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Home » Base Food Co., Ltd. Complete nutritional food pioneer Base Food, Branded Movie “Put my father on board.” ” released on 6/12

Base Food Co., Ltd. Complete nutritional food pioneer Base Food, Branded Movie “Put my father on board.” ” released on 6/12

[Base Food Co., Ltd.] Complete nutritional food pioneer Base Food, Branded Movie “Put my father on board.” ” released on 6/12
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Press release: June 10, 2024
Completely nutritional food pioneer base food, Branded Movie “Take my father on board.” ” released on 6/12
*Cast: Hirona Yamazaki, Jun Murakami, and others |
Director/Screenplay: Shiro Tokiwa ~Toward a tomorrow where each person can shine in their own way. Give the gift of health to your loved ones. ~*
Base Food Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shun Hashimoto;
, hereafter referred to as our company), is a branded film written by Base Food, starring Hirona Yamazaki, Jun Murakami, and others, and directed by Shiro Tokiwa.
Movie “Take my father on board.” ‘ will be released on official YouTube from Wednesday, June 12, 2024.
* Public URL: * ** *Publication date and time: 6/12 (Wed) 18:00

* Toward a tomorrow where each person shines in their own way. * With the mission of “Innovating staple foods and making health a commonplace,” our company is a pioneer in completely nutritious foods, proposing new staple foods that are “easy, delicious, and good for the body,” so that everyone can enjoy meals. At the same time, we aim to realize a society where health is taken for granted.
We believe that being healthy is the basis of life and leads to joy in life, allowing you to shine more as yourself and live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life. Staying healthy is not just about yourself, but also about your loved ones, such as your family and friends.
Movie “Take my father on board.” ” is a short film that connects the circle of thoughts of “health” for each person’s loved ones, with the theme of “Toward a tomorrow where each person can shine in their own way.”

Akane works as a taxi driver in the depopulated area where her father’s parents live.
It was the first time that she felt fulfilled, as she had been living a life without any job she wanted to do. However, her father became angry because of his concern for her, and their feelings have remained at odds ever since.
One day, her father suddenly returned home and got into his daughter’s taxi. A confused daughter, a father who is still in a bad mood…where will the taxi carrying them eventually arrive?

Production/Author: Base Food Co., Ltd.
Production: FROGLOUD, Soda Communications, Mercury Productions Starring: Hirona Yamazaki, Jun Murakami, Shinobu Tsuji, Saki Nagatani, and others
Director/Screenplay/Editor: Shiro Tokiwa
Planning/Production: Kei Suwa
Planning: Mionko Nakagawa, Shiro Tokiwa
Producer: Kenji Yoshino, Ikuyoshi Shimada
Photography/Lighting: Shuhei Umene
Lighting Gaffer: Shinya Ishizuka
Art: Etsuko Akiba
Recording: Hitoshi Tsurumaki
Costume: Yoko Oizumi
Hair and makeup: Seiko Igawa
Casting: Kaoru Okamura
Music producer: Mitsuru Samejima
Music: Hiroaki Yamashita
Sound adjustment: Tomoaki Yokota
Assistant producer: Saori Sakano
Assistant Director: Fumiaki Kato
In charge of production: Yosuke Harada

* ■Comment from Hirona Yamazaki *
Although the video was only 15 minutes long, I felt as if I had watched a 2-hour movie, with a sense of fulfillment and warmth in my heart. I think one of the charms of this work is that the way you feel and point of view changes depending on the age and position of the viewer. For me, this work felt like a letter addressed to my future self. I would be happy if it reached many people.
* ■Comment from Atsushi Murakami *
First of all, I would like to thank you for inviting me to participate in this project. I had a “good hunch” about the consultation. When I actually looked at the finished product, I could see that a
“luxurious time” was passing by. This is a carefully finished work. I am grateful to have been able to be involved.
* ■Comment from Shiro Tokiwa *
It’s been half a year since this story popped into my head. Filmmaking always starts from scratch, and from there various chemical reactions occur that lead to the optimal story. This time, it was BASE that caused the chemical reaction.
It’s a product that FOOD put a lot of thought into, it’s the passion of the people in charge, it’s all the wonderful actors including Hirona Yamazaki and Jun Murakami, and the staff who worked hard together. This film would not have been completed without any one person. I appreciate you sincerely. On the day of the preview, the moment the members wiped their cheeks after watching the movie, I knew that the movie had finally come to fruition. I would be happy if everyone could open this box filled with so many thoughts.

[Profile of Hirona Yamazaki]
Born April 25, 1994 in Chiba Prefecture. In 2011, she won the Special Jury Award at the 7th Toho Cinderella Audition. In 2012, he made his acting debut in the movie “We Were There.” Since then, she has been active in a wide range of roles, including movies and dramas, as well as modeling and narration. He made his Hollywood debut in the movie “Monster Hunter” released in the US in 2020.
His main appearances in recent years include the movie “LOVE” LIFE”, “Brave -Gunjo Senki-”, BS-TBS drama “I will correct your company’s mess!”, NHK TV drama series “Soaragare!” “Such. ◼️Affiliate office website: [Atsushi Murakami Profile]
Born in 1973 in Osaka Prefecture. In 1993, “Purupuru
Made his film debut in “Angel’s Holiday” (directed by Izo
Hashimoto). “Navi’s Love” (1999/directed by Yuji Nakae), “Season of Unfaithfulness” (2000/directed by Ryuichi Hiroki), and “New Battle Without Honor. ” (00/directed by Junji Sakamoto) won the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 22nd Yokohama Film Festival. Major works in recent years include “The Tower of the Island Keeper”
(22/directed by Takumi Igarashi), “Hell Dogs” (22/directed by Masato Harada), and “Parade of Silence” (22/directed by Hiroshi Nishitani). Won the Osaka Cinema Festival 2023 Best Actor Award for “Evening Friends” (22/directed by Ryuichi Hiroki).
◼️Official Home Page: [Profile of Shiro Tokiwa]
Born in Fukuoka Prefecture. Active in various fields such as movies, commercials, and music videos. Short film “Crayfish” (10) is Short Shorts Film
This is the first double win of the Grand Prize and Audience Award at the festival. Many other short films have received high acclaim both domestically and internationally. His feature film debut, “The First Supper” (2019), won numerous film awards at the 34th Takasaki Film Festival, including the Best Director Award and a record four awards, as well as two Japanese Film Critics Awards. He is the author of the novel “The First Supper” (Mishima Publishing).
◼️Official Home Page:
* ■What is smart food complete nutritional food “BASE FOOD”? * “BASE
FOOD is the world’s first complete nutritional staple food that provides a well-balanced 1/3 of the daily nutrients in one meal. While using over 10 carefully selected ingredients, mainly of natural origin, such as whole grains, soybeans, and chia seeds, we have achieved nutritional balance and deliciousness using our proprietary technology for formulation and manufacturing methods. This smart food provides 33 types of nutrients needed each day, including protein, dietary fiber, and 26 types of vitamins and minerals.
Since the start of sales in February 2017, BASE PASTA, BASE BREAD, BASE With the addition of Cookies and Deli series, cumulative sales exceeded 150 million bags, and the number of regular buyers exceeded 200,000. (As of September 2023)

Established: April 5, 2016
Head office: 5-25-2 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Shun Hashimoto
Business content: Development, manufacturing, and sales of complete nutritional foods

*1 For staple foods (bread, pasta, cookies), 1 serving (2 bags of BASE BREAD, 1 bag of BASE PASTA, 4 bags of BASE Cookies, BASE
FOOD Deli is a product that satisfies *2 per bag) and is listed on the nutritional information label (according to our research using the Mintel database in May 2022)
*2 * Excluding fat, saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, sodium, and calories based on the nutritional labeling standards set by the Consumer Affairs Agency*
(*3)Contains more than 1/3 of the daily standard value for all nutrients *3 Based on Base Food’s own research, we have selected the nutrients necessary to maintain health, taking into consideration the dietary habits of modern people who tend to over-consume fats and
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