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Home » WDC Co., Ltd. The opinions of your friends and family are the deciding factor in choosing your dog! |Survey of the most commonly owned dog breeds

WDC Co., Ltd. The opinions of your friends and family are the deciding factor in choosing your dog! |Survey of the most commonly owned dog breeds

WDC Co., Ltd.
The opinions of your friends and family are the deciding factor in choosing your dog! |Survey of the most commonly owned dog breeds ……
WDC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as “WDC”; Representative Director and President: Yasuyoshi Ageishi), which develops and operates the insurance personal diagnosis “Riaho”, targets men and women
nationwide. We conducted a survey regarding the most popular dog breeds.
Survey overview
Target audience: Nationwide, men and women
Number of samples: 300 people
Survey period: 2024/6/6
Survey method: Web survey
Research agency: Cross Marketing In-house research using QiQUMO Investigation result
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Q1. Please tell me the type of dog you have. (Multiple answers possible)
[Image 1:×756.jpg] The most commonly owned dog breed was the Shiba Inu, accounting for 22.00% of the total. This was followed by mixed breed dogs at 19.33%, toy poodles at 13.33%, chihuahuas at 10.00%, and Pomeranians and golden retrievers at 3.33% each.
Q2. Please tell us how you met your dog. (Multiple answers possible)
[Image 2:×756.jpg ]
When it came to encountering a pet dog, the most common response was “purchasing it at a pet store” at 31.33%. This was followed by 20.00% who said they received it from a friend or family member, 16.33% who said they adopted it from an animal shelter, and 14.00% who said they purchased it from a breeder.
Purchasing at a pet store has been shown to be the most common meeting place, but we also see many cases of adoption from friends and family, or adoption from animal shelters.
Q3. Please tell me why you chose your current pet dog. (Multiple answers possible)
[Image 3:×756.jpg] When asked why they chose their pet dog, the most common reason was “I like its appearance” at 33.67%. This was followed by 24.67% who said they liked their personality, 22.33% who said they were easy to care for, and 21.33% who said they were recommended by family and friends. It turns out that appearance and personality are major factors when owners choose a pet dog.
Q4 What sources of information did you refer to when choosing your dog? (Multiple answers possible)
[Image 4:×756.jpg] Regarding the source of information when choosing a pet dog, the most common answer was “opinions from friends and family” at 39.33%. This was followed by “Information from the Internet” at 22.33%, “Pet shop staff” at 17.33%, and “Advice from a veterinarian or
specialist” at 14.00%.
We know that many dog ​​owners consider the opinions of their friends and family important when choosing a pet dog.
Q5. Are you particular about your dog’s diet and snacks?
[Image 5:×756.jpg] When it comes to food and treats for your dog, the most common answer was “commercially available dog food” at 37.00%. This was followed by “I don’t have any particular preferences” at 35.67%, “organic and natural foods” at 7.00%, and “homemade meals” at 4.67%. Many owners use commercially available dog food, and it has been shown that many owners are not particularly picky about it. On the other hand, there are a certain number of owners who are particular about organic foods and homemade meals, and some owners are highly health-conscious. About reprinting and publication
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We at WDC will continue to disseminate various survey results. Please look forward to the next survey!
About WDC
Since its founding, WDC has used the power of technology to provide insurance, a social infrastructure.
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・From stress to non-stress
We are taking on the challenge of achieving the above.
Company name: WDC Co., Ltd.
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Representative Director and President: Yasuyoshi Ageishi
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