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DIOR Men’s gift selection for special occasions

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[DIOR] Men’s gift selection for special occasions
[Image 1:×2700.jpg] It’s like an ode to the “Art of Gifting” that our founder couturier loved so much. Introducing a selection of timeless pieces created by Kim Jones and embellished with Dior codes. The ultra-modern Saddle and Safari bags and Rider 2.0 models stand out for their design and functionality. Dior Gravity leather, embellished with the house’s signature Dior Oblique, is featured on the B27 and B33 sneakers, belts and leather goods. This iconic motif adorns silk ties and card cases. The “CD” symbolizing the Maison’s tradition is attached to the B57, B30 and sunglasses, and the DIOR ITALIC signature adds an accent to fashion jewelry. Items that sublimate any style with a sophisticated touch and are filled with delicate attention to detail will support the joy of sharing happiness in the lead-up to Father’s Day. These items will be available at Dior boutiques nationwide and the official online boutique.
[Image 2:×1600.jpg] Zip pouch with strap Dior Oblique Jacquard ¥260,700
[Image 3: &s3=8795-1627-a7c5f6fa25300487125FC b588-2400X1600.jpg]
B27 Low Top Sneakers Grained Calfskin & Dior Gravity Leather ¥175,000
[Image 4:×1600.jpg] Necktie Dior Oblique Silk ¥37,000
[Image 5:×1600.jpg] Reversible Belt Strap 35mm Dior Gravity Leather & Smooth Calfskin ¥70,000
[Image 6:×1600.jpg] “Dior Black Suit” Sunglasses Pantos ¥66,000
[Image 7: &s3=8795-1627-DC795C3E0D64283143EeEEE 1D257-2400X1600.jpg]
“Dior Charm” Pendant Necklace Brass ¥93,000
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