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Home » Cosmetic Dermatology Takami Clinic Supervised by a cosmetic dermatologist, pore information comprehensive medi a “Bye-bye to your pores!” ”Opened on Monday, June 10th

Cosmetic Dermatology Takami Clinic Supervised by a cosmetic dermatologist, pore information comprehensive medi a “Bye-bye to your pores!” ”Opened on Monday, June 10th

[Cosmetic Dermatology Takami Clinic] Supervised by a cosmetic dermatologist, pore information comprehensive media “Bye-bye to your pores!” ”Opened on Monday, June 10th

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Press release: June 10, 2024
[Cosmetic Dermatology Takami Clinic] Supervised by a cosmetic dermatologist, pore information comprehensive media “Bye-bye to your pores!” ”Opened on Monday, June 10th
* ~ Delivering pore information based on treatment results of 450,000 people ~ * “Cosmetic Dermatology Takami Clinic (Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo / Director Takami
“Bye Bye Pores!” is a new pore information comprehensive media that provides comprehensive information on pores supervised by a cosmetic dermatologist. ” (URL:
) will be officially opened today, June 10, 2024 (Monday). This media provides all kinds of information about pores, including basic knowledge about pores and correct pore care methods backed by treatment results.
*Total number of people from 2008 to January 2024

“Bye bye to your pores! ” Click here Cosmetic Dermatology Takami Clinic Official Website

*With the spread of SNS, there is an overflow of pore care
information, so now is the time to know this*
* “Correct knowledge for pores” *
Many people are concerned about their pores, but unfortunately there is a lot of incorrect pore care information in the beauty information posted on social media. Among the people who come to our clinic with pore problems, there are many who have made their pore problems worse due to incorrect care methods. Knowing the correct care method to improve pore problems is the first step to beautiful skin.
“Bye bye to your pores! ” provides highly reliable information based on our treatment results and supports everyone in creating beautiful skin.
*Cosmetic Dermatology Takami Clinic Vice Director*
*Dr. Masami Yamaya*
Gained a lot of clinical experience at Toho University Medical Center Ohashi Hospital Dermatology Department and Mitsui Memorial Hospital Dermatology Department, including atopic dermatitis, skin cancer, and pigmentary diseases (spots, birthmarks, etc.). 2011
Joined Takami Clinic. 2021
Appointed as vice president. Currently, he supervises all medical treatments at our hospital, from skin beautification treatments for pores and acne to aging care treatments for spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin.
Pore ​​information comprehensive media “Bye-bye to pores! ”
* ■ Providing highly reliable information supervised by skin experts and cosmetic dermatologists *
We provide highly reliable articles supervised by cosmetic
dermatologists. We will provide an easy-to-understand explanation of the knowledge, care methods, and treatment methods used at the clinic to eliminate pore problems based on the treatment results of the cosmetic dermatology clinic Takami Clinic, which has continued to deal with pore problems.

* ■ A variety of content to learn about your pores *
In order to have skin with less noticeable pores, it is important to learn more about the causes of pore problems and take the correct measures. “6 things you need to know about pores first” to introduce the correct knowledge about pores that you should know before starting pore care, “What type of pore problem do you have?” to find out the type of pore problem you have, “Let’s aim for pore-problem-free skin,” which introduces the basics of pores and the knowledge you should incorporate into preventive and countermeasure care; “Pore Q&A/Chiebukuro,” which answers questions for those who are concerned about pores; We have prepared “Pore Medical Terminology” content that explains medical terms related to pores.
*Scheduled to be released sequentially.

* “Bye-bye to your pores!” Interview with Deputy Director Yamaya about “* *Q: Please tell us why you created the pore information comprehensive media* *Vice Director Yamaya*
: Pore problems are a common problem faced by many people, from teenagers to people over 50, regardless of gender. However, SNS and the Internet are full of incorrect information that lacks scientific basis, and as a result, more and more people are practicing incorrect care and worsening pore problems.

In fact, many people come to our clinic who have worsened pore problems due to incorrect care or excessive care. In order to address the current situation where correct information is lacking, we would like to deliver the correct knowledge of pores, care methods, and treatment details at the clinic, which we have gained from over 450,000 people’s treatment experience, to as many people as possible who are suffering from pore problems. I did. By providing reliable information supervised by cosmetic dermatologists, we hope to create an opportunity for everyone to learn the correct care methods and help create healthy and beautiful skin. ” has been established. I hope this will be useful for your pore care.

* Q: Please tell me about the “wrong pore care” that makes pore problems worse* *Vice Director Yamaya*
: There are various types of pore troubles, and each has different causes, so the appropriate countermeasures are also different. However, many people are unable to accurately determine the type of pore trouble they have, and the care they take to cleanse it often ends up making the problem worse. For example, placing too much emphasis on “removing” sebum and clogs can dry out the skin and cause overproduction of sebum. Also, removing the keratin plug with tweezers can cause inflammation of the pores and lead to pigmentation. There are various causes of blackheads, such as blackheads due to oxidation of keratin plugs, pigmentation of the skin around the pores, and downy hair growing in the pores.

The causes of pore problems and skin types are different for each person. Even if the pore care you see on social media is effective for that person, it may not be effective for everyone. Because appropriate care is not provided according to each individual situation, the care that is used to clean pores ends up causing pore problems.

* Q: Is there anything you would like to tell people who are worried about their pores? *
*Vice Director Yamaya*
: Pore problems can impair the appearance of beautiful skin, so many people think that they want to get rid of them, but pores have important functions such as sebum secretion and temperature
regulation, so it is important to completely remove them Pores cannot be erased, and pores always exist, even on skin that is known as “poreless.”

Although it is not possible to eliminate pores, it is possible to reduce the appearance of pores and obtain smooth skin with proper skin care methods and lifestyle changes.
Pore ​​information comprehensive media “Bye bye to pores! We hope that you will use this site to acquire the ability to discern the information that is useful for you from among a large amount of information.

Clinic overview
*Cosmetic Dermatology Takami Clinic*
Takami Clinic Cosmetic Dermatology, which opened in Omotesando, Tokyo in 1999, is a comprehensive cosmetic dermatology clinic that provides unique and highly specialized treatments using the Takami Clinic Method, which has been cultivated through many years of clinical practice. We offer a wide range of treatments to help you achieve beautiful skin, from skin problems such as acne and pores to aging symptoms such as age spots and wrinkles. [Free medical
treatment/Reservation required]

* Reservations/Inquiries *
[First consultation] 03-5414-6000
[Re-examination] 03-5414-6300
(Telephone reception hours: 10:00-20:00)
* Matsumoto Building *
Matsumoto Building 3F, 4F, 5F, 3-18-20 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

* Monte Plaza *
Monte Plaza 2F, 3F, 4F, 3-18-5 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo

[Clinical hours] 10:00-19:00
(Friday only 11:00-20:00)
[Closed days] None
(Closed from 12/31 to 1/3.)
[Official website]
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