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Suntory Holdings Ltd. “Baseball has dream matches.” “Suntory Dream Match 2024” held

Suntory Holdings Limited
“Baseball has dream matches.” “Suntory Dream Match 2024” held – Held at Tokyo Dome on August 5th (Monday). Recruitment of spectators on the day begins –
Suntory Holdings Limited will hold “Suntory Dream Match 2024” at Tokyo Dome on Monday, August 5th. Prior to the event, we will be recruiting spectators for the day of the event starting Tuesday, June 11th. “Suntory Dream Match” is an event that has been held since 1995 with the desire to “convey dreams and excitement,” and this year marks the 28th time. To date, we have invited more than 1.13 million baseball fans to the stadium and enjoyed a “dream baseball banquet.” This year, a total of 12 people have been added from last year: Kimiyasu Kudo / Hideyuki Abano / Shuji Nishiyama / Toshihisa Hitoshi / Norihiro Nakamura / Michihiro Ogasawara / Hitoshi Iwase / Kosuke Fukudome / Masahiro Araki / Atsushi Nomi / Nobuhiro Matsuda / Ginji. Welcoming the players, “The Premium Malts Team” led by manager Koji Yamamoto and “Dream Heroes” led by manager Yasushi Tao will bring cheer to the people of Japan through their passionate plays.
The tournament’s official website ( will provide content such as introductions to the participating players and highlights of the match from time to time. In addition to the TV broadcast, live streaming on YouTube is also planned. Other products such as “The Premium Malt’s” will be sold at the venue. We offer “God Awa”, a fine and creamy foam made possible by a “special pouring method”.
“Suntory Dream Match 2024” Event Overview
▼Venue Tokyo Dome (1-3-61 Koraku, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
▼Implementation date: Monday, August 5, 2024
▼Sponsor: Suntory Holdings Ltd.
▼Today’s schedule (planned)
16:30 General opening
18:00 Opening ceremony (first pitch ceremony/throwing of signed balls, etc.) 18:30 Game starts
21:00 End
Participating members and spectator recruitment guidelines are available on the tournament’s official website
Please check from (
“Suntory Dream Match 2024”
About SDGs initiatives and social contribution measures
At “Suntory Dream Match 2024,” we will work on various measures related to SDGs under the slogan “PLAY SDGs – Fair play for the future.”
-Awareness of “bottle to bottle” horizontal recycling-
The Suntory Group is also working on “bottle-to-bottle” horizontal recycling at Tokyo Dome. Inside the venue, original awareness posters featuring athletes and referees will be posted in all collection boxes to promote separate collection, and the collected used PET bottles will be turned into new beverage PET bottle containers to be sold by our group. I will be reborn.
-Serving drinks in paper cups-
Beverages will be served in paper cups to reduce plastic usage. -Catchball project that connects hearts-
A portion of the proceeds from drinks and “charity sheets” sold at the venue will be used to hold the “Catchball Project, which connects hearts”, a charity event in which former professional baseball players teach children about the joy of baseball and physical activity. ” is being carried out.
*This event will be held at a later date.
-Inviting children who belong to the baseball team-
In our desire to support children who are playing baseball and expand the base of the baseball world, we will be inviting children who belong to baseball teams to the Suntory Dream Match 2024 free of charge.
▽Contact information regarding this matter
“Suntory Dream Match 2024” Secretariat
TEL: 03-6265-0729
Reception hours: 10:00-17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) that’s all
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