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Home » Achievement rate already exceeds 300%! Overturning the common sense of denim! Light and cool new setup! ONO+8186 project 6th edition!

Achievement rate already exceeds 300%! Overturning the common sense of denim! Light and cool new setup! ONO+8186 project 6th edition!

caramo Co., Ltd.
[Achievement rate already exceeds 300%! ] Overturning the common sense of denim! Light and cool new setup! ONO+8186 project 6th edition! Project starts from Friday, May 31, 2024!
caramo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ryo Nakamura), which operates Fujimaki Department Store, where you can find gems with a “Japan” theme, is co-creating new value with Japanese craftsmen and creators. We have started a project by Nakashige Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kojima, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, Representative Director and President: Yoshiyuki Yamashita) in the crowdfunding “STUNNING JAPAN” aimed at.
[Image 1:×320.jpg] ▼[PROJECT][ONO+8186] Denim setup using Coolmax (R)
Background of this crowdfunding project
This set-up style has become a staple of office casual wear in recent years. It is a convenient item that is neat, easy to care for, and comfortable to wear, but there are many similar tastes, making it difficult to express your own style.
Therefore, ONO+8186 (ONO+ Hachiichi Hachiroku), who is participating for the 6th time in the club fan, is taking on the challenge of creating a fashionable denim set that is comfortable even on hot days! We will challenge the coolness and elegance that overturns the common sense of denim!
[Image 2:×464.jpg] This is the point! product development
1. Denim fabric that is thin and light like a shirt
[Image 3:×420.jpg] ▼Features an elegant luster and softness
[Image 4:×414.jpg] We have developed an ultra-thin denim fabric using the finest 40-count cotton thread that can be dyed using rope dyeing, which is one of the methods of dyeing denim. The cotton thread is made of high-quality soft combed yarn with little fuzz, resulting in a glossy and smooth fabric.
2. Make denim comfortable even in summer! Cool comfort with functional materials
[Image 5:×271.jpg] ▼The back side is smooth and cool, the front side has a denim texture
[Image 6:×501.jpg ]
Denim tends to be avoided in the summer due to the heat, but by using COOLMAX(R) fabric, a functional material with excellent water absorption and quick drying properties, for the weft on the back side, sweat evaporates quickly and you stay dry. Achieves a dry and comfortable feel. It can be comfortably worn in 3 seasons: spring, summer, and autumn.
3. Can be worn by unisex! Versatile jacket & pants
[Image 7:×617.jpg] ▼Can be used alone!
[Image 8:×534.jpg]
[Image 9:×587.jpg] About returned items
[Image 10:×750.jpg] ・Support purchase amount: Jacket/27,500 yen (tax included),
Pants/22,000 yen (tax included)
・Size: Jacket/5 sizes available, pants/11 size (inseam size also available) ・Delivery: Sequential shipping in early August ・Support purchase benefit: Free shipping
About “Nakaju Co., Ltd./ONO+8186”
[Image 11:×136.png ]
Based in Kojima, Kurashiki, which is famous for its denim, Nakaju’s factory brand “ONO+8186″ has been making casual pants mainly made of denim from various famous domestic and international brands for 60 years. Our goal is to create cool bottoms that are perfect for adult men, with the concept of not just casual wear but also casual wear that can be worn in formal settings. “ONO +8186” is a product that can be used in any occasion, from On to Normal to Off, from formal to casual. In addition, +8186 in “ONO+8186” is a combination of Japan’s country code +81 for international calls and the area code (0)86 for Kurashiki/Kojima. Delivering high quality products made in Japan from Kurashiki and Kojima. Company name: Nakashige Co., Ltd. Location: 4-12-11 Kojimakamicho, Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture
Representative: Yoshiyuki Yamashita, President and Representative Director
About crowdfunding “STUNNING JAPAN”
[Image 12:×750.png ]
A purchase-based crowdfunding platform aimed at creating new value with Japanese craftsmen and creators, operated by Fujimaki Department Store, a select shop that only sells gems with a “Japan” theme. Many craftsmen and creators are reluctant to develop new products due to the time investment and cost risks, and are unable to utilize their advanced techniques and ideas. In addition, when using crowdfunding, there is a reality that it is not possible to take proactive initiatives because of the large number of projects on existing platforms, which may lead to hidden projects and branding issues. At STUNNING JAPAN, we will support Japan’s top craftsmen and creators by leveraging the “value appeal type” method cultivated at Fujimaki Department Store to develop a platform that makes it easier to develop new products.
Service information page: Instagram:
caramo Co., Ltd.
[Image 13:×84.jpg]
Management company of “Fujimaki Department Store”. Representative Director and President Ryo Nakamura launched Fujimaki Department Store together with the late Kodai Fujimaki. Our mission is to “enrich your daily life with Japanese manufacturing,” and we will create “new satisfaction and value” for our customers. The company name comes from the company’s philosophy of “aiming to be a company that is loved by customers, craftsmen, and people all over the world,” and the company continues to evolve with the aim of creating services with a high level of customer satisfaction.
Company name: caramo Co., Ltd.
Address: 2nd floor, Jesura Harajuku Building, 3-25-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director and President: Ryo Nakamura
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