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Home » Relic, a business co-creation company, establishes “Kawagoe Innovation Terrace” in Kawagoe City to discover and develop innovators in Saitama Prefecture and create innovation.

Relic, a business co-creation company, establishes “Kawagoe Innovation Terrace” in Kawagoe City to discover and develop innovators in Saitama Prefecture and create innovation.

Relic, a business co-creation company, has opened a project called “Kawagoe Innovation” in Kawagoe City to discover and develop innovators in Saitama Prefecture and create innovation.
Established “Terrace”

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Press release: June 11, 2024
Relic, a business co-creation company, has opened a project called “Kawagoe Innovation” in Kawagoe City to discover and develop innovators in Saitama Prefecture and create innovation.
Established “Terrace”
*Selected as a co-creation partner of Saitama Resona Bank, also supporting innovation creation of tenant facility “Resona Coedo Terrace”*
Relic Co., Ltd., a business co-creation company (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director and CEO Kitajima) Takaro (hereinafter referred to as “Relic”) has established the Saitama base “Kawagoe” in Kawagoe City, which is the 15th domestic base in Japan, with the aim of discovering and nurturing innovators and creating innovation in Saitama Prefecture.
Innovation Terrace” was established. In the future, “Kawagoe Innovation Terrace” will be the starting point for accelerating
industry-academia-government collaboration in Saitama Prefecture, and further promoting the discovery and training of innovators and the creation of regional innovation.
Also, this time, we will be moving into “Resona Coedo Terrace” and will be working with Saitama Resona Bank, Ltd. (Head office: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Fukuoka
As a co-creation partner of Satoshi (hereinafter referred to as Saitama Resona Bank), Relic will collaborate and cooperate in matters such as consulting with visitors who are considering starting a business or starting a new business, conducting demonstration experiments at the facility, and managing events.
* ■Background of establishing base in Kawagoe City*
As a “business co-creation company” that supports Japanese companies’ new business development and innovation creation, Relic
“Incubation Tech Business” provides a SaaS platform specializing in new business development that is unique in the world.
“Business production/new business development support business” that comprehensively and all-in-one supports new business and innovation creation,
We have been integrally developing three pillars of business: the “open innovation business,” which co-creates innovation through investments in startup companies and joint ventures/JVs with large companies.

In the eight years since our founding, we have been involved in the development of over 20,000 new businesses from 4,000 companies. We are a leading company that has achieved unique value and
significance in the field of co-creation and support for new businesses and innovation, as well as industry-leading scale and growth.

Relic currently has Hokkaido, Kanto, Hokuriku,
With 15 bases in Tokai, Kinki, Chugoku, Kyushu, and Okinawa, the Relic Group has 23 bases nationwide, including bases in preparation for opening, and is steadily expanding its business and service
introduction with companies/organizations across the country. . In doing so, we are working to discover and develop local innovators and revitalize the region through the creation of new local businesses and innovation. In the future, we plan to gradually open and expand our bases in all 47 prefectures.
-List of Relic regional offices-

From May 2024, we will contribute to the development of the region by discovering and nurturing innovators in Saitama Prefecture and accelerating the creation of regional innovation. As a first step, we will promote the tourism industry and utilize the geographical advantage. We have decided to expand into Kawagoe City, where there is an active movement to create businesses that take advantage of this.

 In the future, “Kawagoe Innovation”
Terrace” will actively recruit and develop innovators in Saitama Prefecture, and will also work with entrepreneurs at startups and new in-house businesses at large companies, with whom Relic has worked to co-create various new businesses and innovations. We aim to create innovation for Japanese companies by co-creating with all challengers, including not only intrapreneurs who lead open innovation, but also nextpreneurs, who are the next generation of managers of small and medium-sized enterprises that fundamentally support the Japanese economy and the region. We will continue to enhance our efforts and functions as a platform to accelerate this.

■What we aim to do as a co-creation partner
As a co-creation partner of Saitama Resona Bank, Resona
We aim to revitalize business creation in the region by providing Relic’s know-how on new business development and offering support support to the various businesses participating in Coedo Terrace.

* ▼Example of specific support content*
– Providing mentoring services for new business ideas
– Visualization of the world view of ideas and product images from the business concept phase
– Prototype development support
– Marketing/sales support using creative direction such as branding, advertising, commercial videos, etc.
– Provide seminar content using the venue / Operate demonstration experiments using the venue
coworking space
Terrace seats
* ■Current activities in Saitama Prefecture*
We are currently working on the following initiatives. We will continue to expand industry-academia-government collaboration and support the creation of innovation to solve regional issues*. * – Signed an official partner agreement with COEDO KAWAGOE F.C in 2021 and will work on uniform design in 2024.
Reference: – Scheduled to appear at the “Saitama Entrepreneur Discovery Project First Part!” event held at Coedo Terrace for entrepreneurs and startup companies
Reference: * ■”I want to grow Japan’s tourism industry so that it can compete on a global scale,” said Takehara from Saitama*
The person in charge of launching this Saitama base is Takehara, who serves as Relic’s business producer. The reason behind our decision to open a base in our hometown of Saitama is our desire to “develop Japan’s tourism industry so that it can compete on a global scale.”* . *
*Yuma Takehara*
* Relic Co., Ltd. Business Creation Division and Saitama Base Manager * During my university days, I experienced the fun of working together with friends to complete a school festival event, and I wanted to become someone who can create their own business, so I joined Relic in April 2020. As I was involved in new business, I realized the appeal and potential of being able to solve new business models and various business issues, as well as make many people happy.
My desire to become more deeply involved in this project that “generates joy” grew stronger. Above all, I wanted to focus on Japan’s tourism industry, which can compete with the rest of the world, so I decided to become the director of my hometown, Saitama, and Kawagoe City, a famous tourist destination.
In the future, Resona
Based in Coedo Terrace, we aim to help everyone involved in new business, including those in charge of new business at companies, as well as entrepreneurs and those aspiring to start a business, and to create companies and businesses that represent Saitama Prefecture.

* ■Base overview*
Kawagoe Innovation Terrace
Address: Resona Coedo Terrace M2F, 4-1 Saiwaicho, Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture 350-0063
Access: Tobu Tojo Line Kawagoe Station (East Exit) 7 minutes by bus in front of “Ichibangai” bus stop
Business details: Collaboration and support with local universities, mainly in Saitama Prefecture, support for new business development and innovation creation by local companies, discovery and training of local innovators, research and web services and applications for creating digital innovation. General work for product development and implementation such as

■Recruitment information
Kawagoe Innovation Terrace is looking for members to work together. Please see the recruitment site below for details.

* ▼Relic recruitment page*
Click here if you are looking for mid-career employment
<25 Years of New Graduates <25 Years of New Graduate <25 Years of New Graduates

* ■Resona Coedo Terrace*
The former Kawagoe Branch of Saitama Resona Bank, a registered tangible cultural property of the country, was established in 1918 as the 85th Bank Head Office, and has been loved by the local community as a symbol of the area.
It operated as a branch until 2020, but this spring it will be reborn as “Resona Coedo Terrace” to become a new landmark.
In collaboration with local companies, we will establish incubation facilities and challenge shops to create new industries and foster entrepreneurs, as well as promote Kawagoe and Saitama brands through cafes and restaurants that use local ingredients, specialty products, etc. I will send a message.
▼Resona Coedo Terrace official website

* ■About Relic*
Company name: Relic Co., Ltd.
Representative: Takao Kitajima, Representative Director and CEO Head office location: 19F, Ebisu Garden Place Tower, 4-20-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Established: August 2015
Business content: Incubation tech business, business production/new business development support business, open innovation business Corporate site:
Business details:

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