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MITSUKIN SHOJI Co., Ltd. Essential for making resin accessories! “Embossed Heater” is now on sale!

[MITSUKIN SHOJI Co., Ltd.] -New product-Indispensable for making resin accessories! “Embossed Heater” is now on sale!

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Press release: June 8, 2024
-New product-Indispensable for making resin accessories! “Embossed Heater” is now on sale!
*A.brillante, which sells popular beauty appliances, is now selling “embossed heaters” that are essential for resin crafts! In addition, we are offering special prices during Rakuten Super SALE! Until 1:59 on Tuesday, June 11th. *
MTK is an online store operated by Sankin Shoji Co., Ltd. (Head office: Oita City, Oita Prefecture, President: Shinichi Tanaka), which plans and sells household goods, outdoor goods, and car goods. SHOP
Rakuten Market Store has released a new embossed heater, which is indispensable for making resin accessories, from A.brillante, which sells cordless mini hair irons.
It is extremely easy to use with 2-stage temperature control and a removable stand.
Great prices and 10x points for a limited time only during the Rakuten Super SALE period!

“Embossed heater” is essential for resin crafts.
* -What is an embossed heater-*
This is a hot air blower that produces weaker air at a higher temperature than a hair dryer.
A handy type heater that can direct high-temperature air to precisely targeted areas.
It has a temperature that makes it easy to process resin accessories, etc., and a suitable amount of air that does not interfere with processing.
Unlike a hair dryer, it can apply heat to a narrow area of ​​the object without producing unnecessary air.
A convenient item that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as removing bubbles from resin liquids and gel candles, embossing powder, and plastic vanes.
Cleanly removes air bubbles from resin
▲Embossed heater not used
▲Using embossed heater
By heating the resin solution to a high temperature using an embossing heater, you can remove air bubbles neatly as shown in the image above. If you want to make your resin accessories more beautiful, please use an embossed heater. It can be easily operated with a single switch, so even those who are trying resin crafting for the first time do not need difficult techniques.
*Dryers have a strong air volume and send air over a wide area, so it is difficult to heat just the targeted areas, which may cause the parts sealed inside to become dislodged or the resin liquid to become sloppy.
-Weak/Strong – 2-step temperature control
▲Weak mode
* -Weak mode: approx. 150℃- *
If the work is thin or the contents are likely to fly away, switch to the low temperature mode with a weaker air volume.
This “weak mode” is also recommended if you want to use it on materials that are sensitive to high temperatures.
▲Strong mode
* -Strong mode: approx. 200℃- *
The airflow is strong and powerful at high temperatures, and the air bubbles fly quickly.
Please use the “Strong mode” when warming thicker works or cured resin. *Not suitable for use on materials that are sensitive to high temperatures. please note.
Lightweight design & stand included
* -Lightweight design-*
A smart design with a slim body that weighs approximately 230g and is easy to handle even for women’s hands.

* -With stand-*
It comes with a stable movable stand, which is convenient for working hands-free and for cooling down the main unit.
Get a “silicon mold” as a gift now!
* -set content-*
・Storage bag (velvet style)
* -Limited time gift-*
・Silicon mold
A.brillante -Allegro Brillante-
So that you feel gorgeous.
May your heart shine with joy.
We want it to become a one-of-a-kind item that colors your lively daily life. With this in mind, we develop and sell products.
A.brillante series/On sale at special price for a limited time! “Rakuten Super SALE” is being held until 1:59 on Tuesday, June 11th! ! Offered at a special price during the Rakuten Super Sale with a chance of up to 46x points.
In addition, *10x points from 6/4 (Tue) 20:00 to 6/5 (Wed) 23:59! * For removing air bubbles from resin!
Get a silicone mold as a gift now!
-Emboss heater-
Normal: 3,980 yen → Limited time: 1,870 yen
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Easy to straighten anytime, anywhere.
-Cordless mini hair iron-
●Single item sales
Normal: 3,480 yen → Limited time: 2,970 yen
●Set sale (heat-resistant pouch S size)
Normal: 4,480 yen → Limited time: 3,980 yen
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Straighten your hair simply by combing it.
-Cordless hairbrush iron-
●Single item sales
Normal: 4,480 yen → Limited time: 3,580 yen
●Set sale (heat-resistant pouch S size)
Normal: 5,480 yen → Limited time: 4,480 yen
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It can be stored while still hot!
-Hair iron heat resistant pouch-
●S size
Normal: 1,580 yen → Limited time: 1,380 yen
●L size
Normal: 1,780 yen → Limited time: 1,480 yen
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●Company overview
Year of establishment: April 2011
Representative name: Shinichi Tanaka
Head office location: 3-1-35 Hakutacho, Oita City, Oita Prefecture
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