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Mikasa Tsusho Co., Ltd. A limited-time collaboration between the British tea specialty store JING TEA and th e canelé and caramel specialty store Penheur from Kobe Kitano

Mikasa Trading Co., Ltd.
A limited-time collaboration between British tea specialty shop [JING TEA] and canelé and caramel specialty shop [Penheur] from Kobe Kitano ……
Mikasa Tsusho Co., Ltd. (Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Toshinori Nakai), which operates a wide range of businesses such as OEM import and wholesale sales of bags and miscellaneous goods, import and export wholesale of food products, and export of miscellaneous goods and food products, operates in-house. “JING TEA Official Online Store (” will start offering collaboration products with “Penheur”, a canelé and caramel specialty store from Kitano, Kobe. .
What is JING TEA Official Online Store?
We are the only online store in Japan that handles JING TEA, an up-and-coming British luxury tea brand founded in the UK in 2004. *JING TEA exclusive agent in Japan
“Experience the ultimate world of tea that will truly refresh your mind and body.”
Based on the concept, we have selected the finest tea leaves by the best producers with skilled techniques, designed simple and elegant JING original tea utensils, and shared TEA’s knowledge and passion with hotels and restaurants to create authentic TEA tea. Create a culture.
It is known as a favorite tea among top chefs.
JING TEA official online store opened in March 2020. We have developed and started sales of products for BtoC so that you can enjoy the finest British tea that is purveyed to the world’s top hotels and restaurants at home. The flavor is loved by luxury hotels and top restaurants, and the number of sales is increasing as users who learn about JING TEA through word of mouth or through hotels and restaurants arrive at our online store.
[Image 1:×920.jpg] *JINGTEA Official Online Store
What is Penheur?
It was born in 2007 in a place surrounded by Ijinkan in Kitano, Kobe. We have physical stores in Kitano, Rokkomichi, and LaLaport Kadoma. “We want to bring a little happiness to everyone through canelé and caramel.” This is a brand that was created with that in mind.
The brand name “Penheur” also means “a little happiness” in French. We have a wide selection of Western sweets to suit any occasion, from the familiar delicious Western sweets made by pastry chefs who are particular about the ingredients and manufacturing methods, and who have spared no effort and time, to the Western sweets that are suitable as gifts.
[Image 2:×939.png ]
*Penheur official online store
The online store will open in February 2024.
From adorable and exciting boxes to luxurious wooden boxes, Penheur sweets are perfect as gifts.
Collaboration product lineup
This time, it will be a limited time collaboration.
Sales period: June 13th 11:00 to June 27th 23:59
With the theme of “luxurious afternoon tea,” this collaboration set can be enjoyed in any occasion, whether it’s as a treat for yourself, a potluck to a party, or a gift for a loved one.
▼Best-selling items/recommended set x Hanakanele ¥6,318 (tax included)
[Image 3:×720.png ]
JINGTEA’s set includes 3 popular canelés (4 bags each), and Penheur’s set includes 5 standard canelés and 3 seasonal canelés (1 bag each). This set is perfect for those who tend to buy standard items and just want to enjoy the classics.
▼Caffeine-free set x Hana Kanelé & Raw Caramel Set ¥8,100 (tax included)
[Image 4:×720.png ]
JINGTEA’s set includes 3 types of non-caffeinated tea (4 bags of each), and Penheur’s standard Hanakanele (8 types/1 piece each) and 12 types (1 piece each) of fresh caramel that you can enjoy.
Recommended for those who want to enjoy a sweet and luxurious tea time without worrying about caffeine.
▼JINGTEA Selection Set x Canelé Jewelry Box ¥10,800 (tax included)
[Image 5:×720.png ]
A set of 3 types of tea (4 bags each) from JINGTEA that they are particularly proud of, and 5 pieces each of 6 types of canelé from Penheur, making it an afternoon tea set that looks like a jewel box, with a total of 30 pieces.
This set is perfect for parties and is sure to be a hit.
About sales
■Product sales
June 13, 2024 11:00 to June 27, 2024 23:59
・JINGTEA Official Online Store- ・Penheur official online shop-
*Once you place your order, we will deliver the products from both sites. *Orders placed between June 13th and 19th will be shipped on June 20th. *Orders placed between June 19th and 27th will be shipped on June 28th. *The shipping date may be later than planned. Please note.
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