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AI Spera Inc. IP address-based “Criminal IP” CTI data now available on Snowflake Marketplace

AI Spera Inc.
IP address-based “Criminal IP” CTI data now available on Snowflake Marketplace We have increased the interoperability of threat intelligence datasets with Snowflake DB, which can be used for various security operations such as fraud detection and personal information protection, to improve convenience for overseas customers.
AI SPERA (CEO: Bingzhuo Kang), a company specializing in Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence (CTI), has started selling threat detection data from the CTI search engine “Criminal IP” on the Snowflake Marketplace.
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Two types of “Criminal IP” threat intelligence listed for sale on Snowflake Marketplace
Global data platform “Snowflake Marketplace”
Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing platform for large-scale data analytics processing that supports seamless integration of various data workloads with data tools and services through a marketplace, providing high performance, scalability, and usability. Provides ease.
AI SPERA has been distributing “Criminal IP” CTI data on a trial basis on the Snowflake Marketplace since August last year. Additionally, at the “Data Cloud World Tour” conference held by Snowflake last year, it was introduced as an example of using an excellent data platform to improve business operational efficiency.
The malicious IP addresses and bypass IP addresses sold by Snowflake are datasets that can contribute to efficient blocking of malicious acts and security operations in complex cyber environments. CTI data purchased through the Snowflake Marketplace is updated daily and immediately available in the Snowflake DB, making it expected to be highly leveraged and effective security data for global customers. Criminal IP’s Intelligence for Threat Detection & Incident Response: Threat intelligence specialized in cyber threat detection
“Criminal IP’s Intelligence for Threat Detection & Incident Response (hereinafter referred to as “malicious IP data”)”, which specializes in the detection of cyber threats, collects information such as the domain to which a malicious IP address is connected, its risk level, history of abuse, presence of C2 and botnets, national identity, etc. information, such as ASN and certificate information. “Criminal IP” determines malicious IP addresses by integrating AI analysis algorithms and external reputation information, detects external threats in advance and responds to incidents by simply linking malicious IP address data to the security environment in use. , facilitates network security and vulnerability management.
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Snowflake Marketplace Purchase Page for Intelligence for Criminal IP Threat Detection and Incident Response
Learn more about intelligence for threat detection and incident
response: Criminal IP’s Intelligence for Fraud Detection and Privacy Protection: Threat intelligence focused on fraud detection
Furthermore, the malicious IP address data plus bypass IP addresses becomes “Criminal IP’s Intelligence for Fraud Detection and Privacy Protection (hereinafter referred to as FDS data)”, which specializes in fraud detection and privacy protection. FDS data is a CTI dataset designed with a focus on fraud detection, access governance, data loss prevention, SecOps, and privacy protection, not only for already infected malicious IP addresses but also for malicious use. Know your likely VPN, Tor, proxies, and hosting IP addresses and prepare for potential fraud.
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Snowflake Marketplace Purchase Page for Criminal IP Fraud Detection and Privacy Protection Intelligence
Learn more about intelligence for fraud detection and privacy
protection: About AI SPERA and Criminal IP
AI SPERA’s “Criminal IP” is available in a variety of formats, including search engines, APIs, and datasets, and currently provides CTI data to individual and corporate customers in 150 countries. In addition, we are expanding our business domain with security solutions for enterprises such as the attack surface management solution “Criminal IP ASM” and the fraud detection system “Criminal IP FDS”. We are expanding our global network by forming technology and business partnerships with approximately 40 global security companies, including (Tenable), Sumo Logic, and Quad9. Recently, we have expanded our online sales base through global marketplaces such as Azure, AWS, and Snowflake, while also holding offline events such as “Interop Tokyo 2024” and “Card Security Forum 2024 ~ Card damage prevention and full-scale operation of PCI DSS v4.0 ~” We are actively planning. For inquiries regarding Criminal IP: More details about this release: