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Home » [Japan’s largest*! Holding an exhibition of Oshikatsu goods】The next form of Oshikatsu is “Concept Oshi”

[Japan’s largest*! Holding an exhibition of Oshikatsu goods】The next form of Oshikatsu is “Concept Oshi”

RX Japan Co., Ltd.
[Japan’s largest*! Holding an exhibition of Oshikatsu goods】The next form of Oshikatsu is “Concept Oshi”
“Concept pushing” is now booming! Perfume and flowers can also be used as Oshikatsu goods!? – Oshikatsu Goods EXPO Summer –
RX Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Takeshi Tanaka) will be holding a specialized exhibition for three days from July 3rd (Wednesday) to July 5th (Friday), 2024, where you can understand the current and future of Oshikatsu. “The 1st Oshikatsu Goods EXPO Summer” will be held.
In recent years, the word “Oshikatsu” has become widely recognized and has become a social phenomenon.
The reason for this trend, which is spreading mainly among Generation Z, is that the spread of the Internet and SNS has made it easier to connect with people you like, and that we have become a society where individuality and diversity are respected.
[Image 1:×547.png ]
Also, as otaku culture spreads, the ways to express your love for Oshii are becoming more and more diverse.
Among them, the next Oshikatsu trend is “concept push”. It is a method of oshikatsu that involves incorporating elements and image colors that symbolize the character into daily life, rather than the character itself.
Today we will be introducing goods that are perfect for “concept pushing”. Please take this opportunity to interview us about the latest Oshikatsu goods.
-Event Overview-
1st Oshikatsu Goods EXPO Summer
Date: July 3rd (Wednesday) to July 5th (Friday), 2024 Venue: Tokyo Big Sight Sponsor: RX Japan Co., Ltd.
Click here if you would like to be interviewed. Click here if you would like to attend. *Everyone is required to register in advance.
Introducing some of the exhibited products
[Image 2:×1044.jpg ]
You can create your own “favorite scent”! Perfume inspired by love Perfume, which is originally deeply connected to images and concepts, has become a popular item in recent years. You can create an original scent inspired by your favorite and wear that scent. For casual promotion.
Liberty Co., Ltd.
[Image 3:×600.png ]
Send flowers with your favorite color or flower language that is associated with your favorite color
If you want to give an item in your favorite color, but want to make it feel even more special, we recommend a flower arrangement with a flower language that is perfect for your favorite color or image. This is a product that can be used to create a background effect by inserting a thrust inside the glass dome.
Sound Spice Co., Ltd.
[Image 4:×600.jpg] \Popular in Korea/
You can choose an animal that resembles your favorite face and personality [Trading card case]
In the K-POP world, there is a culture of cheering on your favorites by comparing them to animals.
It’s all the rage in Korea! A trading card holder that allows you to carry your favorite trading cards with a fluffy feel and limbs attached to the main body that make an outstanding impact.
Inclu Co., Ltd.
[Image 5:×600.jpg] Practical and new sensation!
“Sandwich” your feelings towards your favorite [bookmark of characters] Bookmarks are words that directly express the feelings of fans. The pusher will pop out from the top of your notebook or book and reveal itself to you. Would you like to have a new experience of “reading while feeling familiar”?
Shobunsha Printing Co., Ltd.
[Image 6:×600.jpg] The only [original goods] in the world that are made with your favorite people in mind.
You can create your own original keychain by choosing a heart-, star-, baby-bottle-shaped plate, and your favorite hiragana stickers. For those who want to discreetly make a statement by attaching it to their bag or smartphone,
Recommended for those who want to subtly bring some excitement into their lives. Oshicoco Co., Ltd.
At the venue, you can actually pick up and use the products featured! Please come by all means.
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