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Pocket Foods Co., Ltd. Pizza Pocket We are discontinuing half-price takeout!

[Pocket Foods Co., Ltd.] [Pizza Pocket] We are discontinuing half-price takeout!

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Press release: June 11, 2024
[Pizza Pocket] We are discontinuing half-price takeout!
*Pocket Foods Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Representative Director: Ken Chikushi), which operates the pizza delivery service “Pizza Pocket” with 53 stores nationwide, would like to inform you of price reforms that will be implemented from June 11th. . *
◆Background of the reform
[Product price increase due to soaring food prices]
Since around 2022, prices have continued to rise, mainly for food products, and raw material prices have increased, forcing us to raise the prices of our products.

Although it was a difficult decision and we were prepared for it, sales gradually declined.
We are increasingly hearing from our customers that “Pizza Pocket has gotten more expensive,” and we are acutely aware of the “people losing interest in Pizza Pocket.”

[Decision made to be chosen by customers]
At our company, we have been thinking every day to improve this current situation.
* “What can we do to become a pizza shop that customers always want?” * Discussions continued within the company, and we finally came to a decision. ▴Adopts the image of a period drama that “reforms the world” as an image of cutting away from the previous price system
◆* Abandoning the “half price” strategy that has become commonplace in the pizza delivery industry*
[“Half price for take-out” has become “twice the price for home delivery”] Although we had no choice but to raise our prices due to the soaring cost of materials, we have launched a “half-price take-out” service to make our products feel as cheap as possible.

This kind of strategy is used by other companies, and we have also adopted it, but in other words, this strategy is “*Delivery is twice as expensive as takeout*
” It also means.

Although we are in the delivery industry, we set an unreasonable price for customers who use home delivery.

* [Delivery and take-out should be affordable] *
* “If we are truly thinking about our customers, we should make it easy to purchase, whether it’s delivery or take-out.” After repeated consideration, we finally decided
*We have decided to review our list prices in order to stop the “half price” strategy that has become commonplace in the pizza delivery industry. *
As an example, our product “Mega Cheese Tomato Pizza” is as follows. In addition, the regular price range of original pizza is divided into Classes 1 to 3, and since there is no delivery fee for take-out pizza, the price is discounted by 300 yen, and the price display has been changed to make it easier for customers to understand.
▴Original pizza price range (*excluding new products, quarters, and special price items)
* Pizza Pocket will be reborn as a Pizza Pocket that will no longer make customers say, “Pizza Pocket has become more expensive.” * ◆Change size
* [Never reduce the taste]*
In order to achieve this price, it was essential to keep costs down. “Should we choose the taste or the size?” An internal discussion was held, and we decided to reconsider the size and decided that we must not compromise on the taste. *

As a result, we decided to reduce the size of *pizza* by 6% to 10% (-2cm for all sizes).*
* We were able to reduce prices by an average of 30%. *
◆“Seikai” in the style of a historical drama
[Currently creating new video advertisement]
The key visual is likened to the idea of ​​“reforming the world” in a historical drama by cutting down on the previous pricing structure and aiming for an even better Pizza Pocket.
Our company’s video ad “Pizza Pocket Pizza Pocket Party Edition”, which is popular among our customers and is “rememberable”, won the Bronze Award in the 15 seconds or less film advertisement category at the Fukuoka Advertising Association Awards on June 5th.
was awarded.
We are currently producing a new video ad “Pizza Pocket World Reform Edition (tentative title)” at the same production company as the video ad above, so please look forward to it.
◆Graduating from the “normality of the delivery pizza industry” and moving one step further
Pizza Pocket, operated by Pocket Foods Co., Ltd., has implemented reforms from June 11th (Tuesday) in order to graduate from the “normality of the delivery pizza industry” and move one step further.

We look forward to your continued support of the new Pizza Pocket. *About pizza delivery “Pizza Pocket”*
Pizza Pocket* aims to be No. 1* in the region for “tastiness and low prices.” There are 3 secrets to deliciousness!
* 1. [Embryo] *
Our proud dough is made from germ that is rich in vitamin B, bringing out its aroma and chewy texture.
* 2. [Original cheese] *
We have created a well-balanced blend of carefully selected cheeses, keeping in mind the tastes of Japanese people.
* ➌【Tomato sauce】*
A unique tomato sauce made from carefully selected ripe tomatoes and several types of spices.
It’s a light dish with just the right amount of acidity, so it’s a masterpiece that really brings out the flavor of the toppings. We have a lineup of pizzas that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people, from children to adults.
Please try our unique products, which are made one by one after receiving an order from our customers.

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