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Home » Livetoon Co., Ltd., which utilizes AI to maximize the potential of IP characters, raises 30 million yen in seed round from ANOBAKA Co., Ltd.

Livetoon Co., Ltd., which utilizes AI to maximize the potential of IP characters, raises 30 million yen in seed round from ANOBAKA Co., Ltd.

Livetoon Co., Ltd.
Livetoon Co., Ltd., which utilizes AI to maximize the potential of IP characters, raises 30 million yen in seed round from ANOBAKA Co., Ltd. Accelerating character sales promotion expansion through the fusion of AI and IP ……
Livetoon Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kyosuke Kinoshita, hereinafter referred to as Livetoon) has established ANOBAKA Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo), which operates a venture capital fund, in order to accelerate the promotion of promotional business using IP characters. We conducted a capital increase through third-party allotment, with the underwriters being ANOBAKA, Representative Director: Yasukazu Nagano, and others.
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Utilizing AI to maximize the potential of Japan’s IP
Livetoon aims to provide and enjoy a “new form of entertainment” and “purchasing experience” to fans around the world.
-Service contents-
1. IP character content creation using AI technology
2. Operation of live commerce channel service and development of its platform With our services, we are able to solve the issues faced by companies that own IP: 1. Responding to diversifying platforms such as short videos, 2. Promotion costs for content production and acquiring new fans, and 3. Barriers to multilingual development. , it is possible to provide more entertainment and a “purchasing experience” to more fans. About ANOBAKA
We operate a venture capital fund targeting seed-stage startups with the vision of “Empowering Mad Dreams.” A professional firm that believes in “challenge” as the ultimate concept, gives courage to entrepreneurs, and helps them realize their dreams.
Specific initiatives for business expansion
Livetoon will utilize this investment to expand its business as follows. 1. IP character content creation using AI
We utilize AI technology to produce content such as videos, animation, and distribution.
2. Live commerce using AI models
Utilizing AI metahuman technology, we will provide fans with a direct “purchasing experience” from IP characters.
3. Production of in-house AI character content
We develop our own AI characters and produce their content.
4. Creation of AI character commerce platform
We will develop and provide a live commerce platform that can be used commonly by IP characters.
5. Overseas expansion
We will create multilingual content and aim to expand the market through IP characters in Japan and overseas.
Stakeholder comments
ANOBAKA Co., Ltd. Associate Akira Kobayashi
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Businesses that were not viable due to bottlenecks on the supply side will become viable businesses due to the reduction of marginal costs through generative AI. This is one of the winning ways of generative AI, and Livetoon realizes it in the context of IP x commerce. Although I wrote some difficult things, I am investing in the team led by Mr. Kinoshita because I believe that we can create a big business without worrying about the details! Aim to become the (first) unicorn from Japan as a generative AI native startup!
Livetoon Co., Ltd. Representative Director Kyosuke Kinoshita Through the fusion of AI and IP, we aim to create a platform where each fan can enjoy a new purchasing experience while building deep relationships with characters. In order to express the worldview of the characters developed by IP holders, the development of our generation AI technology is essential. We believe that this funding was a major step forward for us as we were able to partner with ANOBAKA, which is creating an AI specialized fund.
Livetoon Co., Ltd. CMO Nao Yoshimoto
We would like to contribute through AI technology so that more people around the world can enjoy Japan’s wonderful content. With this funding, we will evolve the generation AI technology for IP characters and VTubers to the highest level in the world.
◾︎ Livetoon Co., Ltd.
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Livetoon Co., Ltd., with the vision of “maximizing the potential of Japan’s proud IP,” produces AI content that utilizes IP characters and VTubers, and operates AI live commerce that operates 24 hours a day. . Utilizing the latest AI technology, we will provide high-quality AI content and a “purchasing experience” to fans around the world. [Inquiries regarding this press release, collaboration, financing, etc.] Livetoon Co., Ltd.
MAIL: Person in charge: Yoshimoto
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