarded three stars by the world-famous iTi (International Taste Inspection Institute).

[Image 8:×2220.jpg] You can select multiple types for 2 or more
[Image 9:×1546.jpg] Assortment of 3 types
looking for challenger
The secret of gluttony The secret (7 pieces) is the challenge menu Challenge menu with 7 pork steaks stacked on top of each other for 4,090 yen. The time limit is 10 minutes, and if you finish the 7 pieces of meat, large serving of rice, and miso soup, the cooking fee will be free. Please make a reservation in advance for the challenge only.
[Image 10:×1200.jpg] Free cooking if you eat it within 10 minutes
Senbero will continue to be the same as the previous store “Onigai” rice cracker set
“Butaya Toriyama” is a renovated store of “Kai Dashi Porridge Onigai” in the Shinbashi Ekimae Building, which our company handles. “Kalam Dashi Porridge Onigai” has moved to Ecute Edition Yokohama inside JR Yokohama Station.
In addition, Shinbashi will continue to maintain its extensive lineup of popular Senbero rice crackers and sake. You can use the Senbero coins you currently have at Butaya Toriyama.
[Image 11:×1465.jpg] Add 3 coins all with the same number
The “Senbero Set” is available from 3pm, so it is recommended for lunch or as a meeting place. Since the restaurant mainly has a counter, it has an atmosphere that is easy for women to enter alone.
[Image 12:×1333.jpg] Inside the store mainly consists of counters
It’s a great value set where you can drink up to 4 cups for “1,000 yen” (1,100 yen including tax), and if you win with Chinchiro, you can drink up to 7 cups.
For example, sours and highballs cost 1 coin, and beer, sake, and wine cost 2 coins.
Popular snacks include fried mussels for 1 coin.
[Image 13:×1933.jpg] Mussels with a light, crunchy texture and plump flavor
Even if you don’t use all the coins that day and have extra coins, you can use them next time. It can also be used at the following affiliated stores.
Salmon bowl specialty store Kumada, Mallory Pork Steak Otemachi store, Onigai Ecute Edition Yokohama store
We carry a wide variety of rare sake
We also carry rare sake such as Juyondai, Shinsei, Hanayoku, and Jikono. This business was created by a representative of Japanese sake lovers who wanted to purchase a large amount of Japanese sake and drink a variety of them. That’s why we have the strongest lineup. Of course, we also have ate that goes well with sake. We want people who like Japanese sake to come, as well as people who don’t like sake. Isojiman Special Honjozo 90cc 550 yen (Senbero is 2 coins)
Hanayo bath THE PREMIUM90cc770 yen (Senbero is 3 coins)
[Image 14:×1080.jpg] We are constantly purchasing sake, so there are always new discoveries to be made.
store information
[Image 15:×464.jpg] Location: 1F, Shinbashi Daiichi Building, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Opening date: Monday, June 10, 2024
Business hours: Weekdays 11:00-23:00 (LO.22:30) (Senbero starts from 15:00) Saturdays and Sundays 11:00-21:00 (LO.20:30) (Senbero starts from 11:00) Closed: Open all year round
Company information
Company name: Brocade Co., Ltd.
Location: Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Representative: Kenji Konno
Phone number: 045-123-4567
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