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Home » “Scramble Golf Championship in Kobe 2025” produced by Hidemasa Hoshino will be held!

“Scramble Golf Championship in Kobe 2025” produced by Hidemasa Hoshino will be held!

“Scramble Golf Championship in Kobe 2025” produced by Hidemasa Hoshino will be held!

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Press release: June 10, 2024
“Scramble Golf Championship in Kobe 2025” produced by Hidemasa Hoshino will be held!
*Who will win in the end, the “professional” or the “amateur”? For the first time in golf tournament history, male and female professionals and male and female amateurs compete in the same field in a scramble golf tournament! *
Golf Life Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Mitsutoshi Tajima), which sponsors and operates the Scramble Golf Tour, one of the largest scramble golf tournaments in Japan, has teamed up with professional golfer Hidemasa Hoshino to organize the Scramble Golf Tour. Championship
in Kobe 2025” will be held. *
* What is “Scramble Golf Championship in Kobe 2025”? *
*For the first time in tournament history, male and female
professionals and male and female amateurs compete in the same competition*
This tournament is an 18-hole stroke play doubles scramble format in which all golfers, whether professional or amateur, male or female, compete in one field.
Participation conditions are for pairs between professionals and pairs between amateurs, and male and female pairs are also eligible to participate. (Mixed pairs of professionals and amateurs are not allowed to participate) In addition, one player in the professional pair must have won at least one race in the past on the JGTO/JLPGA tour.

*Big bonus of 2 million yen for the winning pair*
The winning prize is set at 2 million yen for each pair, and the prize will be given to the top 30 pairs.
Because it is a scramble format, if the players play well together, there is a good chance that an amateur can beat a professional. It will be a thrilling battle that no professional can afford to lose. * Prize money up to the specified limit (100,000 yen) will be given to those who fall in the amateur prize ranking.

competition summary
Tournament name Scramble Golf Championship in Kobe 2025
Sponsored by Golf Life Co., Ltd.
Date: Wednesday, April 9, 2025
Venue ABC Golf Club (Hyogo Prefecture)
Total prize money: 10 million yen, winner: 2 million yen (pair), prize money distributed to top 30
Tournament General Producer Hidemasa Hoshino

competition format
Competition format Doubles scramble format
Participating players: 30 professional pairs, 30 amateur pairs, total 60 pairs, 120 people (planned)
Pairing: 4 people per group (2 professionals, 2 amateurs) 30 groups (planned) Amateur Qualifying Tournament Scheduled to be held at 22 venues nationwide from August 2024
Tournament yardage set by distance for men, women, professionals, and amateurs

A dream showdown with a gorgeous professional. Amateur qualifying tournaments held at 22 venues nationwide
The 30 amateur pairs who passed the two-stage qualifying round held at 22 venues nationwide will compete against professionals.
* [Participation qualifications] *
All amateur golfers in groups of two and as stipulated by the Japan Golf Association Rules of Golf.
* [Entry fee] *
Qualifying 1st stage: 1 pair (2 people) 44,000 yen (tax included) Preliminary final stage: 1 pair (2 people) 22,000 yen (tax included) Main round: 1 pair (2 people) 22,000 yen (tax included)
*A portion of the entry fee will be used as the “Athlete Partner Support Fund” and will be used for the main prize money and tournament operation costs, aiming to be a tournament that is supported by all participants.
*Play fees will be paid separately at the course being held. The above schedule is subject to change.
To apply for the amateur qualifying round, please apply from the tournament homepage.
Tournament homepage * Held on the stage where professional Ryo Ishikawa won his first victory * The amateur qualifying final stage and the championship main match will be held at the prestigious ABC Golf Club in Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture. The setting at the time of the tour is known for its ultra-fast 14-foot greens, comparable to those of overseas majors. The MyNavi ABC Championship held in 2008 was filled with excitement, including professional golfer Ryo Ishikawa’s first victory on the tour.
ABC Golf Club/18th hole
*Professional Hidemasa Hoshino produced the tournament*
The tournament will be produced by golf legend Hidemasa Hoshino, who has won 52 amateur titles and will be participating in the tournament himself.
Speaking of professional golfer Hidemasa Hoshino, he won three Japanese amateur titles and other titles during his amateur days, and laid the foundation for the Tohoku Fukushi University Golf Club, the strongest team that has produced many top professionals, including professional golfer Hideki Matsuyama. He became a professional golfer in 2000 and has won four times on tour, including the 2008 major domestic tournament “USB Japan Golf Tour Championship.” Currently, he is based in his hometown of Kobe and is focusing on training young golfers.
*Message from professional Hidemasa Hoshino*
* “I want to convey the charm of scramble golf to everyone!” * When I first encountered scramble golf, I realized that there was a different way to enjoy it than when I was a player.
We planned this tournament with the hope that other professionals would also experience this fun.
Currently, the active life of a professional athlete in Japan is short, and the reality is that most professional golfers retire from tour life in their 30s or 40s.
Can we create more opportunities for veteran players who have supported the golf world for many years to play an active role? Even if I’m away from the game, I want to see him play again. I think there are many golf fans like that.
We would like to realize this dream together with everyone and enliven golf in Japan.
We are looking forward to the participation of many golfers. Regarding recruitment of partners (sponsors)
We are looking for individuals, companies, and organizations who would like to form a partnership for the event.

As a new attempt, we will break away from the traditional management method of relying on the main sponsor of professional tournaments and take on the challenge of operating with the support of many
micro-sponsors, including participation fees for amateur qualifying tournaments.
Our goal is to create a “tournament created by everyone” that is supported by many patrons, and we would like to build it together with everyone, just like the Masters Tournament.
Your participation and support will be key to the success of this competition.

For more information, please see the tournament overview document (PDF) and contact us via the official website.
Tournament overview material (PDF)

Official homepage
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