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Home » SHIFT ASIA 6/28 (Friday) 19:00 CEO Dialogue Challenges of overseas startup management and points to guide growth Free webinar held

SHIFT ASIA 6/28 (Friday) 19:00 CEO Dialogue Challenges of overseas startup management and points to guide growth Free webinar held

6/28 (Friday) 19:00 [CEO Dialogue] Challenges of overseas startup management and points to guide growth Free webinar held
KAMEREO CEO Mr. Tanaka (former Pizza 4P’s Director COO) will be on stage! A CEO who runs a startup in Vietnam talks about the challenges and keys to growth.
SHIFT ASIA CO., LTD. (Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, CEO: Ryusuke Ito, hereafter SHIFT ASIA) provides software testing and software development services in Vietnam, and KAMEREO INTERNATIONAL, which also operates food e-commerce for businesses in Vietnam. We invited Mr. Takashi Tanaka, CEO of PTE. We will be holding a free seminar titled “Key Points to Lead You” both online and offline.
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[Image:×630.jpg] Event overview
At this event, we invited Mr. Taku Tanaka, who led the growth of Pizza 4P’s as director and COO, and is the founder and CEO of KAMEREO, which operates food e-commerce for businesses in Vietnam, to test the software in Vietnam as well.・We bring you a conversation with Ito, CEO of SHIFT ASIA, which operates a development business.
During the conversation, we will discuss the difficulties and challenges in managing overseas startups, solutions to them, and key points to guide startups to growth.
This event will be held simultaneously online and offline. After the offline discussion, a social gathering with light refreshments will be held at the SHIFT ASIA Ho Chi Minh office, so if you are attending offline, please join us for the social gathering.
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Event overview
[Date and time] June 28, 2024 (Friday) 19:00-20:00 (Japan time) 17:00-18:00 (Vietnam time)
[Venue] Online (Zoom)/Offline (SHIFT ASIA Ho Chi Minh Office) [Participation fee] Free
[Details/Application] 19:00-19:10 Opening
19:10-19:50 Talk session
19:50-20:00 Closing
*The above is Japan time. Scheduled to start at 17:00 Vietnam time CEO dialogue speakers
Born in 1989. After studying abroad at the University of Washington and graduating from Keio University, joined Credit Suisse Securities Japan in April 2012. Engaged in stock sales to Japanese and foreign institutional investors at the Japanese Stock Sales Department of the Stock Headquarters, and left Credit Suisse in October 2014. After leaving the company, he traveled around Southeast Asia and joined Pizza 4P’s in January 2015. After gaining experience in restaurant operations, as COO he oversaw the accounting/finance department, purchasing department, HR/Admin department, set up the Hanoi office and stores, and conducted overseas market research. After leaving Pizza 4P’s in December 2017, he founded KAMEREO in June 2018. Ryusuke Ito | SHIFT ASIA CO., LTD. CEO
Since 2003, he has worked as a system engineer and project manager at a major Japanese system integrator. In 2010, he was in charge of establishing a base in China and PM of offshore development projects. Established an Indonesia base in 2015 and was stationed there as a local manager. He has been participating in SHIFT since 2017 and currently serves as CEO of SHIFT ASIA.
SHIFT ASIA was established in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2016 as an overseas base of SHIFT Co., Ltd., a leading company in software quality assurance and third-party verification.
By bringing together SHIFT’s quality assurance know-how and Vietnam’s excellent engineering skills, we thoroughly value quality above all else and provide high-quality software testing and software
development services to customers around the world.
Company Profile
CEO: Takashi Tanaka
Established: June 2018
Business content: Food e-commerce for businesses
Company name: SHIFT ASIA CO., LTD.
CEO: Ryusuke Ito
Established: May 2016
Business content: Software testing/quality assurance, software development URL:
Contact information
Person in charge: Business Development Div. Kimura
TEL: +84-28-3822-3341
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