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Home » AppBrew Co., Ltd. A real event “LIPS Trend Fes FOR CREATORS” for creators who have achieved high satisfact ion will be held on Saturday, May 11th LIPS Event Report

AppBrew Co., Ltd. A real event “LIPS Trend Fes FOR CREATORS” for creators who have achieved high satisfact ion will be held on Saturday, May 11th LIPS Event Report

[AppBrew Co., Ltd.] Real event “LIPS Trend Fes FOR” for creators with high satisfaction
CREATORS” will be held on Saturday, May 11th [LIPS event report]
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Press release: June 10, 2024
“LIPS Trend Fes FOR” is a real event for creators who have achieved high satisfaction.
CREATORS” will be held on Saturday, May 11th [LIPS event report] LIPS, one of the largest (*1) beauty platforms in Japan, is operated by AppBrew Co., Ltd. (location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yuta Fukasawa). Trend
Fes” will be held on Saturday, May 11, 2024. Many participants were satisfied with the event, which allowed creators to interact with each other and brands and creators to connect.
1. What is “LIPS Trend Fes FOR CREATORS”?
Since the last real meetup, which was well received, we have received many requests from creators and brands and are planning a new real event.
About the event held in January 2024
A real meetup event held for creators by “LIPS”, which celebrated its 7th anniversary in January 2024.
This time, the new concept is “a place where creators can connect with each other”,
We held a real event for creators.

* The theme is: Let’s go on a “journey to discover trends” this summer! *

At the venue, we will have a touch-up corner for new products, exhibition booths for popular brands, and a talk space where we will invite luxurious guests to solve creators’ problems. It was a valuable event that created connections between creators and opportunities to encounter new trends.

* ■Event overview *
Event name: LIPS Trend Fes FOR CREATORS
Date and time: Saturday, May 11, 2024
Venue: 4-24-3 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Jingumae COURT-C 1F “Rand Omotesando” 2. Popular brand exhibition booth with many new items lined up Booths of popular brands loved by creators will also be on display. This time, we have a lineup of new and popular products, with a focus on cosmetics that will help you with your summer worries.

This is a valuable opportunity to receive product explanations directly from brand representatives.

A creator also commented, “I was really impressed by the product explanation.He talked passionately about the product and answered my questions in a friendly manner.I learned a lot from him.”
[CEZANNE] A lineup of makeup bases that won’t fall off and are useful for the coming season when you’re worried about your makeup falling off.
[Dasique] In addition to popular eye shadows and lipsticks, new bases and face powders are now available.
[Dear espoir] Speaking of espoir! image of lip. This time, we will not only be talking about lip products, but also the latest “sunscreen serum”
[Laka] A project to complete a makeup sheet with items of interest as well as items has become a hot topic.
[Naris Cosmetics (Nature Conch)] Try out the skin-friendly wiping lotion with a high repeat rate
New touch-up booth also available
In addition to brand exhibition booths, there will also be touch-up booths to quickly introduce hot new products and products that will be released soon. There are many people who take photos and people who actually try it out.
3. You can directly consult with luxurious guests! Problem solving talk space We invite creators and professionals who are active in LIPS as well as other SNS,
We have set up a talk space to solve your problems. Many of the participating creators shared stories that can only be heard here, such as their concerns with SNS activities, concerns with choosing makeup and cosmetics, etc.
* ■Guest profile *
*Hair and makeup by Imutan*
After working as an assistant for 5 years, she became independent and currently works as a freelancer.
He has been active in a wide range of genres, including magazines, TV, commercials, and advertisements, and has been nominated by celebrities and models such as Nicole Fujita and Hikaru Takahashi, as well as various influencers and YouTubers such as Yua Mikami and R-chan. As a result, it is currently gaining popularity mainly among Generation Z. Youtube:

* Hairdresser Hiroki *
The number of followers on X (formerly Twitter) is over 110,000. (As of April 2024)
While working as an influencer, she is also active in activities such as SNS consulting, advertising agency work, advice on new product development for manufacturers, and official ambassador for a beauty clinic.

*Beauty influencer/model Mirin*
Over 140,000 followers on X (old Twitter). (As of April 2024) She is a beauty influencer who is trusted by her followers because she uses her past experience to share information about beauty and lifestyle. Recently, she has also been active as a beauty model. X:

*Personal Color Analyst Haru*
Diagnosing more than 450 people a year, we provide multifaceted advice on what suits you, including 16 types of personal color diagnosis (R)︎, face type diagnosis (R)︎, and 7 types of Japanese bone structure diagnosis (R)︎ at Fleurir, a private salon near Yokohama Station. . She is also a cosmetics geek and is good at coordinating the ones that suit her from over 1,800 cosmetics in a wide range of genres, including department store cosmetics, affordable prices, and Korean cosmetics.
*”16 Type Personal Color Diagnosis” and its logo are registered trademarks of Lapis Co., Ltd. in Japan.
*”Face Type Diagnosis” and its logo are registered trademarks in Japan of the Japan Facial Type Diagnosis Association.
*”Japanese 7 Types Skeletal Diagnosis” and its logo are registered trademarks of Line Co., Ltd. in Japan.

* Image consultant Arisa Kumazawa *
Her hobby of collecting cosmetics grew and she started working as an image consultant in 2020. Has consulting experience for over 1000 people. As she is a Brevet herself, her colorful posts, mainly about Brevet cosmetics, and her captions and stories that give a glimpse of her personality are popular, and she has 35,000 followers on Instagram. (As of April 2024) Over 50,000 followers.
[Imutan-san] Provides makeup advice to creators at the makeup consultation space. Many creators mentioned the name of the person they would be most happy to meet, saying, “This is the person I most wanted to meet at this event!”
[Hiroki-san and Mirin-san] Two people who both have over 100,000 followers solve problems regarding SNS posting. Many creators said, “I want to start using it right away” and “I learned a lot.” [Haru-san/Arisa Kumazawa] Not only will she listen to creators’ concerns about their own personal colors, but they will also give detailed advice on recommended product names and color numbers that suit them. It was impressive to see the creator taking notes on the spot.
photo by Ryoko Saito
4. Pick up the voices of the participating creators!
Riichan (@fresh_riichan)
“This time as well, I was able to talk to other people while lining up, which was really fun (heart) and really motivated me!”
Fuuka (@fu_0003)
“At the venue, I met people I met at roundtable discussions and networking events.
I was so happy to talk with you~ (Heart) It’s so fun to be able to interact with people who love cosmetics that I met through LIPS! ” (
Kei | Men’s Makeup (@kei_makeup_)
“It was fun trying out a lot of products!! There was also a lot of fun content!! I would love to go to an event like this again★️”
Mr. Yoshimi (@ysm2_mul)
“Catch trending beauty information quickly”
I participated in such a fun event ������At the brand booth, we were introduced to recommended items…we were able to consult influencers, makeup artists, personal color analysts, etc. about our concerns…we had lots of new cosmetics. You can try it…
With creators who I always refer to when posting
We were able to talk a lot…! !
It was a very fun and satisfying event ������)
In addition, we received many posts. Thank you to all the creators. A journey to discover trends filled with love for cosmetics will be a meaningful time with the participating creators and brands.

LIPS would like to continue to further boost the beauty industry through support and assistance to creators.
About LIPS
The service was launched in January 2017. In October 2022, the logo will be redesigned to embody the concept of “Be more free to be who you want to be.” A platform where individuals can freely pursue their “happiness” and “the way they want to be” through makeup and beauty, regardless of gender or generation. In addition, by April 2024, there will be a total of 12 million downloads (*According to our research/Survey period: January 2017 to April 2024, Survey target: App store・Google
exceeded the total number of downloads from Play. We provide various functions and contents for free, such as product reviews on makeup and skin care, communication between users, popularity rankings, new product information, and gift plans.
Company Profile
Company name: AppBrew Co., Ltd.
Address: 4th floor, Toshiki Hongo Building, 1-11-6 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Representative Director: Yuta Fukasawa
Business content: Planning, development, and operation of beauty platform app “LIPS”
LIPS (Android):
Contact information
AppBrew Co., Ltd. PR manager
TEL: 03-3868-3329
FAX: 03‐3868‐2366

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