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Welbit Co., Ltd. “Make your remaining time as personal as possible” One-stop procedure for entering a faci lity, signing a personal guarantee in as little as 2 days

[Welbit Co., Ltd.] “Make your remaining time as personal as possible” One-stop procedure for entering a facility, signing a personal guarantee in as little as 2 days

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Press release: June 12, 2024
“Make the remaining time as personal as possible” One-stop procedure for entering the facility, signing a guarantee contract in as little as two days
*Welbit Co., Ltd. launches new service “Future Peace of Mind Plan” for people in terminal stages*
Welbit Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representatives: Takataka Horiuchi, Yu Yamauchi), which provides a personal guarantee service specializing in admission to nursing care facilities, has recently announced that it has launched a personal guarantee service for terminally ill people, “Mirai no We have launched a new “Safety Plan”. As people’s life expectancy is getting shorter and their ability to make decisions is decreasing, we are able to conclude a personal guarantee contract in as little as two days. We will support you to enter a nursing facility such as a hospice in a short period of time. As we enter a society with a declining birthrate, an aging population, and a high mortality rate, end-of-life care is shifting from hospitals to the community and at home.We are providing this service in order to realize the wish of many people to live their own lives until the end of their lives. It has come to this.

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* Minimum 2 days! Achieve prompt admission to nursing care facilities with short-term contracts*
This time, Welbit has started a new service * “Future Security Plan” * . This is a personal guarantee service that specializes in admitting terminally ill people to nursing care facilities. The terms of use are as follows.

・Those who have been diagnosed with a terminal malignant tumor ・Persons who fall under the diseases specified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare (Appended Table 7 of Facility Standards for Specially Listed Medical Departments)
・Approved by Wellbit

The “Future Peace of Mind Plan” has two main features:

* ・Guarantee contract in as little as 2 days*
* ・Provide one-stop services necessary for admission to the facility* First, regarding the period until the personal guarantee contract. In the case of terminally ill patients, we often receive requests to enter hospice or other nursing care facilities as soon as possible, as we do not know when their physical condition will suddenly change. Therefore, with the “Future Anshin Plan,” we shorten the period from consultation to signing a personal guarantee contract. You can sign a contract in as little as 2 days.
At Wellbit, we ask a third party, such as a care manager or medical social worker, to be present when signing a personal guarantee contract. This is to have those who support the user’s daily life confirm that the contract is beneficial to the user. Although the contract period for the Future Anshin Plan will be shortened, the contract will still be completed in the presence of a third party, allowing both users and supporters to sign the contract with as much peace of mind as possible. is being arranged.
*Providing one-stop services for hospice admission for terminally ill patients* Next, let’s talk about one-stop service provision. Welbit’s core service * “How to guarantee your identity” *
has four pillars: 1. Signature in the guarantor column, 2. Medical consent, 3. Post-death administrative support, and 4. Payment guarantee, and financial management is an optional service. However, in the case of terminally ill people, there are many cases where there are limits to what they can do for themselves due to deterioration of their physical condition, etc., and there were requests for us to handle “financial management” such as bank transfers on their behalf. Therefore, in the “Future Peace of Mind Plan,” we have set 5 standard services, including “money management” in addition to the 4 services of “identity guarantee”.
In addition to the above, we also provide optional services such as “moving support,” “support for disposing of unnecessary items,” “support for canceling rental contracts,” “residency card transfer procedures,” and “cancer insurance claim procedures.” Masu. By providing a one-stop service for various procedures related to hospice admission, Welbit frees users from the burden of administrative, insurance company, and financial institution procedures, allowing them to focus on treatment and care.
* From hospitals to communities: Aiming for identity guarantee services that will be needed in the coming high-mortality society * The reason behind Welbit’s launch of a new service called “Future Peace of Mind Plan” is the change in the environment surrounding end-of-life care.
Until now, medical care in Japan has been known as a
“hospital-based” system, where hospitals provide diagnosis, treatment, lifesaving, life extension, and support for reintegration into society. However, as the population continues to age and we are entering an age where it is difficult for hospitals alone to handle everything, there is a need for a shift towards “community-contained” medical care, which allows people with illnesses to live in their familiar homes and communities. I am. In fact, according to national statistics that summarize changes in the place of death, the number of deaths in hospitals has been on the decline since peaking in 2005, while the proportion of people dying at home or in facilities such as nursing homes is on the rise.*
(Figure 1)* .
Figure 1 Changes in composition ratio by place of death
Past press releases However, as I mentioned earlier, Japan’s aging population is expected to progress further than ever before. It is also safe to say that the trend of medical care from hospitals to local communities will continue to accelerate. Naturally, the number of elderly people who are reaching the end of their lives at home or in the community is increasing. In such a situation, it is fully expected that an increasing number of people will be unable to live out their final moments in the way they desired because they do not have a guarantor. Our desire to help such people is the reason why Welbit started a service called “Future Security Plan.”
* “Aiming for a society where each individual can realize a variety of happiness” *
We hope that this new service will bring us one step closer to realizing our mission.
* Regarding the schedule and coverage of the Wellbit study session in June 2024 *
At Wellbit, we hold a “Wellbit Study Session” every month where experts explain themes related to single elderly people. This month we have the following planned. Welbit Study Group also accepts
interviews. If you would like to be interviewed, please contact us at the email address below.
* [Welbit study session held in June 2024] *
* Doctor explains! Care management tips for home palliative care* Date and time: Tuesday, June 25, 2024 18:00-19:15
Venue: Online live (Zoom)
Lecturer: Kotaro Hashimoto (physician/palliative medicine specialist) Participation fee: Free
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* Comment from person in charge *
* Satoshi Matsumoto, in charge of Welbit Co., Ltd. *
We are a company founded by like-minded people. I want to eliminate the negative feeling of not being able to enter a facility because I don’t have a guarantor, and as a result not being able to live the life I want, and contribute to the realization of a society where each person can live their own life. It is made up of members who have shared. The members are diverse, including medical, nursing care, and legal experts, as well as marketing, designers, and editors. We will work to provide new services that help solve social issues from diverse perspectives.
*About Welbit Co., Ltd.*
* 【Company Profile】*
Company name: Wellbit Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 3-13-4 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Representative Director: Takataka Horiuchi Yu Yamauchi
Business content: Identity guarantee service specializing in facility admission Established: March 2, 2023
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