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Home » Skydisk, which provides AI-equipped production planning DX service “Optimum Works”, opens Hamamatsu office

Skydisk, which provides AI-equipped production planning DX service “Optimum Works”, opens Hamamatsu office

Skydisk, which provides AI-equipped production planning DX service “Optimum Works”, opens Hamamatsu office

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Press release: June 12, 2024
Skydisk, which provides AI-equipped production planning DX service “Optimum Works”, opens Hamamatsu office
*Achieve prompt service provision within Shizuoka Prefecture and strengthen promotion of production planning DX through optimal works* *Skydisc Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as “Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture”) provides DX support for the domestic manufacturing industry. In order to expand our business, SkyDisk is pleased to announce that we have opened a branch office at FUSE (*), a shared satellite office operated by Hamamatsu Iwata Shinkin Bank. *
* Hamamatsu office location *
Co-startup Space & Community FUSE
100-1 Kajicho, Chuo-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Zaza City Hamamatsu Central Building B1F
5 minutes walk from JR Hamamatsu Station/Entetsu Shin-Hamamatsu Station

* Background of the Hamamatsu office opening *
Skydisc’s mission is to “make manufacturing more creative,” and we provide “Optimum Works,” a production planning DX service equipped with AI for the manufacturing industry. This is a service that supports improvement activities that lead to business growth, starting from production planning, especially for small and medium-sized manufacturers.

We believe that providing DX support in Hamamatsu, which is a manufacturing hub, will support the sustainable growth of small and medium-sized manufacturers, so we have decided to establish a branch office.
We will continue to aim to provide prompt services and contribute to the development of the local economy, and will continue to work hard to support DX that will lead to the development of the local manufacturing industry.

About Optimal Works
Optimal Works is an AI x SaaS automatic production planning system for the manufacturing industry developed and provided by Skydisk Co., Ltd. Based on order information such as “by when, how many, and which products”, AI instantly creates an allocation plan for equipment operation and personnel allocation.
It is a service that promotes DX in the production planning area, which can be said to be the backbone of factory operations, and since its release in April 2022, it has been introduced by more than 100 companies, from large to medium-sized companies. Optimal Works is a service that realizes “production planning DX” that not only improves the efficiency of planning operations, but also supports delivery deadline compliance, quality assurance, optimization of accumulated inventory levels, and improvement of on-site production efficiency. “Optimum Works” is equipped with a uniquely developed engine specialized for production planning. In addition, by introducing patent application technology, we have dramatically improved the time and effort required for master settings. We provide a service that allows manufacturing companies to take ownership and start small, making it easy to visualize the progress of DX.
Product site:
Product site

Skydisk Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Since Skydisk was founded in 2013, we have worked on 550 projects with 272 customers, mainly in the manufacturing industry. We believe that our mission is to return the knowledge and know-how we have gained to the world as services and products. With the mission of “making manufacturing more creative,” we will take on the challenge of promoting DX using AI.

Company name: Skydisc Co., Ltd.
Representative: Representative Director and CEO Asato Uchimura Established: October 1, 2013
Business content: DX support using AI
Head office location: Akasaka Prime Building 4F, 2-3-6 Maizuru, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
Company website:

*“FUSE” is an “innovation hub base established by Hamamatsu Iwata Shinkin Bank for anyone looking to start a business.” “FUSE” has the meaning of “fusion” or “fuse,” and all the stakeholders of the Shinkin Bank come together, share knowledge and experience, start new things, and ideas fuse together. This is a base that provides a place to ignite the fuse of motivation (co-working, kitchen, lounge, fab space, event space) and is supported by staff. The people who gather at FUSE connect and create new things, such as event planning and project launches between FUSE staff and members.
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