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Home » EDITORS Co., Ltd. Online community media “Mama Kare” has surpassed 1000 members! From June 10, 2024, we wi ll be holding “Mama Topi GP” where you can have fun with moms.

EDITORS Co., Ltd. Online community media “Mama Kare” has surpassed 1000 members! From June 10, 2024, we wi ll be holding “Mama Topi GP” where you can have fun with moms.

[EDITORS Co., Ltd.] Online community media “Mama Kare” has surpassed 1000 members!
From June 10, 2024, we will be holding “Mama Topi GP” where you can have fun with moms.

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Press release: June 9, 2024
Online community media “Mama Kare” has surpassed 1000 members! From June 10, 2024, we will be holding “Mama Topi GP” where you can have fun with moms.
*Campaign held on online media “Mama Kare”*

EDITORS Co., Ltd. (Setagaya-ku, Tokyo/Representative Director: Masato Watanabe) is working with Odakyu Electric Railway to launch the campaign “Mamatopi GP” to commemorate 1,000 registered members of the online community media for mothers “Mama Kare” (operated by Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.). The event will be held from June 10th to August 31st, 2024. *

“Mama Kale” is an “online college for moms.” An online community media based on the concept of “living in your own way” that provides opportunities for women who have become disconnected from society after giving birth to connect with others and participate in society in a small way by sharing their experiences as “moms.” is. EDITORS Co., Ltd. will undertake operational support from the launch of this project, and together with the operating company Odakyu Electric Railway, we aim to be a media that helps each mother enrich her life while raising children and afterward. Masu.
While carrying out many activities together with mothers and companies, Mamakare has grown little by little by listening to various voices from members and receiving a lot of support from senior mothers. *
The number of members has exceeded 1,000, and we will be holding “Mamatopi GP” for a limited period of three months from June 10, 2024 to the end of August. *

To begin with, Mamakare is a place that provides moms who are members with the fun of talking about their true feelings and encourages them to participate in society in a small way. By holding a contest once or twice a month entitled “Mama Kare GP” where everyone submits topics and comments on a set topic, we are giving moms the fun of expressing their voices and creating friendships where they can connect with their true feelings. The purpose is to increase it. Participants can receive titles and prizes such as the “Topic Award” and “Comment Award” by reacting to the themes set by the editorial department according to the season and current events for a set period of time. What topic should I make?
For those who are interested, senior moms and mom-boy instructors also provide samples that match the topic. We will strive to create an environment where it is easy for all mothers to speak up.

We also plan to occasionally collaborate with companies to decide on themes. We are looking for questions that mothers would like to ask from cooperating companies and society, and we hope to spread the excitement not only to our member mothers but also to a wider audience. Please take this opportunity to participate.

*For details, please feel free to contact us individually. * ***************************************
■Campaign overview
Campaign name: Mama Topi GP
Event period: June 10, 2024 (Monday) to August 31, 2024 (Saturday) Number of events held: Approximately 5 times (held once every two weeks during the event period) *Scheduled
How to participate: 1. After registering as a Mamakare member, participate from the article related to the campaign
2. Create a topic, write a comment, etc.
Please meet the action conditions
Prizes: Varies depending on the campaign
*Please check the Mamakare site for details.

■Social significance of mama boyfriends
As the living environment undergoes major changes due to pregnancy and childbirth, one of the concerns that many mothers face is a weakening of their connections with society. Although the number of women returning to work after giving birth has been increasing in recent years, many women are worried about feeling temporarily separated from society after giving birth, with 46.9% of women working before giving birth to their first child. However, the fact remains that many women leave their jobs after giving birth (White Paper on Gender Equality). (2020 edition).
Just as students learn a lot and make friends before going out into the workforce, mothers who have just given birth, who are in their first year of school, can reconsider themselves, increase the number of friends they can relate to, and make new connections with society. If only there were a place like a university where people could create… As a “college for moms,” Mamakale supports the creation of an environment where women (moms) can connect with society in their own way.
■Past activity results
We asked Mamakare members to tour the Romance Car Museum and wrote an article about the experience.
Thinking about the future of buses: We invited Mamakare members to give us their opinions from the perspective of the child-rearing generation.
Mamakare members participated in a monitor event for Morinaga & Co., Ltd.’s “Everyday Imo Hanji” and received their opinions.
We provided abien “MAGIC GRILL” to Mamakare members and asked them to report on the usability from the perspective of a housewife who cooks every day.
■Why Odakyu Electric Railway operates “Mama Kare”
Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd., which operates “Mama Kare”, supports post-childbirth women who aim to “live their own way” and aims to achieve SDGs 5, “promoting women’s empowerment.”
In addition, in 2021, we have formulated a “Childcare Support Policy” that aims to make Odakyu Electric Railway lines easier to raise children. In order to create a cycle in which the voices of people raising children are heard in society and create a more comfortable environment, we will first create a place where mothers can provide their knowledge and opinions to companies that want to support mothers who are raising children. In addition to creating a place where mothers with similar values ​​can freely interact with each other, we are creating a place where mothers can learn on their own initiative, discover what they like, and give their true opinions back to society. going.
~Company overview~
【Company Profile】
Company name: EDITORS Co., Ltd.
Location: 2nd floor, 2-17-16 Tamagawadai, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Masato Watanabe
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