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Channel Corporation Co., Ltd. Home appliance subscription and rental service “Rentio” introduces Channel T alk to improve the quality of inquiry response

Channel Corporation
Rentio, a home appliance subscription rental service, introduces Channel Talk to improve the quality of inquiry response
Use as a business messenger to shorten the distance by creating points of contact with customers
“Channel Talk (” (hereinafter referred to as “Channel Talk”) is an all-in-one business messenger operated by Channel Corporation (Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yo Tamagawa) is the official EC site ( operated by the home appliance subscription rental service “Rentio” (Rentio Co., Ltd., Headquarters: Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Kenjiro Miwa). We are pleased to announce that we are introducing Channel Talk to bring us closer to our customers and strengthen the quality of our response to inquiries.
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Rentio, which provides a subscription rental service for home appliances that allows you to try out anything without buying it, always puts the customer first. Based on this idea, we believe that CS, which deals with customers, is the most important when operating an e-commerce site, and we have placed emphasis on CS from the early stage of service development. Therefore, we have introduced Channel Talk, a tool that allows customers to ask questions and have conversations more easily, with a UI design that is easy to use from the customer’s perspective and can help bring them closer together. Before introducing Channel Talk, many customers would leave the chat before the response was completed, making it difficult to maintain contact. However, after introducing Channel Talk, even if a customer leaves the e-commerce chat, message notifications are sent via email or SMS, making it possible to continue communication without interruption.
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[Effects of introducing Rentio Channel Talk]
1. Succeeded in reducing operation time by approximately 22 hours per day by using support bots
By using Channel Talk’s support bot, the number of inquiries that our representatives actually handle has decreased compared to last year, and we have succeeded in automating approximately 60 inquiries per day. In terms of time, this is equivalent to approximately 22 hours of reduced operation time. By being able to automatically resolve frequently asked questions, we are now able to focus on responding to inquiries that should be handled by human staff.
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2. By understanding the resource status of CS members, it is possible to quickly respond to inquiries.
With Channel Talk, you can instantly see who is currently handling how many inquiries, making it possible to provide faster, higher-quality support without concentrating responses on specific members.
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In the future, Rentio will continue to focus on CS in order to provide customer-centered services and will be able to convey the company’s mindset to customers through CS.
Case introduction page: [Comment from Mr. Kikuchi, Division Manager, Rentio Co., Ltd.] By continuing to solve customer problems through CS, we hope to provide joy and new discoveries, and become a service that people want to use over and over again. We also believe that CS plays an important role in connecting Rentio and customers, and we would like to continue to use Channel Talk as a communication tool to help CS members get closer to customers.
■What is Channel Talk? Channel Talk is an all-in-one AI business messenger that solves communication problems between companies and customers using an AI Contact Center (AICC) and has been introduced by more than 160,000 companies globally. With the vision that “AI is the key to the future of customer service,” we offer a “chat function”, “telephone function”, and “meeting function” for communication both inside and outside the company, “CRM” for customer management, and insights obtained from customers. We provide functions such as a “statistics screen” that allows you to analyze customer information, and through conversations with customers, we improve customer understanding and create loyal customers, thereby providing a customer-centric culture that leads to business growth.
■What is Lentio?
Rentio is a home appliance subscription rental service that allows you to try out anything without buying it. You can rent and use over 6,000 types of cameras, the latest home appliances, strollers, musical instruments, and fashion items right now. Free shipping nationwide, and if you like it after trying it out, you can buy it as is. In addition, more than 130,000 people use it every month, and the user rating is 4.7 stars. You can try out a wide range of products, including cameras you want to use for a short period of time, kitchen appliances, and cleaning appliances you want to try before purchasing. More details about this release: