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Home » Unilever Japan Customer Marketing Co., Ltd. ~Make summer toilet cleaning cool and comfortable~ Introducing the ice mint scent from the thorough sterilization product “Domesto”!

Unilever Japan Customer Marketing Co., Ltd. ~Make summer toilet cleaning cool and comfortable~ Introducing the ice mint scent from the thorough sterilization product “Domesto”!

Unilever Japan Customer Marketing Co., Ltd.
~Make toilet cleaning cool and comfortable in summer~ Introducing the ice mint scent from the thorough sterilizing product “Domesto”! Available in limited quantity from June 10, 2024 (Monday)
Unilever Japan Customer Marketing Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Joy Ho) has launched a refreshing summer toilet cleaning service from Domesto, a cleaner brand that helps you spend time comfortably at home. The ice mint scent will be released in limited quantities from June 10, 2024 (Monday).
[Image 1:×1500.jpg] Virus removal *1
According to Google Trends*2, the search volume for “toilet cleaning” increases during the summer months starting in June and at the end of the year*3. It is thought that one of the reasons for the increased interest is that people are becoming more concerned about odors when cleaning plumbing areas, especially in the upcoming summer season, when temperatures and humidity rise.
That’s why we are introducing the new Domesto Ice Mint Fragrance, which is perfect for the upcoming summer season. The refreshing scent of ice mint will coolly solve your worries about cleaning toilets in the summer, such as “hot” and “stinky.”
“Domesto Ice Mint Fragrance” Overview
[Image 2:×1100.png ]
Release date: Monday, June 10, 2024 *Ends once sold out.
Price: Open price
Contents: 500ml
A refreshing addition to Domesto, which has 99.99% sterilizing power*4 Limited release of ice mint scent.
Just put it on, leave it on, and let it flow. Cleaning in hot weather is easy. The scent of ice mint adds a refreshing feeling to cleaning, Eliminates bad odors caused by bacteria and dirt.
Introducing the various uses of Domesto
■Thoroughly disinfect toilets, drains, and triangular corners! Domest’s main ingredient (sodium hypochlorite) removes black spots, pink stains, and the substances that cause bad odors, and also kills germs! You can reliably clean and sterilize by simply “sprinkling, leaving, and flushing,” making it easy to clean and recommended for daily cleaning.
[Image 3:×1286.jpg ]
■If you use a diluted solution, you can also use it to sterilize small areas around the house! !
(After wiping with a cloth soaked in a diluted solution of about 1 squirt of Domesto (approximately 10 ml) in 1 liter of water, wipe the area with a cloth that has been wrung out, then wipe with water or rinse with water.)
・Kitchen/cooking table: Be careful of germs because this is where you cook! ・Doorknobs*・Switch plates: Disinfecting frequently touched areas is the most important!
・Kitchen, living room, and dining floors: Full of germs that can’t be removed with a vacuum cleaner! Spilled food can cause unpleasant odors.
– Refrigerator: It’s a big mistake to think “it’s okay because the temperature is low”. Surprisingly, the environment is perfect for the growth of germs, so sterilization is important!
– Cupboard: If left alone, odors tend to accumulate. There is poor ventilation, so be careful if it feels damp or smells!
*Do not use on metal products other than stainless steel.
[Image 4: &s3=86691-128-128-128-128-128-128-128-128-128-128-128-1280D39150D3467E076B52077 12c9-3900×1285.jpg]
■Is the fun filled with germs? Be careful of germs when it comes to children’s and pet supplies!
・Children’s toys: Bacteria can be transferred to toys and enter the child’s mouth. Keep toys clean.
・Pet cages, toilets, tableware: Pets also carry germs. The water in the cage may be contaminated with bacteria, and bacteria may also be detected in the dog’s or cat’s mouth. Let’s be careful for the health of our pets as well as our health!
[Image 5:×1285.jpg] About “Domesto” Domesto was born in England in the 1920s. At first, it was sold door-to-door as a bleaching agent, but in the 1960s, a concentrated disinfectant cleaner was released. As a pioneer in disinfection, we are now protecting the health of families in more than 30 countries around the world. Furthermore, starting in 2024, we will successfully reduce bottle weight by approximately 10%. This will lead to a reduction in plastic usage of approximately 50 tons*5 per year. Domest’s sterilizing power is 99.99%*4. Thoroughly sterilizes germs and eliminates not only dirt but also bad odors and slime caused by the growth of germs. The thick, highly viscous liquid sticks to the rim of the toilet bowl, which is difficult to see and clean, so you can reliably clean and sterilize the rim of the toilet bowl by simply pouring, pouring, and flushing. It’s easy, so it’s recommended for daily cleaning. Domesto White & Clean, which can also be used in the kitchen, has been added to the lineup, and can be used to disinfect not only the toilet but also various other areas in the home. *1 Verified the effectiveness when the undiluted solution was brought into contact with one envelope type virus and one non-envelope type virus.
It does not remove all viruses.
*2 Google Trends: To determine how many searches have been made during a specific period,
  Service that analyzes Google web search samples
*3 Google Trends “Toilet cleaning” (2021-2023) *4 Removal rate when the undiluted solution is brought into contact with the bacterial solution. According to Unilever research. It does not remove all bacteria.
*5 Calculated based on the number of shipments in 2023.
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