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Home » fhana will be in charge of the opening theme song for the TV anime “Sister-in-law Life”, “Tenshi Tachi no Uta”!! Furthermore, a digital release will be scheduled on July 4th (Wednesday)!

fhana will be in charge of the opening theme song for the TV anime “Sister-in-law Life”, “Tenshi Tachi no Uta”!! Furthermore, a digital release will be scheduled on July 4th (Wednesday)!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
fhana will be in charge of the opening theme song for the TV anime “Sister-in-law Life”, “Tenshi Tachi no Uta”!! Furthermore, it will be digitally released on July 4th (Wednesday)!
[Image 6:×1121.jpg]
[Image 3: &s3=19470-3797-fc984C2456DDFD8CBD3B71FF 939F506-1500X1500.jpg] fhana is a three-person band formed around Junichi Sato (key, cho), towana (vocal), and kevin mitsunaga (sampler, etc.).
Last year, which marked the 10th anniversary of their debut, they launched a new agency, and amid new adventures such as changing labels, they have been energetically active, holding live tours in Japan and abroad supporting the EP “Beautiful Dreamer” released. continuing.
It has also been decided that she will be in charge of the opening theme song for the TV anime “Issei Seikatsu” which is scheduled to start broadcasting from July 4, 2024.
The TV anime “Sister-in-Law Life” is based on a light novel by Ghost Mikawa, which has sold over 600,000 copies in total.
Yuta and Saki have a cold view of family due to their parents’ divorce, but due to their parents’ remarriage, they end up living together under the same roof as stepbrothers and sisters of the same age. It is a daily drama work in which the relationship gradually deepens as the two live together.
fhana comment
Thank you very much for letting me sing the opening theme song for the TV anime “Sister-in-law Life”.
“Angels’ Song” was carefully created with the aim of creating a song that would quietly blend into the world of “Sister-in-Law Life” and the lives of everyone who listens to it. The songs incorporate the casual and precious relationships we have with family, friends, lovers, and people around us, as well as the miracles and hopes that occur in ordinary moments in everyday life. I hope that this song will be close to each person’s heart. (fhana)
Furthermore, this song will be released as a digital single from July 4th (Thursday), the first broadcast date of the anime.
“Angels’ Song”
Song: fhana
Lyrics: Hideki Hayashi Composition/Arrangement: Junichi Sato
[Image 3: &s3=19470-3797-fc984C2456DDFD8CBD3B71FF 939F506-1500X1500.jpg] [Distribution start] 2024.7.4 (Thursday)
[Distribution destination] You can purchase at major domestic download distribution sites such as iTunes Store and Recochoku. You can also enjoy it on major domestic streaming distribution sites such as Apple Music, LINE MUSIC, and Spotify.
[Image 4:×168.jpg]
[Image 5:×1018.jpg]
Original work: Mikawa Ghost (MF Bunko J “Sister-in-Law Life” / KADOKAWA) Character draft: Hiten
Director: Masaru Ueno
Series composition: Mitsuki Hirota
Character design: Manabu Nii
Main animator: Emi Ota, Noriwa Watanabe
Color design: Imazato Katsuragi
Art director: Masatoshi Kai
Director of Photography: Shinyo Kondo
Editing: Akane Shiraishi
Sound director: Noriyoshi Onuma
Sound effects: Kaori Yamada
Sound production: 100studio
Music production: one cushion, inc / Nippon Columbia
Animation production: Studio Deen

Yuta Asamura: Kohei Amasaki Saki Ayase: Yuki Nakajima
Yomiuri bookmark: Minori Suzuki
Maaya Narasaka: Ai Suzuki
Tomokazu Maru: Daiki Hamano
Taichi Asamura: Chikahiro Kobayashi
Akiko Ayase: Rena Ueda
■Theme song
Opening theme song: “Angels’ Song” fhana (Nippon Columbia)
Ending theme song: “Aquarium Swing” Kitri (Nippon Columbia / BETTER DAYS) Rights holder notation: (C) Mikawa Ghost Hiten/KADOKAWA/Sister-in-law Life Production Committee
TV anime “Sister-in-Law Life” main PV
[Image 6:×1121.jpg] [fhana Profile]
A three-piece band formed in 2011, led by Junichi Sato (key, cho), towana (vocal), and kevin mitsunaga (sampler, etc.).
She made her major debut in August 2013 with “Que Sera Sera” (ED theme song for the TV anime “Uchoten Kazoku”). The following year, she was selected by iTunes as one of the “NEW ARTISTS 2014” as a promising new artist, and her first album “Outside of Melancholy” ranked 8th on the Oricon Weekly chart.
To date, he has performed the theme songs for 17 anime works, and continues to present a rich musicality while staying close to the worldview of the works. In addition, the music video for the 10th single “Rhapsody in the Blue Sky” (the opening theme song for the TV anime “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”) has been viewed over 53.96 million times on YouTube (as of May 2024). “Ai no Supreme!” (the opening theme song for the TV anime “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S”) received rave reviews from all over the world as soon as it was released, and the music video has been played over 18.78 million times, and has received various awards. .
Junichi Sato, the main character, made his major debut in 2006 with the band “FLEET” in which he is the vocalist, and after forming fhana, he began actively working as a composer, arranger, and music producer, providing songs to other artists. . As of 2022, he has been
responsible for theme songs for 29 TV anime, TV dramas, and movie anime, including music provided by fhana. It has also won the Composition Award at the Heisei Anime Song Awards, the Arrangement Award at the 2020 Anime Song Awards, and the Works Award, Arrangement Award, and User Voting Award at the 2021 Anime Song Awards.
Vocalist towana also made her solo debut in July 2022 with the ending theme song “Bail” for the TV drama “Ideal No Kareshi.” Each member is expanding their range of activities, such as Kevin Mitsunaga appearing at various events as a DJ.
He has a good reputation for his live performances, and in addition to regularly holding one-man tours in Japan, he also actively performs at events overseas. Also, since 2020, they have always been flexible with the times, such as holding many online live shows. Appeared at the world’s largest anime song festival “Animelo Summer Live” for 7 consecutive years. While focusing on the anime song world, they continue to perform at “ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL” and “COUNTDOWN JAPAN”, transcending genre barriers and national borders, and gaining respect from all quarters.
In 2024, it has been decided that a one-man LIVE tour will be held in Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo starting in November.
fhana 5th Album Tour 2024-2025
2024.11.24 (Sun) @ Umeda CLUB QUATTRO
2024.12.1 (Sun) @Nagoya ReNY limited
2025.1.13 (Monday holiday) @HULIC HALL Tokyo
For ticket details, please check the official website.
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