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Home » CData Started linking CData Drivers with Codeer’s “Codeer.LowCode.Blazor”, which realizes low-code web application development.

CData Started linking CData Drivers with Codeer’s “Codeer.LowCode.Blazor”, which realizes low-code web application development.

[CData] CData in Codeer’s “Codeer.LowCode.Blazor” that realizes low-code web application development
Drivers start collaboration

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Press release: June 11, 2024
CData Drivers in Codeer’s “Codeer.LowCode.Blazor” for low-code web application development
Start collaboration
*~Providing SaaS/application integration such as SAP and Salesforce for Blazor-based web applications~*
* June 11, 2024, CData Software Japan LLC (Headquarters: North Carolina, USA, Japan Office: Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Representative Employee)
Executive: Keisuke Hikita, hereinafter referred to as CData, is responsible for the “CData ADO.NET Providers” series and Codeer. Low-code web announced by Co., Ltd.
We are pleased to announce the start of product collaboration with “Codeer.LowCode.Blazor”, which enables application development. Codeer.LowCode.Blazor
By using CData’s drivers, you can easily integrate Salesforce and SAP in your web applications.
SaaS/external application linkage can be realized.
Codeer.Lowcode.Blazor + when developing business applications linked to SaaS
Increase your productivity with CData ADO.NET Provider. *
Codeer.LowCode.Blazor and CData collaborate in product
* Provides external data source integration functionality for Blazor-based low-code apps *
Codeer.LowCode.Blazor released by Codeer is a Blazor-based web
This is a convenient library that allows you to incorporate execution engine-type low-code functionality into your applications. “I want to have more detailed and flexible settings than no-code, but
full-scratch development is difficult”, “I want to use existing Windows
I need to migrate my Forms application to the web, but
This is a product that combines the best of low code and professional code to meet the needs of engineers and integrators who say that application development is difficult.
Codeer.LowCode.Blazor uses the open source web framework Blazor provided by Microsoft, and CData
You can use “CData ADO.NET Providers”, a data driver for .NET provided by. CData ADO.NET
By using Provider, you can use Salesforce and SAP when developing with Codeer.LowCode.Blazor.
SQL-based data access rather than API-specific external data sources such as Standard SQL access to standard business systems from Codeer.LowCode.Blazor CData ADO.NET Providers
supports over 300 types of SaaS, applications, and databases. Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, NetSuite
Improve development efficiency with standardized SQL access to popular business systems such as
Achieve SQL access to diverse external data
*CData will be on stage at Codeer.LowCode.Blazor launch event by Codeer* Codeer will be holding a launch event for Codeer.LowCode.Blazor. Codeer.LowCode.Blazor
In addition to the explanation, we will also explain how to use it as a set with CData ADO.NET Providers.
*Event Name*: Modernization of .NET assets realized with Blazor+Low Code ~Codeer.LowCode.Blazor Launch Event~
*Date and time*: July 4, 2024 (Thursday) 13:30-16:30
*Venue*: Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Shinagawa Head Office 31F Seminar Room C+D Click here for details *Endorsement*
Codeer Inc. warmly welcomes the collaboration between CData Drivers and Codeer.LowCode.Blazor. CData
The rich connectivity and reliability of ADO.NET Providers makes our product even more powerful. With this integration, Salesforce and SAP
Seamless integration with leading external data sources, such as, enables developers to build business applications incredibly quickly and efficiently. Our philosophy is to help developers create better software, faster, and in this respect CData
Our partnership with you is extremely meaningful. We hope to further contribute to the .NET ecosystem through collaboration with CData. * —Tatsuya Ishikawa, President and Representative Director, Codeer Co., Ltd.* * -About Codeer:* **

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