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Home » unbot Unbot, a first-class agency, has released a new service menu for the Chinese SNS “Xiaohongshu (RED)” !

unbot Unbot, a first-class agency, has released a new service menu for the Chinese SNS “Xiaohongshu (RED)” !

Unbot, a first-class agency, has released a new service menu for the Chinese SNS “Xiaohongshu (RED)”!
unbot, a first-class agency for Chinese SNS “Xiaohongshu (RED)”, has launched a new service menu using RED
unbot Co., Ltd. (President: Hideyoshi Nakamachi), which has operating bases in China (Shanghai/Beijing) and develops a digital marketing business specializing in Greater China, is a company that operates a digital marketing business specializing in Greater China. We provide promotional support. Our company has been certified as a first-class agent in Japan for Xiaohongshu (hereinafter referred to as RED), a major Chinese SNS, and we are now officially releasing a new service menu that utilizes RED.
Service overview
For the purpose of attracting inbound visitors to Japan, we will establish and operate official SNS on RED, deliver advertisements targeted to Chinese visitors to Japan in real time, and promote the influence of influenza in Japan, which has a large number of followers interested in Japan. We are preparing a wide range of lineups, including word-of-mouth measures by encoders.
Recommended for these people!
・I am considering promotions for Chinese people visiting Japan and am gathering information. ・I know that RED strategy is important for attracting Chinese people visiting Japan, but I don’t know how to specifically utilize it. ・As the person in charge of China business, Furthermore, we are considering measures to increase awareness of our products and services. We want to know how to use RED, which should be implemented on a priority basis within a limited budget.
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If you would like to view the full version of the document, please apply here. Material download link:
*Please note that we may refrain from sending materials to competitors. We will continue to strengthen our service provision to help more local governments and business companies expand the inbound tourism market to Japan. If you are considering measures for inbound tourists, please feel free to contact us.
We are also looking for people who would like to work with us to deliver good Japanese products and experiences to Greater China. If you are an influencer, talent, idol, etc. who are considering expanding your role in the Chinese market, we look forward to hearing from you as we will support you in opening and operating a RED account.
[Click here for consultation regarding inbound tourism in China] unbot Co., Ltd. Global Sales TEL: 03-6421-7802
● What is Xiao Hongshu (RED)?
The Chinese SNS “Xiaohongshu (RED)”, which is said to be the Chinese version of Instagram, has over 300 million users and is a major information gathering tool in the travel, tourism, leisure, beauty, and fashion fields in Greater China. This makes it an SNS with many female users.
In particular, Chinese visitors to Japan use Xiaohongshu (RED) as their main means of collecting information during their travels, including information on tourist spots to visit, gourmet foods to eat and restaurants to visit, and things to buy as souvenirs. Search for products and save them as favorites at your fingertips. Afterwards, many users use it during their travels, such as when they come to Japan to make detailed plans for their trip or as a product list when shopping.
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● About unbot Co., Ltd.
unbot Co., Ltd. has operating bases in China (Shanghai/Beijing) and is developing a digital marketing business specializing in the Chinese region, focusing on EC store management support for the Chinese market and various promotion planning and execution. . In addition, we are involved in the IP entertainment content business, which conveys the appeal of Japanese manga, anime, idols, and other forms of
entertainment to overseas markets.
Since our founding in 2011, our mission has been to be “the company that creates the most memories in the world.” Based on the belief that “creating memories can bring people and countries around the world closer together,” we have We aim to expand our corporate value and further develop by leveraging the power of “memories” to create memories.
Company name: unbot Co., Ltd.
Representative: Hideyoshi Nakamachi, President and Representative Director Location: 5th floor, Kearney Place Gotanda, 8-8-15 Nishigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6421-7802
FAX: 03-6421-7812
Established: November 2014 (Founded: September 2011)
Business details:
◇Inbound business to Japan
・SNS/influencer information dissemination
・Survey and promotion services for wealthy Chinese
◇EC-related digital marketing business
・China domestic & cross-border EC operation
・EC store consulting
・Chinese market agency sales (B2B/B2C)
・Creative production (video/still images)
◇Media planning business
・SNS operation
・Chinese EC site/media advertising operation
・KOL/KOC promotion
・Live commerce planning and management
◇IP entertainment content business
・Support for expanding the Chinese market for manga and anime copyrights ・Building a Japan-China joint business related to IP entertainment ・IP collaboration planning and sales
・In-house IP/collaborative IP creation
More details about this release: