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Home » “BEER Awa FESTA 2024” will be held in a cool indoor setting where you can enjoy 5 dishes while drinking beer !

“BEER Awa FESTA 2024” will be held in a cool indoor setting where you can enjoy 5 dishes while drinking beer !

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“BEER Awa FESTA 2024” will be held in a cool indoor setting where you can enjoy 5 dishes while drinking beer!

[Image 1:×2600.jpg] Click here for details Excel Hotel Tokyu (Shintomi-cho, Toyama City, General Manager: Atsuhiko Nakano) 15th floor Restaurant Ricomonte We will be holding “BEER Awa FESTA 2024” from June 25th (Tuesday) to September 29th (Sunday), 2024. “BEER Awa FESTA” is an annual summer project that was started in response to customer feedback such as “I want to spend a relaxing time with full service” and “I want to enjoy the atmosphere of a beer garden in a cool indoor setting.”
All-you-can-drink approximately 30 types of alcohol, including 3 types of draft beer (Ebisu Draft, Kohaku Yebisu, and Sapporo SORACHI), sours, and cocktails. Cheese-grilled German potatoes with the aroma of crispy grilled sausage and spices will whet your appetite; instead of anchovies, you can use Kurozukuri squid, a specialty of Toyama, or pickled hotaru squid, heated with olive oil and garlic. You can enjoy 5 dishes that go well with alcohol, such as Ajillo Ricomonte style, which brings out the maximum flavor of alcohol. We also offer optional dishes that you can choose according to your individual mood, such as those who want to enjoy cooking even more or those who want to finish off with sweets. Enjoy summer fun with your friends and colleagues while watching the scenery change from dusk to night.
[Name] BEER Awa FESTA 2024 [Place] Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu 15th floor Restaurant Rico Monte [Period] June 25, 2024 (Tuesday) – September 29, 2024 (Sunday) Excluded dates: July 15, 8 Every Monday except September 12th, September 2nd, 16th, and 23rd [Time] 17:30-22:00 (Last entry 20:00, L.O. 21:30) [Price] Per person ( Food +
Drinks)・All-you-can-drink alcohol plan: 7,000 yen・All-you-can-drink non-alcoholic plan: 6,500 yen If you make a reservation by 3:00 pm the day before, you will receive a discount of 1,000 yen per person from the above amount. All-you-can-drink is available for 120 minutes. (10 minutes before L.O.) ◆Special price for a limited time only from June 25th (Tuesday) to June 30th (Sunday) All-you-can-drink alcohol plan limited 7,000 yen → 5,800 yen. [Cooking menu]・Colorful vegetables and seafood salad・Chicken frites with orange-flavored ravigotte
sauce・Grilled sausage and spicy German potato with cheese・Ajillo, Ricomonte style, served with garlic toast・Today’s chef’s recommended pasta [All-you-can-drink drink Menu] – Yebisu Draft Beer – Kohaku Ebisu – Sapporo SORACHI – 6 types of sours – Plum wine – Red wine – White wine – Highball – 13 types of cocktails – Non-alcoholic beer (Sapporo Premium Free) – Non-alcoholic cocktails (Jasmin Tonic, Non-alcoholic Fizz, etc.)・Soft drinks, etc. [Optional dishes] ・Muscat jelly and panna cotta 600 yen
・MONSIEUR J’s Tahitian vanilla ice cream 600 yen
・French fries truffle salt flavor 800 yen
・Roasted black beef from Kagoshima with Japonais sauce 2500 yen ・Edamame 700 yen
[Image 2:×2600.jpg] Muscat jelly and panna cotta
[Image 3:×2600.jpg] French fries truffle salt flavor
[Image 4:×2600.jpg] Roasted black beef from Kagoshima with Japonais sauce
※The photograph is an image. *The displayed price includes 12% service charge and 10% consumption tax. *If you have any food allergies, please inform the staff in advance. *Due to legal regulations, we do not serve alcohol to customers who are driving a car or to customers under the age of 20. *Menu may change due to availability of ingredients.
Restaurant “Rico Monte” Overview
Ricomonte is an Italian coined word meaning “rich mountain” or “Toyama”. Located on the 15th floor, the top floor of the hotel, this sky restaurant offers a panoramic view of the Tateyama Mountain Range on clear days and the night view of Toyama City at night.
[Image 5:×1387.jpg] Toyama Excel Hotel Tokyu Overview
[Location] 1-2-3 Shintomicho, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture (CIC Building) [Access] In front of JR Toyama Station 25 minutes by limousine bus from Toyama Airport to “Toyama Station”, 20 minutes by car From Hokuriku Expressway – Toyama IC- 15 minutes [Auxiliary facilities] Restaurant “Rico Monte” / Function room [Official website]
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