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Obayashi Corporation New Zealand’s first green hydrogen high-speed filling facility begins operations

[Obayashi Corporation] New Zealand’s first green hydrogen high-speed filling facility begins operations

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Press release: June 11, 2024
New Zealand’s first green hydrogen rapid filling facility begins operations *Facilitating the creation of New Zealand’s hydrogen supply chain* Obayashi Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kenji Hasuwa) is based in Tuaropaki, New Zealand.
Halcyon Green Hydrogen, a business company jointly established with Trust (hereinafter referred to as Tualopaki Trust, *1)
On June 10th of this year, Halcyon Green Hydrogen Limited (hereinafter referred to as Halcyon Green Hydrogen) began operating a high-speed green hydrogen filling facility in Wiri, a suburb of Auckland, the country’s largest city.
Willi Green Hydrogen Rapid Filling Facility

Wiri, where this facility is located, is an area with a concentration of logistics facilities, and is close to Auckland Airport at 7km and central Auckland at 30km. In addition to this fuel, it can also meet the demand for hydrogen-powered aircraft if they become commercially viable in the future.
The high-speed filling equipment to be introduced is H2H from Australia. Manufactured by Energy, it can fill large vehicles (trucks/buses) in about 15 minutes, which is significantly faster than conventional simple filling devices (*3). Furthermore, since the equipment is container-type, it has the advantage of being easy to relocate. The hydrogen to be supplied will be provided by Halcyon Power Limited (hereinafter referred to as Halcyon Power), a joint venture between our company and Tuaropaki Trust.
Hydrogen production facility owned in Taupo
Green hydrogen derived from geothermal power generation. This is the first commercial facility in the country to supply green hydrogen and is equipped with high-speed filling equipment (*4).We will proceed with the construction of hydrogen production equipment on the premises of this facility, and in the future, we will begin production of green hydrogen. We are planning to do it all at once, including filling.

By cooperating this facility with Halcyon Power’s green hydrogen production facility, we will work to build a green hydrogen supply chain in New Zealand’s North Island.

Obayashi Group is committed to Obayashi Sustainability Vision2050
We will continue to contribute to achieving carbon neutrality on a global scale in order to achieve the sustainability of the Earth, society, and people, which is our goal.
Group photo at the opening ceremony of the green hydrogen high-speed filling facility
Opening ceremony ribbon cutting in front of the high-speed filling equipment From left: Tualopaki Trust CEO Kia Zia, Makoto Osawa, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to New Zealand, Tualopaki Trust Chairman Gina Langhi, Managing Executive Officer Obayashi Corporation Kenichi Ando, ​​New Zealand Hydrogen Council Chief Linda Wright Executive, Auckland Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman, New Zealand Transport Agency Simon Bridges Chair, Tuaropaki Trust Jamie Atalia, Vice Chairman, Coregas (Land Lessor, Australia’s leading industrial gas company) Alan Watkins Executive General
(Reference) Comments from guests at the opening ceremony
*Comment from Simon Bridges Chair, New Zealand Transport Agency*

This facility is a place where all of the elements that I value in doing business intersect, including energy, transportation,
technology, and international relationships, so I am looking forward to attending the opening ceremony. Ta. Halcyon Green Hydrogen’s efforts are very interesting, and I think it’s great that the Tuaropaki Trust, a top Maori trust organization, and Obayashi Corporation, one of Japan’s leading pioneer companies, are joining forces. I look forward to the day when hydrogen, technology and energy become central to the economic relationship between Japan and New Zealand.
*Comment from Makoto Osawa, Ambassador Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary to New Zealand*

Everyone recognizes that addressing climate change is an urgent issue, and many countries around the world, including Japan and New Zealand, are aiming to achieve net zero by 2050.
New Zealand’s abundant renewable energy resources create opportunities to further develop bilateral cooperation around green hydrogen. Since the establishment of our joint venture with the Tuaropaki Trust, Obayashi Corporation has been actively involved in many projects related to the production, transportation, and utilization of geothermal hydrogen. We are also considering exporting to Japan and other countries. This kind of effort by Japanese and New Zealand stakeholders is an important step that could become a model for the world in the future. The Japanese Government will continue to support Japanese companies in promoting investment in New Zealand’s renewable energy sector.
*Comment from Tualopaki Trust CEO Kia Jia*

Over the past few years we have faced many challenges, including economic and technological challenges as well as supply chain disruptions, but today we are proud to open this facility, following our Taupo hydrogen production plant in 2021. I’m very happy that I did.
We will continue to aim to build an active hydrogen supply chain in New Zealand and other regions by leveraging the knowledge of all parties involved in the development of this facility, including our partner Obayashi Corporation.
*1 Tualopaki Trust
A trust organization owned by Maori landowners, the indigenous people of New Zealand.
*2 Halcyon Green Hydrogen
A consolidated subsidiary of Obayashi Corporation established through joint investment by Obayashi Corporation and Tuaropaki Trust Company name Halcyon Green Hydrogen Limited
Established September 13, 2023
Location Taupo, New Zealand
Business details Hydrogen and oxygen production and supply business in Wiri, South Auckland
Shareholder composition: The Company 97.22%, Tuaropaki Trust 2.78% *3 Significantly reduced the time it took to fill up with hydrogen                                       H2H Energy’s conventional simple filling device is suitable for hydrogen filling of large vehicles (trucks/buses)
    It used to take 7 hours, but with this high-speed filling device, filling can be done in 15 minutes.
*4 This is the first commercial facility in the country that supplies green hydrogen and is equipped with high-speed filling equipment. Assembling
In-house research (May 2024)

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