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Home » SOTY2024 STAFF OF THE YEAR’s fighting style “Road to SOTY” discussed by last year’s Grand Prix is ​​releas ed

SOTY2024 STAFF OF THE YEAR’s fighting style “Road to SOTY” discussed by last year’s Grand Prix is ​​releas ed

[SOTY2024] STAFF OF THE YEAR’s fighting style “Road to SOTY” discussed by last year’s Grand Prix is ​​released

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Press release: June 10, 2024
[SOTY2024] STAFF OF THE YEAR’s fighting style “Road to SOTY” discussed by last year’s Grand Prix is ​​released
“Staff” operates the staff DX application service “STAFF START” Tech (Staff Tech)” Company, Vanish Standard Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Onosato
“STAFF OF THE YEAR” is a contest to determine Reiwa’s charismatic store clerks, which will start on Monday, June 17, 2024.
In preparation for the 2nd stage of 2024, we have released an interview video for the 2023 Grand Prix.
* STAFF OF THE YEAR 2024 special site: * **
* The key to winning the Grand Prix is ​​steady effort and human power. United Arrows Shinjuku Store Nozomi Naka’s “STAFF OF THE YEAR” 2023” Road to the Grand Prix*
How did Naka fight through the year after deciding to participate in SOTY2023? He says, “I put my all into every single thing,” and reveals everything about the preparation period and how he competed after he was selected to advance to the final judging.
Please take a look at Mr. Naka’s stoic yet humane demeanor, who is known by those around him as an “athlete salesperson.”

Click here for details on SOTY2023 Grand Prix Nozomi Naka

Click here for the SOTY2023 final screening
* 2nd stage Round 1 will be held from 6/17 (Monday) to 7/11
(Thursday)! Online voting starts at the same time*
STAFF OF THE YEAR 2024 2nd stage
In Round 1, we will decide the top 23 contestants nationwide and the top seven contestants in each of the seven blocks in each region based on our unique screening criteria* and online voting.
*Screening criteria = Unique screening criteria that takes into account various points based on online customer service results, SNS activity results, etc.

Also, interview videos of past Grand Prix winners will be released during the event. We are planning to provide hints on how to fight not only for the staff who will be fighting in the 2nd stage, but also for the supporting headquarters and related parties.
*Video release schedule *Subject to change without notice*
6/10 (Monday) Road to SOTY How to compete in the 2023 Grand Prix 6/17 (Monday) 2nd stage opening commemoration 2021-2023 Grand Prix interview 6/25 (Tue) How to use SOTY2023 runner-up prize money
7/1 (Monday) SOTY2022 Grand Prix Special Interview

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2024”, we are always looking for corporate sponsors to support and support the activities of our store staff. We will give priority to the companies that make inquiries regarding the content. We look forward to hearing from you.

* [Contact information regarding the tournament] *
STAFF OF THE YEAR 2024 Executive Committee

START is a staff DX tool that enables store staff to provide online customer service on their own EC site and SNS. E-commerce sales through online customer service by staff members are visualized and used for evaluation as the performance of individual staff members and stores to which they belong. By expanding the opportunities for store staff to perform and be evaluated, it is possible to increase remuneration and advance their careers, which can be used to improve EX (employee experience).
The number of brands used is over 2,600, spanning a wide variety of industries including apparel, cosmetics, furniture, home appliances, miscellaneous goods, food, and services. Between September 2022 and August 2023, “STAFF
Distribution sales (*) through content created with “START” reached 174.8 billion yen.
*Sales via distribution: On each company’s EC site, STAFF
Sales made through content posted on START. If multiple contents were accessed, the total amount includes only the last viewed content.

*Main functions of “STAFF START”*
– *SNAP PLAY function*: A function that links product information to photos and videos taken by store staff and posts them on the brand’s own e-commerce site, SNS, etc.
– *Staff review function*: A function that allows store staff to create reviews (evaluation/comments) about products and post them on the company’s EC site or SNS
– *PLAY function*: A function that allows store staff to link products to videos of the product’s usage and usage process, and post it on the company’s EC site or SNS.
– *Summary function*
: A function that allows store staff to create content such as articles from theme settings on the company’s e-commerce site, just like creating a show window at a store.
– *Store customer service function*
: A function that allows store staff who serve customers at the store to share information on the e-commerce site of the product they are considering with customers who are shopping around, using a QR code.
– *Buyer function*
: A function that allows buyers, MDs (merchandisers), etc. to share information on sample products that they are considering selling with sales staff, and enable on-site sales staff to evaluate whether they are likely to sell or not.
Inquiries regarding implementation
Person in charge: Usui/Nozawa
Vanish Standard Co., Ltd.
■Head office location: 1-8-14 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
■Representative Director: Yasuaki Onosato
■Business content: Development and operation of “STAFF START” ■URL:
■LINE STAFF START: *About details about this release*

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