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Home » Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd. The PV of the TV anime “Senpai wa Otokoko”, in which Kujira is in charge of both t he OP and ED theme songs, has been released, showing both songs for the first time! The ED feat. artist is revealed to b e “Nishina”!

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd. The PV of the TV anime “Senpai wa Otokoko”, in which Kujira is in charge of both t he OP and ED theme songs, has been released, showing both songs for the first time! The ED feat. artist is revealed to b e “Nishina”!

Sony Music Labels Co., Ltd.
Kujira is responsible for both the OP and ED theme songs.The PV of the TV anime “Senpai wa Otoko no Ko”, in which both songs are released for the first time, has been released! The ED feat. artist is revealed to be “Nishina”!
The PV for the TV anime “Senpai wa Otoko no Ko”, in which “Kujira” is in charge of both the opening and ending theme songs, has been released, and parts of both songs have been released for the first time. It has also been revealed that the guest vocalist for the ending theme will be “Nishina”.
“Kujira”, who is attracting attention from not only the music scene but also from various fields as a new generation of creators, has announced the ending theme song for the TV anime “Senpai wa Otokoko”, for which he is in charge of both the OP and ED theme songs for the first time in his career. It was announced that the song will be “Are ga Koi de Katana feat. Nishina” featuring Ganishina as the vocalist. It was announced that this is Kujira’s first collaboration and that they will sing the unusual double OP/ED theme song.
The only information about the ending theme was the title and that someone would be participating as a guest vocalist.
This is Kujira and Nishina’s first collaboration since they co-wrote “Transparent Black and Iron Red”, which was included in Nishina’s album “odds and ends” released in 2021.
“Senior is a Man” won 3rd place in the web manga category of the “Next Manga Awards 2021” and 1st place in the “5th Manga Ranking that I want to be made into an anime”, and has been distributed all over the world and is available on “LINE Manga” A very popular work that has exceeded 180 million views in Japan (as of January 2024). It has been announced that the first TV anime to be made into an anime, “Senpai wa Otokoko” will be broadcast on Fuji TV’s “Noitamina” and other stations from July 4, 2024 (Thursday).
Comments from both Kujira and Nishina have also been published. ::::::::::::::::::::
Whale comment
[Image 1:×2600.jpg] “Wagamama” embodies the idea that “living selfishly is a good thing.” I think that the more difficult it is for people to live in this society, the more they are bound by common sense and fixed ideas such as, “You can’t say that you’re selfish,” and “If you’re selfish, it’s a nuisance.’ So what exactly is this “selfishness”? I wrote this song hoping to be able to talk about this.
I want you to cherish the feeling of “I love this no matter what anyone says! I want to do this! This is the kind of person I want to be!” This is the song.
“I wonder if that was love?” What is love? In response to this question, in my own life
I have listed the answers that I have found.
I’ve packed everything I wanted to say into the song, so I just want you to listen to it.
Nishina comment
[Image 2:× g ]
When Kujira-kun invited me to listen to a demo,
I remember being moved by how beautiful the song was.
It’s eternal and seems to pass in an instant
It’s both sweet and bittersweet.
It seems like it’s in everyone’s heart, but it’s like a memory just for me I think it’s a song filled with loving moments.
I hope it’s a song that coexists with lightness and languid drowsiness. I was allowed to sing.
The part where he spoke while laughing was difficult, so I had to re-record it many times.
I would be happy if you look forward to it, including the slightly shy lines. ::::::::::::::::::::
Please keep an eye on Kujira’s activities as they will hold their first ZEPP solo performance in October.
■Kujira 4th one-man live information
[Image 3:×900.jpg] Date: Saturday, October 12, 2024
Venue: Tokyo/Zepp Shinjuku
OPEN 17:00 / START 18:00
Ticket fee: ¥4,800 (separate drink fee required)
Sponsor and inquiries: Hot Staff Promotion
〇Kujira 4th one-man live official second advance:
A preliminary screening of the main anime will be held on June 9th (Sunday), and in addition to the main PV where you can listen to the opening theme and ending theme as soon as possible, the latest information such as broadcast and distribution information will be released. Ta.
■TV anime “Senior is a man”
[Image 4:×1415.png ]
[Book PV]
[Broadcast information]
Scheduled to be broadcast every Thursday from 24:55 on Fuji TV “Noitamina” and others from July 4, 2024
*Broadcast time is subject to change.
*For other detailed broadcast information, please check the anime official website.
[Distribution information]
Unlimited viewing available on Netflix/U-NEXT/Anime Hodai every Thursday from 25:25 starting July 4, 2024!
Will be distributed sequentially on other distribution platforms! ▼Whale profile & SNS▼
[Image 5:×2600.jpg] Started activities on April 1, 2019.
Kujira writes, composes, and arranges all of the songs himself, and continues to actively release works such as works using VOCALOID, vocal feats such as yama and Ado, and providing music.
In July 2019, the VOCALOID album “Nemuru Machi” was released. In October 2020, he released the album “Open the curtains on a sleepless night” featuring feat. and VOCALOID.
Starting with “Akuja”, a collaboration with various stories such as novels and videos, he has released songs sung by himself.
In August 2022, he will release his first album, “Until You Can Love Life,” in which all songs are sung by himself, and his 2nd album “Nabemuro” will be released on November 22, 2023 (Wednesday). One-man live performances at Shibuya WWW X, Shibuya Spotify O-WEST, etc. were sold out one after another.
On May 5, 2024, they will make their first festival appearance at VIVA LA ROCK 2024, and on October 12 (Sunday), they will hold their 4th one-man live at Zepp Shinjuku in Tokyo, which will be their largest scale.
There is no end to requests to provide music, and starting with yama’s first original song “Haru wo Otouki”, he has demonstrated his creativity regardless of the scene, including DISH//, SixTONES, and Ado.
He is attracting a lot of attention in the music scene as a new generation of creators.
Official HP:
YouTube Channel: Twitter:
▼Nishina profile & SNS▼
[Image 6:× g ]
“Nishina” is a rising star who has emerged with a natural singing voice in a new era.
A gentle yet fleeting, addictive voice.
The melody line is somewhat nostalgic and soothing, as if you were falling asleep.
The sense of words is delicately woven while being innocently playful. Her music, which is gentle yet makes you feel the madness lurking within, completely captivates those who listen to it.
Selected by Spotify for “RADAR: Early Noise”, a next-generation artist support program that will attract attention that year. Her voice and music, which have slowly captivated listeners at their own pace, are quietly and more actively moving out into the world in search of encounters.
The most important newcomer, a talent that embraces “transience and madness,” appears here.
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