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Suntory Holdings Limited Starts sugarcane cultivation in Thailand using regenerative agriculture methods

Suntory Holdings Limited
Sugarcane cultivation using regenerative farming methods begins in Thailand – To reduce GHG emissions from agriculture – – Collaboration with international organization “VIVE” and sugar manufacturing company “KTIS” –
Suntory Holdings Ltd. is working with VIVE, an international organization that supports the sustainable procurement of agricultural products, mainly sugarcane, and Kaset Thai International Sugar Corporation Public Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as KTIS), one of Thailand’s leading sugar companies. ), we will begin cultivating sugarcane in Thailand using regenerative agriculture*1 methods. *1 Agriculture that focuses on farmland soil and regenerates its ecosystem to increase soil fertility and make crop production sustainable
VIVE is an international organization founded in 2015 with the aim of sustainable sugar procurement and is comprised of over 80
organizations, mainly processors and manufacturers. We offer programs aimed at ensuring traceability in the production and distribution of sugarcane and sugar, and supplying sustainable sugar that takes environmental and social aspects into account. Our company became the first Japanese company to join the organization in August 2023 (see KTIS also owns one of the world’s largest sugarcane crushing factories and is one of the Suntory Group’s sugar suppliers in Thailand.
GHG emissions from agriculture and forestry are estimated to account for approximately one-fourth of the total*2. The Suntory Group estimates that agricultural-derived GHG emissions account for approximately 20% of GHG emissions in its value chain.
This time, we aim to promote decarbonization in sugarcane cultivation through regenerative agricultural methods such as reduced tillage cultivation and the use of organic fertilizers. This method was funded by Suntory Holdings Limited and jointly established by VIVE and KTIS. *2 IPCC Fifth Report WG3 SPM
In order to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society, the Suntory Group established the Basic Sustainable Procurement Policy in 2011 and the Suntory Group Supplier Guidelines in 2017. In 2019, we joined Sedex, the world’s largest supplier ethical information sharing platform, and are working on sustainable raw material procurement. Regarding regenerative agriculture, the UK will start growing barley in 2022 (see In addition to regenerative agriculture, we will continue to promote a variety of activities toward the transition to sustainable
agriculture. Additionally, the entire group will work together on sustainability management to reduce GHG emissions throughout the value chain.
● Suntory Holdings Ltd. Global Solutions Department Manager
Brian Golden Comment
Through our regenerative agriculture initiatives, we are collaborating with various partners to carry out pioneering initiatives in order to not only restore the soil ecosystem and reduce GHG emissions, but also to support farmers and other local communities in resolving issues. We are. We believe that this collaboration is one of the important steps towards realizing sustainable agriculture.
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